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Carol’s Growth, Daryl’s Sexuality, and Negan’s Ruthlessness: What We Saw at The Walking Dead Panel at NYCC

New York Comic Con (or as I like to call it, Nerd Church) is undoubtedly one of the best places to be for a Walking Dead superfan: just as the long hiatus between seasons is coming to a close, fans are blessed with the panel that always includes the majority of the cast as well as sneak peeks of the season that is yet to come.

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Why Do We Need More Women Journalists? This Excellent TCA Question Is A Perfect Example.

During TCA, Nerdist's Alicia Lutes asked a crucial question about representation in AMC's documentary histories of science fiction, comics, and horror.

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Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin Extend The Walking Dead Universe…to Barcelona!

Have you wondered whether or not the zombie apocalypse affecting the United States in the world of The Walking Dead had an impact on the rest of the world? Well, in a 31-page one-shot comic over at PanelSyndicate, Brian K. Vaughan and his digital comic partner-in-crime Marcos Martin have added to the Walking Dead lore!

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The Walking Dead Showrunners Attempt to Justify Last Night’s Episode, Do Not Instill Me With Confidence

I've had a more on-again, off-again relationship with The Walking Dead than possibly any other show. I can't count the number of times I've renounced the seriesbecause of the episode-long stints where nothing significant happens; because I cannot stand Rick and Carl anymore; and because The Walking Dead increasingly shows that it doesn't know the difference between trolling and storytelling.

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Things We Saw Today: Penny Dreadful Season 3 Trailer

Are you excited for the return of Penny Dreadful? Showtime released a trailer for Season 3 today over at their YouTube channel. Enjoy! Penny Dreadful returns May 1st.

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The Walking Dead Creator Tells Us to “Buckle Up” For The Rest of Season 6

In our mid-season finale recap of The Walking Dead, the entrance of a new bad guy from the original comics was foreshadowed--Negan. We expressed excitement but obvious trepidation over his arrival, and now it sounds as if our mixed emotions were not entirely unfounded.

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The Walking Dead Casts Another Comic Character, Kirkman Says Spinoff Timeline Will Match Up

The Hollywood Reporter has learned of a new casting for AMC's The Walking Dead while creator Robert Kirkman spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the new companion series, Fear the Walking Dead (still a terrible name).

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New Transformers Shared Universe Writers Include The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman and Lost‘s Jeff Pinkner

These days, film franchises are fed and nurtured like spoiled children - given the best toys and resources other kids would kill for in the hopes that the extra attention will turn them into successful adults. The film franchise in this case is Transformers, and the resources in this case are some of the best and most popular writers in genre entertainment.

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The Walking Dead Spin-off Gets a Seriously Un-Cool Name, Will Premiere First Promo This Sunday

I guess The Welping Dead was taken.

Considering The Walking Dead's upcoming spinoff will be set in L.A. and feature arguably the goriest part of any zombie apocalypse (the part Rick slept through, OF COURSE), I expected the new series to get a title that at least distinguished it from the original show to some degree, but I have seen WiFi networks with more compelling names.

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The Walking Dead Creator Officially Confirms That Daryl Is Straight


Last night was a very traumatic time in the The Walking Dead fandom for a number of reasons—tragic character death! Horrible social media spoilers! Undead people everywhere! But for those of us who'd been encouraged in the past by creator Robert Kirkman's coyness surrounding Daryl Dixon's sexual orientation, the series had one final punch in the gut for us when the TWD creator appeared on Talking Dead after the episode aired. But! There's a silver lining.

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The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Debunks “It Was All A Dream” Fan Theory

Oh, good?

Good news for TV watchers who are still psychologically broken from the finale of Roseanne: the zombie apocalypse drama The Walking Dead is not going to end with Rick Grimes still being stuck in his pilot episode coma. Wait, actually? For TV watchers who've been psychologically broken by TWD, that might be a bad thing. We're sorry for your apocalyptic non-loss.

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The Walking Dead Showrunner Scott Gimple Discusses Daryl’s Sexuality & Gay Characters


Earlier this month, a fan letter in The Walking Dead issue and an interview Robert Kirkman gave about Daryl Dixon's sexuality combined together to make us all hope against hope that the character might not be heterosexual. Well, I've got bad news and... well, more news: you're not going to see anything about it this season, but nobody's given a definitive answer on his sexuality yet.

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Robert Kirkman Comments on Rumors That The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon Might Be Gay


Daryl Dixon is the ruggedly-pretty-boy darling of The Walking Dead, but he hasn't actually gotten a whole lot in the way of romantic or sexual attention in the show itself. According to Robert Kirkman, that's intentional. Oh my Zombie-God, does that mean we might get a non-hetero Daryl?

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San Diego Comic-Con 2014: While You Were Sleeping, Part 1

Dany looks different...

What went down on day one of Comic-Con? George RR Martin getting his Daenerys Targaryen on! Benedict Cumberbatch trolling the assembled masses about Doctor Strange! Tatiana Maslany as Shaun (of the Dead)! And mulleted Peter Dinklage welcoming us to the electric dreams factory, suckers.

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Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. – The Many Masks of Moon Knight!

Moon Knight is a cool character who, sadly, has often suffered from strange decisions and some creators not knowing what to do with him. Throughout it all, he's remained Marc Spector, a former mercenary who became a vigilante cloaked in silver because he absolutely wants the bad guys to see him coming. Recently, writer Warren Ellis and artists Declan Shelvey and Jordie Bellaire have reinvented the character for the new ongoing Moon Knight series. I highly recommend it for fans old and new. But before we chat any further about the new series, let's delve into the history of this lunar avenger of the night who had to die before he could live as a hero.

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Things We Saw Today: Nathan Fillion Pulls A Superhero Movie Damsel Pose With Bruce Campbell

Walking Dead and Red Dead Redemption Creators Team Up For Weird Sci-Fi Movie

It Came From Outer Space

Starring Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou as lonely space janitors.

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Three New Comic Book Characters Join The Walking Dead While Beth Discusses Her Diary


The most recent episode of AMC's The Walking Dead (recap here!) introduced several new characters. Not ones invented for the show, but transplants from Robert Kirkman's comic book. It also touched heavily on a topic we made fun of not too long ago with The Walking Dead memes. We're talking of course about Beth's diary. Hear what one of the new recruits and the actress who plays Beth had to say about their recent apocalypse activities.

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Upset At All the Ways The Walking Dead’s Changed From Comic to Show? Blame Daryl.


Except don't blame Daryl, because he's a crossbow-wielding light in dark places. Screw it, blame Andrea. Everybody blames her for everything anyway. Not that they should.

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The Walking Dead Is Getting A Spin-Off Series, Unfortunately Does Not Star Daryl Or Michonne

Thank You?

AMC has decided to make another The Walking Dead-based television series but without any of the characters you know. (Is this where I make the joke about that show already being on air?) I hereby dub this new series, Other Walking Dead, à la Coraline

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