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The Discovery Channel Is Bringing Back Cash Cab, but With a Celebrity Twist

Wait, what?

You might wanna hold off on that reboot fatigue.

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Giveaway: Sweet Shark Swag to Celebrate Shark Week

Say that three times fast.

Discovery has given us some amazing Shark Week items to give away!

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Discovery Says to Hell With Moderation, Changes Shark Week to “Summer of the Shark”

My shark week seems to go on forever too, Discovery. I feel ya.

Much of the country may still be bowed under winter's relentless tyranny, but it's never too early to make plans for summer--especially if you're in need of a public relations boost after failing to stuff a live man down an anaconda's gullet.

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Discovery Channel Promises to Stop Ruining Science With Ratings Grabs Like Eaten Alive

Maybe we can have nice things?

Discovery isn't going to do any more fake shark/dudes not getting eaten by snakes ratings grabs anymore; they're going to get back to nature and science! Or, if you're one of the people who regularly tell us how wrong we are about megalodon, Discovery is quitting science forever! Take your pick. Choose wisely.

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In Obvious Cry For Help, Discovery To Air Show About Man In “Snake-Proof Suit” Being “Eaten Alive” By An Anaconda

*snaps her jaw back in place*


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Discovery’s Shark Week Will Kick Off With Another Bullshit “Documentary” Instead of Real Science

Discovery Channel, stahp.

Remember last year when the Discovery Channel lied about their Shark Week megalodon movie being a documentary? Looks like they're trying to one-up themselves this year with another "documentary," and they just owned up to being behind the above video as a marketing ploy with Nissan.

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Why the Heck Did Discovery Channel Re-Air the Fake Megalodon Documentary Again?

Guys. Can we not do this?

Last night, we here at Geekosystem saw a sudden jump in nighttime traffic due to so many people googling "megalodons." Did the Discovery channel re-air that awful fake documentary they? Yes, yes they did -- at midnight EST on Sunday night. Why.

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5 Creatures That Would Make Perfect Subjects For Fake Discovery Channel Documentaries

If the Discovery Channel says that unicorns are real then they have to be, right?

Now that Shark Week is over and the outrage over Megalodon is winding down, Discovery Channel is going to need some new creatures to make fictional documentaries about. Since mermaids have been done already, might we suggest some of these animals as subjects?

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Here are Some Actual Facts About Megalodon Since The Discovery Channel Won’t Give You Any

Here's a fact: Megalodons are hella awesome.

As you all know by now, Discovery Channel ruined Shark Week forever by airing a fake documentary about fake Megalodon sightings by fake people. Let's pretend that they instead produced a real documentary about what Megalodons were actually like -- what would you have learned from it? Well, maybe some of these awesome facts.

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Internet Officially Mad at Shark Week for Airing a Fake Megalodon Documentary

One could even say that it jumped the... no, no. I'm not going to say it.

If you happened to tune in to the beginning of Discovery Channel's Shark Week programming last night, you might have caught an unusual documentary about a group of scientists trying to catch a megalodon off the coast of South Africa. Why's it unusual? Because megalodons have been extinct for over 2 million years. Yeah, that'll piss off a few nerds.

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Game of Thrones‘ Richard Madden Heading to the (Great White) North in Klondike

Winter Is Coming

The King in the North is about to make his way to a different North: Canada. Actor Richard Madden, who plays Robb Stark in Game of Thrones, has been cast in one of the leads in Klondike, where he'll play a 19th century gold digger who ventures up to the Yukon territories to seek his fortune.

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Giant Squid Footage is Actually of a Giant Squid, And It’s Apparently Silver

Last month we reported that a film crew from Discovery Channel had captured footage of a giant squid at home in the inky blackness of the ocean's depths -- the place where all the most horrid nightmares are born -- for an episode of the cable network's Curiosity series. Since we're inclined to take a "pics or it didn't happen" view of the world over here, it's safe to say that we were all dubious of the claim, especially when past experience has shown that such overhyped discoveries are often run-of-the-mill colossal squid that don't even merit a second glance. Today, though, we're delighted to report that our cynicism was, for once, unfounded. The team of giant squid enthusiasts behind last month's bold claim has released this photo of the legendary aquatic beast that caused superstitious vikings and pirates to soil themselves at the mere mention of it -- we assume.

