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Arrow Showrunner Wants Huntress Spinoff, More Birds of Prey

Arrow has already got one spinoff of sorts, the Flash television show that introduced its characters for the first time in a two part installment of Arrow. But Marc Guggenheim, executive producer and showrunner of the Green Arrow adaptation, wants a spinoff closer to the heart of the show, for its earliest appearing female vigilante, the Huntress.

Guggenheim told TVLine:

One thing I’ve talked to D.C. Comics about is, I’d love to do a Huntress series – I mentioned this to Jessica [De Gouw] – where we cover the year that she spent between Episodes 117 and 217, from her perspective, traveling the world and hunting for her father. You never know, all things are possible, as long as we’ve got Jessica’s willing participation.

De Gouw returned to the series last night in an episode that Guggenheim intimates was intended to bring her character some closure to her origin story as the heroic but murderous daughter of a mafia boss. And while the greenlighting or even pre-production of a Huntress series or miniseries is above his “pay grade,” he doesn’t plan on dropping her forever now that her first character arc has been concluded. Now that she’s firmly established, it’s time to bring out the Birds of Prey.

In comics, the Birds of Prey is a long running all-female team that broke ground in the mid-nineties for featuring a cast of female superheroes who primarily adventured and formed deep friendships with other women rather than become preoccupied with romantic relationships. While the roster of the team has varied over the nearly twenty years of its existence, it’s core cast has always consisted of hacker-extraordinaire Oracle, Black Canary, and, since 2003, the Huntress. “One of the things we would love to do at some point is an episode where you’ve got Black Canary, Felicity and The Huntress working together,” says Guggenheim, “That’s on our show bucket list.”

Good news, certainly, for Caity Lotz, actress behind the recurring character of Sara Lance, a.k.a. Black Canary!

(via TVLine.)

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