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Things We Saw Today: Wow, a Lot of PG-Rated Films Were Really Messed Up

Kevin Maher (the mind behind the "Monster Gaze" video we also shared) compiled some of the most terrifying moments of PG films that left a deep scar on our young psyches that we've never fully recovered from. Did you see any of your childhood nightmares?

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Love! Love! Fighting! Provides Much-Needed Blasian Representation

Growing up, I thought interracial relationships and mixed race people that mattered were literally black and white because that is all I saw onscreen. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered blasian ethnicity and relationships in Love! Love! Fighting!, a manga-style webcomic by Sharean Morishita.

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Tainted Love: Fetishizing Disability in Yaoi Manga Ten Count

Rihito Takarai's Ten Count, has gripped readers with a dark and psychologically complex tale of sex, fear and exploitation. But, as well as making little effort to dodge the familiar trappings of yaoi, Ten Count adds yet more fuel to the fire by exposing readers to another problematic fetish in an already problematic genre.

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The New York Times Stops Showing Comics Love, Suspends Graphic Novel Bestseller Lists

Remember that time when The New York Times said that "comics have finally joined the mainstream" when they introduced their "Graphic Books Best Seller Lists?" Yeah, apparently they don't consider graphic novels mainstream enough for them anymore.

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The Game is On: More Sherlock Manga is Headed Your Way

Cool manga, bro.

It looks like we're getting more Sherlock manga in 2017. Comic Book Resources reports that new ones are scheduled to arrive in February.

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Rethinking Yuri: How Lesbian Mangaka Return the Genre to Its Roots

Yuri can capture queer women's lives, our struggles, and our relationships with other women beyond mere fantasy.

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AnimEducation: 9 Series Otaku Teachers Can Share With Their Students

No, Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei didn't make the cut.

I want to help guide my students towards discovering great stories while being mindful of what they, their parents (and by extension the PTA), and the school board will react poorly to.

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An Oasis of Calm, Safety, and Literacy at Conventions: The Carolina Manga Library

If you’ve ever been to a convention, you might have experienced a simultaneous feeling of euphoria at being around the people who like the things you like as much as you do and feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of noisy humans, bright colors, and other stimuli. Have you ever wished there was a good […]

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Titan Comics Brings Sherlock Manga to the US and UK — Check Out the Preview!

It's been around in Japan for four years. Now, Titan Comics is bringing an English translation of the Sherlock manga to the U.S. and the U.K.. Which is good, because the wait for new seasons of this damn show is excruciating!

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Things We Saw Today: In Leaked Audio, Deadpool Explains Why He’ll Never Host SNL

In spite of the petition circulating amongst fans requesting that Deadpool host Saturday Night Live, it turns out the Merc with a Mouth has an acrimonious history with producer Lorne Michaels--as revealed in this "leaked" audio courtesy of the film's star, Ryan Reynolds.

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Spirals, Immortal Girls, and Curses: Junji Ito in Augmented Reality

I recently got to attend an exhibit at Huashan Creative Park in Taipei, Taiwan around horror manga master, Junji Ito.

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Asian Superheroes Aren’t a Radical Idea (or an Oxymoron)

With the growing talks about diversity in comics, the inevitable think-pieces will pop up. Here's what not to do if you're writing one.

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Artist Makes a Moving One-Punch Man Comic With Paper Cups

Japanese artist Shinrashinge used three paper cups and rotates them to make one cohesive comic strip of Saitama punching a monster.

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Learning Compassion from Shigeru Mizuki’s Showa

How does one even approach reviewing a masterpiece that stretches across four volumes and more than 2,000 pages? Shigeru Mizuki’s Showa: a History of Japan is just such a piece, and it occupied the entirety of my summer.

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More Attack on Titan Stuff That’s Not the Season 2 We’re Waiting For; Includes Live-Action Webseries and a New Anime


Season Two of the Attack on Titan anime series we've all come to love won't be available until 2016, and the live-action films being released in Japan won't be available in the Americas until the late fall as President of FUNimation Entertainment, Gen Fukunaga told, and yet there are still more ways to enjoy the world of Attack on Titan being released - the most recent of which being a live-action web series, and an animated spin-off set in...junior high?

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Your Favorite ’80s Tropes as Seen in Oh My Goddess!

Reading Kosuke Fujishima’s classic manga rom-com Oh My Goddess! reminds me of watching one of my (many) favorite '80s or early '90s movies. To be specific, it reminds me of rewatching them now, as a 30-something.

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Princess Jellyfish Is Coming to Crunchyroll Manga!

There was a lot of things to get excited about at this years’ Anime Expo in Los Angeles this year, but one particular announcement made me rise from my seat and cheer: Princess Jellyfish is coming to Crunchyroll Manga!

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Choose Your Own Dystopia: Log Horizon or Sword Art Online

What if you couldn’t leave the video game world? What if it was as real, or almost as real, to you as is the one in which you sit right now, reading this?

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Manga You Don’t Have To Wait For: Ouran High School Host Club

Welcome! <3

An extremely popular anime, Ouran High School Host Club has charmed many an otaku. But I’ve found that strangely few fans have read the original source, authored by Bisco Hatori.

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Looking At Female Characters in Anime and Manga Through a Western Feminist Lens

Well, here it goes.

The portrayal of female characters in anime and manga is a complex discussion, not only because of the various tropes that exist but also because of the cultural perspectives through which they must be filtered and digested. While the subject of female characters in anime and manga is not as frequently written about here at The Mary Sue, it nonetheless has become a topic of discussion not only by the Japanese consumers but those like myself.

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