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A Song About Discovery Channel’s Shark Week By Marian Call

i'll just leave this here

Shark Week is almost upon us! This song, written by Marian Call and Patrick Race, should be playing every hour on the hour until then.

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PenguinCam is Livestreaming Socially Awkward Penguins [Livestream]

In order to celebrate Frozen Planet, a joint effort by the BBC and the Discovery Channel, the Discovery Channel and SeaWorld San Diego have teamed to stream SeaWorld's exhibit of socially awkward penguins: "Penguin Encounter". Well, it's technically an exhibit of "regular" penguins. But still, there's bound to be some awkwardness. The stream is going on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until April 30th, so there's a lot of penguin to be watched. Several penguins have already attempted to hatch the camera, which looks a bit like a big black egg, so there are doubtlessly more hijinks in store. Be sure to check it out and check back every now and then, who knows what you might see.

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Mythbusters Hosts Will Produce, Judge a Rube Goldberg Competition Show

Don't Try This At Home

If you like Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, you're going to be very happy about this: the Mythbusters hosts have announced that they'll be producing a new show for Discovery called Unchained Reaction. The duo will serve as judges on the new show, which will pit two teams against each other while they build the most awesome Rube Goldberg device. And it looks like ... yes. Yes, I read that right: there might be guillotines.

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Mythbusters Accidentally Bust Up Someone’s House And Car With A Cannonball

Don't Try This At Home

The Mythbusters crew recently busted something other than a myth. The Discovery Channel show had one of their experiments go awry in Dublin, California recently leaving a cannonball-sized hole in someone's house and another in a mini-van. Woops. 

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Netflix Will Start Streaming Discovery Channel Shows, Mythbusters Too? Pretty Please?

and let it be known

Right in the middle of this, shall we say, turbulent week for Netflix, the soon-to-be "exclusively streaming" video company has announced that it has made a deal with Discovery Communications to stream shows from several of its satellite channels, such as TLC, Science, and Animal Planet. That includes shows such as Man Vs. Wild, Say Yes to the Dress, and, we really, really hope Mythbusters. Seriously, does this mean we'll be able to stream Mythbusters? Because that would be the really good news.

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It’s Shark Week, Everyone! Andy Samberg Gets Us Psyched [Video]

hold on to your butts

It's here, guys. Shark Week. That midsummer tradition, provided to us by the Discovery Channel, kicks off tonight at 9:00 pm with this year's formidable host, Chief Shark Officer Andy Samberg. We are happy to know that this shoot was successful and that he has all his limbs. Because sharks, man. Sharks. (BuzzFeed)

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Andy Samberg Is Hosting Shark Week

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

Geek heartthrob/my "TV boyfriend" Andy Samberg has signed on as the host of Discovery Channel's 24th Annual Shark Week. He is also being named as the first-ever Chief Shark Officer (CSO), which means he's like a boss. A boss of sharks. Sharks with whom he might swim. According to the incredibly excited press release:
As CSO, Samberg will host the network’s 24th annual SHARK WEEK celebration, cable’s longest running programming event and the official mark of summer. He will film on-air wraps for the weeklong event, host a SHARK WEEK special and may even take the plunge and dive with the apex predators ... Said Samberg: “I’m overjoyed about being appointed CSO. Everyone loves Shark Week. It’s the Bill Cosby of week-long television blocks dedicated to sea animals.”

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Barack Obama Is Going to Be on MythBusters

We all already knew that President Barack Obama was a bit of a geek, what with his buying Star Wars memorabilia in public, joking about dilithium crystals, and telling reporters that he was actually born on Krypton, sent by his father Jor-El to save Earth. (Maybe that's what all those birth certificate rumors are actually about?) Now, he's about to add another feather to his cap o' geekiness by appearing on the Discovery Channel's Mythbusters. Obama will appear in an episode exploring the ancient Greek myth that scientist Archimedes was able to set invading Roman ships on fire using reflected, focused light.

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