Gojo Satoru discovering Hollow Purple.

‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Author May Have Confirmed Gojo Satoru Isn’t Coming Back

Is it really Gojover?

If you still believe that Gojo Satoru might return to Jujutsu Kaisen, now is a good time to start weaning off that hope. Gege Akutami’s answers during the Q&A of the Jujutsu Kaisen 2024 Exhibition regarding Gojo Satoru were bleak.

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Many Gojo fans believed that Akutami had the perfect setup for Gojo’s revival. It is widely believed that Gojo’s return is thematically in line with his character. Fans noticed the parallels between the Honored One and Buddha. Even Gojo’s iconic line is taken from Buddhism. Therefore, many fans believed that Gojo was bound to come back stronger than he previously was.

But Akutami’s answers during the Q&A of the 2024 Jujutsu Kaisen Exhibition will send all our hopes to the grave. Akutami admitted that he had plans to execute a Gojo resurrection arc during the Culling Games but was unable to do so. He claims that this was a failure on his part.

The illustration for Volume 26 is Gojo’s funeral portrait?!

I once believed that Gojo Satoru would return to us. Then I saw what had become of Gojo’s body, and that’s when I knew it didn’t make sense for him to be revived. The nail in the coffin was Akutami’s admission regarding Volume 26 of the Jujutsu Kaisen Manga. When asked to give a comment about Volume 26 of the manga, Akutami cryptically claimed that he wanted to draw a portrait in honor of Gojo’s death. This implies that the illustration is what stood when Gojo had his funeral.

It’s odd to think that Gojo had a funeral, considering the current events of the manga.

But if there’s anything fans should learn, it’s that they should treat Jujutsu Kaisen like Game of Thrones. Don’t get attached to any character. Accept their deaths as a fact of their universe. Akutami confirmed during the event that he only killed characters that would have an emotional impact on fans. So, make of that statement what you will.

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