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Black Lightning S2 Episode One Recap: ‘The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies’

Black Lightning returns not with a whimper, but a bang.

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Steven Universe Recap: Now We’re Only Falling Apart

A solid Pearl episode that also tries, but fails, to answer for Rose Quartz.

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There’s Some Unnecessary Drama Before Team Supergirl Faces Off Against the Worldkiller “Trinity”

Supergirl seems to periodically have Kara do a complete 180 on her nature just to artificially create tension. What's frustrating is that the events of "Trinity" could've happened exactly the same without doing that. **SPOILERS, YADDA-YADDA**

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With “Of Two Minds,” Supergirl Teaches Us That Yoda Was Wrong

In an increasingly polarized world, we're taught that we have to choose sides. Us vs. them. This vs. that. Or, as Supergirl reminds us in "Of Two Minds," the old Yoda quote "Do or do not. There is no try." Moderation and flexibility are seen as weaknesses. Yet, in this week's episode, we learn that sometimes the stronger and smarter move is to not be so insistent about "sticking to your guns." [***SPOILERS, YO***]

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Westworld Kicks It up a Notch as Dolores Develops a God Complex in “Reunion”

And what the hell does Delos want?

This week's Westworld feels like the actual beginning of S2. "Reunion" jolts us awake with flashbacks that provide some much-needed context, and Dolores attempting to jolt her fellow hosts awake ... all while having developed a serious god complex. Meanwhile, the Man in Black has had it with Robert's shenanigans. [**SPOILERS WILL ABOUND IN THIS POST AND THE COMMENTS! BEWARE!**]

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The Magicians Recap: Season Finale “Will You Play With Me?”: And the Monster Is …

Having just watched The Magicians' season finale, “Will You Play With Me?” my raw reaction is that the true monster is regression, with a side of rigidity. Slavers are going to slave. Gatekeepers are going to gate-keep, but the biggest disappointment is that the people you love are going to be stupid. They are going to believe their own rationale that they're performing a selfless act for the greater good, when they're really doing something because they are frightened.

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The Magicians Recap: “The Fillorian Candidate” Takes on Traumas Old and New

Things are converging. There’s another monster that needs to be faced at the end of the world in order for magic to come back in. Before facing the ultimate monster, you have to face the old ones with new twists.

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The Magicians Recap: “Twenty-Three” Gives Us a Good Alternate Universe Episode

Star Trek may still think alternate universe characters are most interesting when they're evil and queerer, but The Magicians goes to the next level. Different circumstances have surrounded the characters we love. In timeline twenty-three, the battle of The Beast was set up and therefore played out differently. There are shocking revelations, and yet everything still makes sense.

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Recap: The Magicians’ “The Art of The Deal,” Growing up, and Making Choices

The theme of "The Art of The Deal" is choices, who gets to have them and who doesn’t, or more accurately, how everyone has choices, but not to the same degree—not to the same degree at all, and that's unfair. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do about this unfairness, other times you can, and what is your responsibility then? Q, Alice, Josh, Penny, Eliot, Margo, Julia, and Fen all answer this question in this episode. Oh, and so does the Fairy Queen.

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Recap: The Magicians’ “All That Josh” and the Toxic “Nice Guy”

This episode led me to really explore my feelings about Josh, or more accurately, his character trope. Everyone loves the Nice Guy, right—the guy who seems unassuming and harmless but is really anything but. (Pop Culture Detective nails everything insidious about Nice Guys.)

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The Magicians’ “Poached Eggs” Did Not Disappoint

You don’t have to be a hardcore contemporary fantasy nerd or a nitpicker around world building to watch and enjoy Syfy's The Magicians, but it doesn’t hurt. You could just like ensemble casts and deep character development with tragedy and comedy and magic. Now in its third season and going strong, you know The Magicians is binge-worthy and it won’t leave you hanging—or it will, but in the right ways. Last week's episode, "Poached Eggs," is really the perfect example of this.

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Black Lightning Finally Gives Anissa Her Costume in “And Then The Devil Brought The Plague: The Book Of Green Light”

While I can understand why this episode could be seen as boring or too info-dumpy for some, it gave me some much-needed development for Tobias as both a villain, but also a human being. Plus it had Anissa in that costume which in this week of celebrating black excellence, was a welcome addition.

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Black Lightning Slows Down to Ask Big Questions in “Black Jesus”

One of the best things about Black Lightning, since it came out, was the fact that it sees beyond itself. Meaning, yes this is a superhero show, but it can't just be about Black Lightning. It has to be about the people.

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Black Lightning Takes You to Church in “LaWanda: The Book of Burial”

This episode of Black Lightning takes place in a space foreign to me—the black church.

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Black Lightning Asks What a Real Hero Fights for in “LaWanda: The Book of Hope”

"Black Lightning, my man!"

Black Lightning is back, but what exactly does that mean for Jefferson Pierce?

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Black Lightning: “The Resurrection” Has Begun

What's good everyone! Last night we witness the resurrection of Black Lightning on the CW. The character is a technically part of the Arrowverse brand, but not a part of the universe that the other characters take place in. Which works for me, no worries about crossovers or anything like that, just a solid self-contained storyline. In the series premiere, we are introduced to Jefferson Pierce, his bad-ass daughters and the gang-infested city of Freedland. Black Lightning is here.

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Supergirl Recap: Christmas in National City Is Cloudy With More Than a Chance of “Reign”

And now, back to your regularly scheduled Supergirl! After last week's crossover event, we're back where we left off in the main Supergirl story: Mon-El and Imra (A.K.A. Saturn Girl) are here from the 31st Century making Kara's life awkward, James and Lena get closer, and after weeks of brief flashes Reign emerges to judge National City, and the world. Welcome to Season 3, Episode 9, “Reign.”

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Supergirl Recap: Kara, Sam, and J’onn All Need to “Wake Up”

"Shame on me for having a human heart." -Kara

The title of this week's Supergirl couldn't be more apt.. Mon-El returns, after having woken up on the ship that was trapped underwater near the waterfront. Kara wakes up to the fact that just because Mon-El is back doesn't mean things can go back to the way they were. J'onn wakes up to the ways in which he's isolated himself on Earth, and Sam wakes up in her true identity, which makes me really, really worried for Ruby. Welcome to Season 3, Episode 7, “Wake Up.”

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Steven Universe Recap: Dewey Wins

Surprise! The show's back after six months of silence, with five brand new episodes.

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Supergirl Recap: Both Enemies and Lovers Can Do Plenty of “Damage”

This week’s Supergirl was all about Lena. That is, when it wasn't about...*sniff*...Alex and Maggie. This episode's title was really, really appropriate, as it reflected not only what enemies can do to each other, but also what two people who love each other can inflict on each other when that love just isn't enough. Welcome to Season 3, Episode 5, “Damage.”

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