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Rick and Morty’s Dan Harmon Is Pissed off About Sexist Harassment of the Show’s Writers

Rick and Morty is, like perhaps too many works of fiction, about a genius who gets away with being a massive jerk, at least in part. As great as the show is (and as much deeper than that premise as it digs), that also attracts plenty of people who don't seem to grasp that the message of the show is not that being a jerk is actually great and totally OK, even if they were anywhere near as smart as Rick Sanchez (they are not).

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Rick and Morty Recap: “The Ricklantis Mixup”

A normal, self-contained adventure with no major plot developments.

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Tyler, The Creator’s The Jellies Stars an Awesome Black Lead, Even If He Is a “F!@#ing Goober”

"How many fucking black cartoon characters are on TV right now? Name fiveI'll give you time." At San Diego Comic Con, when Tyler, The Creator was asked why the protagonist of his upcoming Adult Swim cartoon, The Jellies, was now black after having originally been white, this was his incisive response.

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Things We Saw Today: New Rick and Morty Promo Is Some Multi-media Weirdness

Adult Swim favorite Rick and Morty is coming back at the end of the month, so check out this new promo titled "Exquisite Corpse” which is a surreal montage of scenes in different animation styles. In the style of exquisite corpse, each animator was only given the end of the previous segment, making for some outrageous and trippy scenes.

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Rick and Morty Season 3 Trailer Even Weirder Than You Could’ve Hoped

After a long wait, Rick and Morty fans finally get an official premiere date for season 3 and a trailer. Say hello to Pickle Rick.

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New Samurai Jack Trailer Has a Lot of Action, Facial Hair, and Angst

After a long wait, Samurai Jack returns for a final season March 11th.

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Samurai Jack Comes Back to Television Real Soon, Gets Official Release Date

Samurai Jack fans, your seemingly interminable wait is almost over.

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Things We Saw Today: Where You Lead, I Will Follow This “Fixed” Gilmore Girls Intro

YouTube user rose tyler (nice name) shares a "fixed" version of the Gilmore Girls title sequence.

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Brett Gelman Is Done With Adult Swim Over Treatment of Women, Because We All Need to Stand up for What’s Right

We're big advocates of speaking out when something isn't right, since that's basically what we do here, but action is also important—not just from women and other marginalized groups, but from their allies. That's why it's great to see Brett Gelman take a stand about Adult Swim's problem with women and sever ties to make a point.

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Rick and Morty Parodies Ex Machina, The Thing and More in Claymation Shorts

Adult Swim has created a series of claymation shorts titled Rick and Morty: The Non-Canonical Adventures that put the science duo in famous scenes of movies like Ex Machina, The Thing, The Fly, Honey I Shrunk the Kids,and Halloween.

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Interview: Adult Swim’s Dream Corp LLC Talk Rotoscoping and Dream Therapy

I got a chance during NYCC this year to talk to the team of Adult Swim's new rotoscope/live-action show Dream Corp LLC. The show, which was executive produced by John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant is as "absurd workplace comedy" about a dream therapy facility.

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TMS at NYCC Day 2: Interviewing the Creative Teams Behind Venture Bros., The War for the Planet of the Apes and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We spoke to the creators and cast members from some great shows for updates and shenanigans.

Day Two at New York Comic-Con was all about television and film. We spoke to the creative teams behind great projects on screens large and small, including Venture Bros., The War for the Planet of the Apes, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

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Adult Swim’s Mike Lazzo Doubles Down On Excuses For Why They Hire So Few Female Writers

We've talked a lot about the depressing scarcity of female writers in film and television. Often, we try to give people the benefit of the doubt and talk about the "unconscious bias" that permeates every industry. But sometimes, people's biases are very, very conscious. So conscious, in fact, that they'll display their ignorance willingly and willfully in public.

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Exclusive: The Venture Bros. S6 Is Out on Blu-ray Today, And We Have An Exclusive Clip to Share!

The Venture Bros., like Sherlock, is one of those shows that we love when it's here, but have to wait way too long between installments. The wait for Season Six was seemingly endless, but now, it's out on Blu-ray today so that you can enjoy the Ventures' adventures in your very own home! To celebrate, Cartoon Network has provided us with an exclusive clip from the special features.

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Rick and Morty VR Experience: Explore Rick’s Garage, Maybe Get Rickety-Rickety-Wrecked, Son

The world of Rick and Morty isn't exactly the most, uh... appealing world to be in, I suppose. But if you often find yourself wondering what it'd be like to wander through Rick Sanchez's garage, then you should get yourself on down to San Diego for Adult Swim's "Adult Swim on the Green" event.

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Things We Saw Today: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Last Ham4Ham Teaches Us How to Say Goodbye

Lin-Manuel Miranda, wearing a "One Last Time" shirt, reads a love letter Alexander Hamilton sent to Eliza before they got married for his final Ham4Ham. Leslie Odom Jr. and Phillipa Soo, who are also sadly leaving the show at the end of the week, come out at the end to be sent off with "Happy Trails."

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Samurai Jack Featurette Reveals Jack’s Arc and New Art Style

In this short behind-the-scenes for season 5, the team behind Samurai Jack talks about their excitement and what we can look forward to later this year.

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Exploring the Downside to Living Your Dreams With K.Flay’s “FML” Music Video

Watch: K.Flay's 'FML' Music Video

Adult Swim has, for some time now, a great vector for new music. At least, that’s how it is for me, I guess, because it seems that every time I turn around to check out what’s going on, they’re premiering some new indie artist that I’d never heard of before but inevitably end up liking. […]

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Adult Swim Is Reviving Anime FLCL for Two Six-Episode Seasons

But HOW did they revive it? Mouth to mouth?

FLCL, a weird and wonderful anime examination of adolescence (plus robot battles), was short, sweet, and pretty much perfect—despite also being largely and deliberately nonsensical—in its original six-episode run back in 2000/2001. Now, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim is bringing it back for not one but two additional seasons, and I have some very strong, conflicting emotions about it ... kind of like adolescence.

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Rick and Morty Returning for a Third Season Sooner Than We–*urrrp* Thought

Creator Dan Harmon said that we could now expect to see new episodes of Rick & Morty hopefully by the end of 2016.

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