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Brie Larson Urges Fellow White People to Check Out Crowdsourced “Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves”

Brie Larson, our future Captain Marvel, is increasingly using her growing platform to try and do good in the world. Today, she retweeted a tweet from NY Times Magazine staff writer and host of the Still Processing podcast Jenna Wortham that contains a link to an amazing resource: the "Syllabus for White People to Educate Themselves."

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The Mary Sue’s Slack Chat (Or: A Day With a Bunch of Women Talking)

One of the best things about days that are set aside to mark certain people or ideas, like today being International Women's Day and a #DayWithoutAWoman, is the fact that they are the catalyst for important conversations. That's especially true when you take the opinionated, feminist women of The Mary Sue and put them all on Slack.

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Jessica Williams, National Hero, Turned A Fancy Lunch Into a Feminist Debate

A Sundance lunch to celebrate women in film got heated when Jessica Williams defended her experiences as a black woman.

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Do I Have a Place in Your Movement? On Intersectionality at the Women’s March on Washington

I have to ask: do I have a place in your movement? Does someone like me belong in your fight?

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Paul Feig Shares What He’s Learned About Women Through Ghostbusters Experience, Which Includes Nothing About Race

But Harambe photos, tho!

As director of the "controversial" (controversial if you have trouble believing women can do things) Ghostbusters reboot, Paul Feig has had a very interesting and not entirely pleasant 2016. In a recent short essay, Feig shares what he's learned about "being a woman." Notably missing are any insights he may have gained about the specific challenges of being a black woman, a la Leslie Jones.

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Feminism Evolved: What Intersectionality Means in the Trump Era

Intersectional feminism means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

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On Bridging the Gap Between White Feminists and Women of Color

"If you are not an intersectional feminist, you’re not a feminist. Period."

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Feminism Around the World: Bonded Laborer Turned Politician Brings Charges Against Former Boss in India

Despite some progress, dalits (people in India who used to be considered members of the "untouchable" caste, basically the lowest and most marginalized people on the sociopolitical totem pole) still face grave injustices. Today, one woman fought back in a big way.

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Orange Is the New Black Season Four and Intersectional Social Justice, Part One [SPOILERS]

The System vs. The Inmates

Season 4 of Netflix's Orange is the New Black is its most substantive yet, which also makes it the most emotionally draining season of the show. It hits real-world issues hard, and as we see the effects of the prison industrial complex on both the prisoners and the guards on the show, we can see how important it is for social justice work to be intersectional.

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Game Designer’s Solution to Lack of Black Game Developer Barbie Highlights Common Problem With Tech Feminism

One game designer found that there was something missing with the brand new Game Developer Barbie doll that was just recently released: color.

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Zootopia Review: Brilliant, Insightful, Poignant Fable About Bigotry That You Must See

"Sly bunny. Dumb fox." Great movie.

Isn’t it wonderful when a movie lives up to hype? Zootopia … what can I even say? It’s a triumph in animated filmmaking on every level, combining cutting edge animation, detailed world building, likeable yet deeply flawed characters, spot-on voice casting, and allegorical animals to tell a story that reflects an ugly side of our own world right back at us … while still being engaging and funny. It’s effectively a 21st century Beatrix Potter-style call for intersectionality, and it is a marvel.

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Rose McGowan Says the Idea of Her Being Transphobic Is “Laughable” After Facebook Statement About Caitlyn Jenner

Awards are always subjective. Depending on the criteria, it's easy for there to be debates on whether or not some accomplished person or other "deserves" an award. What's disturbing, however, is when someone's gender identity doesn't meet the criteria of critics.

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Feminism Moving Toward Greater Intersectionality with #MyFeminismIs

It's a great time to be a feminist. We're living at a time when people are trying to understand intersectionality more than ever; when the current generation of feminists is actively struggling to find their place in it and make room for diverse friends, even if it makes them resistant to the feminist label. Well, the Ms. Foundation is looking to clarify and change our relationship with the word through their #MyFeminismIs campaign. Check out the introductory video above!

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EMMYS 2015: Nancy Lee Grahn Forgets to Check Privilege in Tweets About Viola Davis

Grahn suggested that Davis had "never been discriminated against," and "wishes she'd brought every woman into the picture."

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Things We Saw Today: Stormtroopers Gotta Eat and Shop Too

They're not always just shooting and missing! Photographer Jorge Pérez Higuera's series “The Other Side,” shows us the everyday lives of Stormtroopers.

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Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus at The VMAs: A Case Study in Intersectional Feminism

It all started with the above tweet, in which Nicki Minaj pointed out the fact that the music industry, like much of the greater entertainment industry, shows a definite preference for those adhering to a specific beauty standard.

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Girl Meets World‘s Rowan Blanchard a Better Feminist at 13 Than Many Adults

Girl Meets Feminism.

I love when teens give me hope for the future. The star of the Disney Channel's Girl Meets World, 13-year-old Rowan Blanchard, was recently asked on Tumblr about intersectional feminism (so, first things first, props to Blanchard's fans for having these intelligent, nuanced conversations!).

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When Seeing Straight Outta Compton, Remember the Women

Listen. Remember. Discuss.

We all enjoy problematic things. Sometimes, we don't even realize that the thing we love is problematic until someone else points it out, because the problems with it don't affect us personally. And yes, it is possible to like something, while simultaneously recognizing that there are things it could've done better, or that there are ways in which it harms an already maligned group.

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Activists Paint Stonewall Statues Brown to Resist Whitewashing of History

"Those statues are bronze (brown) underneath the layer of white paint — the symbolism behind that is infuriating."

Anonymous activists just painted over the white Stonewall Riot memorial statues in Christopher Park with brown paint, and fitted them out with dresses and wigs.

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[UPDATED] #YouOKSis Highlights Need for Intersectionality in Anti-Harassment Campaigns

"I feel like black women's voices are not always amplified. And I feel it's my responsibility to do that."

In an interview with Noah Berlatsky over at The Atlantic, social worker, activist, and writer Feminista Jones discussed the narratives built around street harassment and the need for a hashtag like #YouOKSis.

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