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Celebrate the 4th of July the Humane Way With Our National Treasure, Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmasterq

Fireworks are old news, and some people are already giving them up out of kindness to animals, so we’ve got a suggestion. It’s time to celebrate our national treasure and take the 4th of July to give our thanks to Jeff Goldblum. A man who has an illustrious career and is the definition of a Zaddy, Goldblum is always keeps us on our toes.

This tradition of mine started nearly five years ago. I had no plans on the 4th of July and decided to watch Jurassic Park. From there, my Goldblum marathon began. Can you blame me? Once you start watching Jeff Goldblum movies, you can’t really stop. Are there people in this world who don’t love Jeff Goldblum?

The great thing about him is that he has 125 credits on his IMDb page, meaning that you have plenty of his work to choose from. Whether it’s The Big Chill or The Fly or, you know, Independence Day, there is most definitely a movie that would fit your fancy. Can I suggest Earth Girls Are Easy?

The thing is, I can’t watch Goldblum movies every year. Sometimes I do end up with plans. That doesn’t mean I don’t honor Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum. If I can’t sit in the comfort of my home and watch whatever bit of his work I desire, I at least wear my Jeff Goldblum tank top that I own just for this occasion.

The thing about Goldblum is that he’s just an enigma. A creature from some other planet, Jazzy Jeff has a way of turning a yes or no question into a diatribe that lasts 30 minutes, and no one is ever really mad about it. Also, he’s relatable.

Whether you have plans or not, it’s a great time to look to our boy Goldblum and give him the praise he deserves. Mainly because who wants to cheer about being American when the Cheeto is still in office?

Anyway, Jeff Goldblum also has a jazz show he does where he asks trivia questions about The Godfather movies and asks people to do impressions of Rodney Dangerfield, so like, maybe we should just celebrate Jeff Goldblum every day of the year.


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So, why not spend the hot day inside, watching movies, and enjoying the one man in this world I would probably die for?

Happy National Jeff Goldblum Day, everyone!

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