Today, We Posted Our 10,000th Post Here at Geekosystem

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Though Miss Congeniality would have you believe yesterday, April 25, is the perfect day, we here at Geekosystem are also mighty fond of today, April 26, for today marks our 10,000th published post. It’s been a blast since the site’s launch on the road to 10,000 posts, and we’ve covered just about anything and everything under the geekosphere that our human hands and remaining shreds of morality and sanity have allowed. Read on below, and take a gander at some Geekosystem trivia, as well as some of our favorite things we’ve done on the road to 10,000.

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  • The question we discuss amongst ourselves the most is if our writing styles and choice of topics reveal our sense of humor. We’ve come to the conclusion that, no, they probably don’t. For all those wondering, the items that we post on the site that best represent our collective sense of humor are probably the pictures we include with Geekolinks.
  • If you’re wondering what we fearless Geekosystem editors love most outside of work, James digs video games and the NBA, Max digs music and beer, and Eric digs video games and ska. There’s a skalocaust up in here.
  • Our most popular post of all time is our planking roundup, which happened to be during the very height of the silly craze.
  • We have used the “incest” post tag more than once.
  • Geekosystem’s first post ever was about Family Guy.


But It’s Not All Laughs

A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Though we plan on chugging along, we’d also like to take a quick moment to thank the Ghosts of Geeko Past, especially former Managing Editor, Robert Quigley, the current Managing Editor of sister site The Mary Sue Susana Polo, and former editor-at-large Andrew Cedotal. We’d also like to thank current developers Justin Ouellette and Zack Brand, as well as former developer Scott Smitelli. Also, thanks to all the interns who have helped out over the years, and of course — as cheesily as it is at the end of every video game credits you’ve ever seen — we’d like to thank you, our readers, for sticking with us and coming back for more regardless of how many times we make you look at posts about urine.

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