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Feast Your Eyes on Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcom in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Even If the Movie Sounds Absurd

Commence running and screaming.

It's the moment we've all been waiting for! We've known for some time now that Jeff Goldblum would be back as badboy celebrity mathematician Ian Malcolm for the Jurassic World sequel, but seeing that glorious return with your own eyes is a whole other thing. Allow me to direct your attention this way.

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Watch the Cast of Thor Act out Their Own Hilarious Live-Action Ragnarok

It's been a while since a video on the Internet made me laugh out loud and a lot, but this is "Thor 4D" is freaking incredible. Gaze in delight as the main cast of Thor: Ragnarok puts on a live performance of the movie that's a little bit Broadway and a lot like your middle school play. Starring movie stars.

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Review: Thor: Ragnarok Is Very Weird, Very Funny, and Very Much A Thor Film

4 out of 5 stars.

From its baldly preposterous plot to director Taika Waititi's signature humor, Thor: Ragnarok has way more character than any corporate, third-in-a-series superhero movie has the right to. It's as funny as it is messy.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda, Gillian Anderson, Lynda Carter and Other Faves Getting a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

The Hollywood Walk of Fame announced their additions for 2018 yesterday, and it includes many of our favorite actors and performers for whom acknowledgement is long overdue.

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Jeff Goldblum Is Apparently Writing His Own Dialogue for Jurassic World 2

Jurassic World director and Jurassic World 2 screenwriter Colin Trevorrow revealed that Jeff Goldblum is writing some of the dialogue for Dr. Ian Malcolm.

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Things We Saw Today: Yondu Met Mary Poppins, Y’all!

No matter how many iterations come out of it, this joke will never get old.

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Things We Saw Today: Marvel Celebrates The Gifted Series Order With Awesome New Teaser

There's a new Marvel show coming to town and it's called The Gifted.

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Holy Crap, Jeff Goldblum Is Back in Jurassic World 2, and Now We All Have to See It

Sequels, uh, find a way.

Jurassic Park is a solid classic, and that's due in part to Jeff Goldblum's memorable role as Dr. Ian Malcolm. He came back for the sequel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, but has been absent from the franchise ever since—understandably, as the original series went off the rails. But 2015's Jurassic World was fairly well received, and it seems the time has finally come for Goldblum to return to the franchise.

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Artist Mashes Up Classic Album Covers With Star Wars, Stranger Things, and More

A well-done mashup song can be incredibly satisfying. Now, thanks to artist Steven Lear, we get to see if that satisfaction extends to album covers, as Lear has mashed up some iconic album art with Star Wars, Stranger Things, Jeff Goldblum, and more.

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Jeff Goldblum, Melissa McCarthy Make for Amazing Young Han Solos in Conan Clip

"So is this like a big spoiler, like when Han Solo was young, was he Pakistani?"

Conan and his comedy pals all got together to shoot a fun video that imagined celebrities like Bill Hader, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Melissa McCarthy, and even Jodie Foster as young Han Solo.

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Let Jeff Goldblum Read You The Kid-Friendly Plot of Independence Day Before Bedtime

If you're looking for a crash course in Independence Day plot, or trying to find a way to show it to your kids without having to fast-forward through the more terrifying scenes, Mashable has teamed up with Goldblum himself to read you a story about the kid-friendly version of what goes down during the first film.

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Independence Day: Resurgence Is a Step Backwards for the Franchise, and a Missed Opportunity for Representation

2 out of 5 stars.

There's a good movie buried somewhere in Independence Day: Resurgence. Amidst the clunky exposition and embarrassing callbacks to the first film and disheartening one-liners delivered by Liam Hemsworth—who looks profoundly embarrassed and exhausted throughout—there may have even been a better movie than the first Independence Day.

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Interstellar Plague Distributor Jeff Goldblum Reads Independence Day Children’s Book

"Sometimes I like to silently reflect on Bill Pullman as a, uh... as a person."

Jeff Goldblum took it upon himself to read a kid-friendly novelization of Independence Day, which Mashable so kindly recorded and placed online for, you know, posterity.

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Things We Saw Today: Jeff Goldblum Stars in Meme Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence really wants to appeal and market to the youths with their dank memes, so they've started Meme Resurgence.

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Jeff Goldblum Reacts to Internet Memes About Himself on The Graham Norton Show

Graham Norton got the chance to sit down with Jeff Goldblum on his show and asked him the question that the entire world would ask, if only we could: what does Jeff Goldblum think about all of those Jeff Goldblum memes???

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Jeff Goldblum Talks His Role in Thor: Ragnarok, “He’s a Hedonist, a Pleasure-Seeker”

"Jeez, that’s gonna be fun."

We were super excited that Jeff Goldblum, AKA your celestial space dad joined the cast of Thor: Ragnarok, and it's cool to see him equally, if not more excited.

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Celestial Space Dad Jeff Goldblum Joins Thor: Ragnarok, Along With Karl Urban and Tessa Thompson

Also: info about Tessa Thompson's role!

Your celestial space dad Jeff Goldblum will be joining the cast of Thor: Ragnarok, joining Karl Urban and already-announced Tessa Thompson.

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Independence Day: Resurgence Could Allow More Sequels To Invade Theaters

At least, so sayeth Jeff Goldblum.

The new Independence Day movie isn't even out yet, and already sequel talk is a thing that's happening.

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Enjoy More Jeff Goldblum in This New Independence Day: Resurgence TV Spot

"Shouldn't we be nervous?" "Uhh, yeah."

We're a couple of months away from seeing dreamboat Jeff Goldblum--er, uh, America fight for its freedom from evil aliens again in Independence Day: Resurgence. That means it's about time for the movie's hype machine to start rolling, isn't it?

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Things We Saw Today: Shhhh, Just Watch This Vine of Jeff Goldblum

You don't need anything beyond this right now. Just unmute this Vine and allow yourself to take it all in--everything from the undeniable moves to that fixed stare right at the end. (We're so transfixed that we didn't even notice the younger Hemsworth making a brief cameo appearance.)

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