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Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim Bring Gay DC Superhero to CW Seed in New Animated Series

It looks like DC is getting its first animated gay superhero thanks to DCTV powerhouses, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim. Much the way Vixen was given an animated series on the CW Seed to introduce her into the DC television universe before bringing her into live-action, so too will be the case for DC's The Ray.

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Is New Arrow Coast City Production Art Teasing the Arrival of Green Lantern?

And which Green Lantern?

Is the world of Arrow going to get even bigger? That's the look of things judging by the above production art that Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim shared over the weekend.

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The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow Jumping on the Anthology Series Bandwagon

Oh, binge-watching! Look what you hath wrought!

Anthology series seem to be all the rage. From American Horror Story, to True Detective, to Fargo, television storytelling is being done in even larger chunks than usual, with entire seasons having nothing to do with other seasons of the same show, save some tenuous connections (like the same cast, unifying characters, etc). The upcoming Legends of Tomorrow series on The CW is following suit and employing this format that's become popular with the rise of bing

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Arrow/Flash Spin-Off To Feature DC Female Hero and Villains Making Their TV Debuts

The DC TV Universe sure is getting crowded...

The creators of Arrow and The Flash, Executive Producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Marc Guggenheim discussed, among other things, their planned superhero team-up show for The CW, which they'll be producing with Sarah Schechter, and will feature Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer/The Atom and Victor Garber's Dr. Martin Stein (though he's half of Firestorm with Robbie Amell, Amell was not announced as part of the cast).

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[UPDATED] DC Comics’ Vixen is Getting Her Own Animated Series on The CW Seed

And Arrow and The Flash have been renewed!

The Television Critics Association press tour has been chugging along talking to some of our favorite creators and actors, but perhaps the most exciting news to come out of it so far is that DC Comics superhero/model Vixen is getting her own animated digital series.

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John Barrowman, Stephen Amell, & Willa Holland Discuss Thea’s Journey & The Women Of Arrow

We spoke with the cast of the show to find out more about the direction of Thea this season and get their thoughts overall on the women of Arrow. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim also chimes in.

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Arrow Showrunner To Take Over X-Men Comic, Following Brian Wood’s Final Issue


Arrow executive producer and writer Marc Guggenheim's most recent work has been in the DC universe, but he got his start at Marvel -- and he's headed back there soon. As announced by IGN, Guggenheim will be taking over the narrative reins in X-Men #18, picking up where current writer Brian Wood leaves off. Guggenheim confirmed that the X-Men will remain an all-female team during his run, and that he's planning a "smooth, easy transition" between his Wood's story and his own. No artist has been announced yet.

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Arrow Showrunner Wants Huntress Spinoff, More Birds of Prey

Arrow has already got one spinoff of sorts, the Flash television show that introduced its characters for the first time in a two part installment of Arrow. But Marc Guggenheim, executive producer and showrunner of the Green Arrow adaptation, wants a spinoff closer to the heart of the show, for its earliest appearing female vigilante, the Huntress.

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The CW’s Arrow Will Host Two Out Of Three Birds of Prey In The Same Episode

Almost Totally Excellent

Guess who's back? 

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Are The Birds Of Prey Set For An Appearance On Arrow Season 2?


We already had a Birds of Prey television show. While it wasn't quite what everyone would have hoped for, I stand by my love for it. The next time we saw Black Canary was on Smallville and that's all I have to say about that. But last season on Arrow we were introduced to Huntress and we know a new Canary will appear in Season 2. Can they complete the trifecta and get us a Barbara Gordon for a new Birds of Prey team? Hit the jump to find out! 

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Arrow Executive Producer Explains How The Flash TV Show Will Share Their Universe

Consider the Following

When DC and CW announced that they would pursue a The Flash television series that not only drew on the success of current CW offering Arrow, but took place in the same universe, certain questions arose. If Arrow does take place in the same universe as the new Flash series, how will the show runners deal with the relatively super-powerless world of Arrow? Why did the CW put Amazon, their planned Wonder Woman show, on hold for the new Flash series? Will Arrow and the new Flash show cross over at any point after The Flash gets his own show? Well, two of these questions now have answers, thanks to Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim.

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UPDATED: The CW Is Planning To Give DC Comics’ The Flash A TV Series

Faster than a speeding bullet!

I know, guys...I know.

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Things We Saw Today: Behind-the-Scenes, Game Of Thrones Season 3

Things We Saw Today

No, it's not much at all but it's something. (via Blastr

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Arrow Teases More Superheroines; Plans to Make Green Arrow’s Sister Into Sidekick Speedy

Great Hera!

Dammit, Arrow. You better be worth all the playing you're doing with my emotions. It seems now every secondary character you reference as having included in the show now turns out to be one of the DC universe's more obscure kickass ladies. I mean, first you included a character named after Black Canary's civilian identity. Then you announced that the Huntress will definitely be on the show. Now, you're saying that you've got long term plans that may culminate in the inclusion of Speedy, Green Arrow's traditional teenage sidekick. And not even Roy Harper, the original Speedy! You want to include a female Speedy, like Mia Dearden!

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Could Batman Make His TV Comeback Courtesy Of The CW’s Arrow?

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

Most of us remember the impression Batman left the last time he starred in a live-action television show. Adam West's portrayal will never be forgotten but in the wave of Christopher Nolan's more realistic (and highly successful) take on the character in film, could Batman ever be brought back to the small screen? According to the CW's Arrow writer Marc Guggenheim, the answer is yes. 

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Green Lantern Production Done; Writer Already Signed for Sequel

DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns announced on Twitter this past Friday that production has wrapped on Martin Campbell's (Casino Royale) superhero film Green Lantern. Shooting began in February 2010 in New Orleans, and lasted 100 days. In other news, the film's co-scribe Michael Goldenberg (Contact, Harry Potter) has been hired as screenwriter for Green Lantern 2. Earlier in June, Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim were reported to be working on a treatment for the inevitable sequel, as well as DC's next likely franchise, The Flash. Too bad, Ryan Reynolds would've been perfect. (/Film, Bleeding Cool)

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