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‘Oshi No Ko’ Chapter 154 Continues the Previous Chapter’s Disturbing Revelation

The manga of Oshi no Ko has entered its final arc. Aqua finally came face-to-face with his father, Kamiki, in the latest chapter of the manga. Despite Kamiki’s tragic backstory, the things he’s done to countless women and Ai can’t be forgiven.

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Fans were generally intrigued after knowing more about Kamiki. He’s the president of Kamiki Productions., he’s a talented director, and he’s a charmer to top things off. But beneath all these good things is an uncomfortable truth: Kamiki is a serial killer who preys on young actresses. He’s also the man who was directly responsible for Ai’s untimely death.

Now that we know Kamiki’s side of the story, what’s next? Oshi no Ko Chapter 154 will be available on July 3, 2024, at 11:00 a.m. ET.

Continuing the cycle of abuse

Nobody blames Kamiki for what happened to him. Readers were disgusted after reading about his abuse at the hands of Airi Himekawa. He was just a child when Airi forced herself upon Kamiki. Oshi no Ko has a lot of disturbing themes, but Kamiki becoming a father at eleven years old is probably the worst thing we’ve read about.

Just typing about it sent shivers down my spine. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to defend Kamiki’s crimes. He killed many young actresses in cold blood. Not to mention, it looked like he tried to push Ruby off a plight of stairs in Chapter 147. He tried to kill his own child, who was sharing her vulnerabilities with him. When explaining Ai’s murder, Kamiki reduces it to a matter of circumstance. He was just in love, and he felt strongly about the rejection, so he sent an obsessed fan to kill the mother of his children.

We can all sympathize deeply with Kamiki’s experiences as a child. But for all his tragedies, Kamiki eventually became a powerful man who replaced his oppressors. Seeing his downfall may be the only fitting ending for this cruel man.

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