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Hubble Successor James Webb Space Telescope Has Been Delayed by NASA Again

It's a good thing the Hubble Space Telescope has managed to keep on bringing us deep space imagery well beyond its expected lifespan, because its successor is taking its sweet time in getting ready to relieve it of duty. The James Webb Space Telescope has just been delayed again, now pushing its launch back to 2020—and its budget over approved limits.

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NASA Astronauts Answer the Most-Googled Questions About Space, Revealing Just How Much They Love Space

Wired got together NASA astronauts Chris Hadfield, Jeffrey Hoffman, Mae C. Jemison, Jerry Linenger, Mike Massimino, Leland Melvin, and Nicole Stott to answer the 50 most Googled questions about space.

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The Trump Administration Wants to Privatize the Goddamn International Space Station

According to an internal NASA document obtained by The Washington Post, the White House may turn parts of the International Space Station (ISS) over to "industry" after it stops direct federal funding of the station in 2025.

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Drunk History Spotlights Nichelle Nichols, the “First Black Woman in Space for Fake”

We all obviously love Nichelle Nichols for her role as Lieutenant Uhura on the original Star Trek (and several subsequent films). However, Nichols was also responsible for changing the game up for women, specifically black women, in real life, both in STEM fields and beyond. All this is paid respectful and hilarious tribute in the most recent episode of Drunk History.

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Things We Saw Today: Jude Law as Young Dumbledore, and Johnny Depp I Guess

There's no such thing as too many visuals of Jude Law dressed to the nines and rocking that '20s wizarding vibe as Albus Dumbledore in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Crimes of Grindelwald." Also Johnny Depp is here too, as this movie insists on reminding us.

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ISS Astronauts Win for Coolest Star Wars: The Last Jedi Screening Location: Outer Space

Astronauts: confirmed best nerds.

We're all gearing up to finally see The Last Jedi and get our fix of Rey's continued journey, Poe xFinn, Carrie Fisher, and (finally) Mark Hamill back in action—except for Kaila, who's seen it already and is sworn to spoiler secrecy—at various points this weekend, and we're not the only ones. Even the ISS astronauts are getting ready to host their own screening in the movie's natural habitat: space.

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Things We Saw Today: Want to Craft a Not-Awful Apology? There’s a Video Game for That

If you're wondering if you're part of the problem, and what to do about it, game designer Elizabeth Sampat has designed a guide for recognizing behavior and crafting meaningful, sincere apologies. Considering how difficult that seems to be for so many people, this guide is almost infuriatingly simple.

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Underground Caves, Deep-Sea Labs, and Learning Not to Be a Jerk: Training as an Astronaut

Astronaut Jessica U. Meir sat down with TMS and gave us a glimpse into all the technical, physical, and psychological training that goes into becoming an astronaut - as well as all the cool, otherworldly environments they get to explore.

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“There’s No One Path” : How Astronaut Jessica Meir Went From Studying Animal Physiology to Training for Space Flight

Jessica U. Meir sat down with TMS to talk about her career as a biologist and as one of the NASA astronauts who's working to get us to Mars. "There’s no one path to becoming an astronaut," she said. "Originally, all of the astronauts were white male military test pilots. And now the program is much more diverse."

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“Women of NASA” LEGO Set Is Already Amazon’s Bestselling Toy

Back in October (because it is really November guys. Holy hell!) we raved about how excited we were for the "Women of NASA" LEGO set that was getting ready to be launched. Well, the toy was released today and is already killing it.

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Tonight Is International Observe the Moon Night!

October 28 is International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN), described as "an annual worldwide public event that encourages observation, appreciation, and understanding of our Moon."

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Get Me This “Women of NASA” LEGO Set Now

"Women of NASA" features minifigures of astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison, astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, and computer scientist Margaret Hamilton.

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Things We Saw Today: Fidget Spinners…In Space!

Queue the Star Wars Mustic

Nothing says joy like watching Astronauts play with a fidget spinner IN SPACE.  NASA sent their astronauts on the International Space Station the "it" toy of 2017 and they, of course, showed off their skills on the internet. NASA's Randy Bresnik (@AstroKomrade),  NASA's Joseph Acaba (@AstroAcaba), and Paolo Nespoli (@Astro_Paolo) perform impressive forward and backward summersaults with their fidget spinner.

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Things We Saw Today: What Do We Think Is Happening In These “Desperate and Dangerous” Han Solo Set Photos?

Time for some speculation, nerds! Han Solo director Ron Howard recently shared two photos from the set, both of which he captioned as showing "desperate and dangerous times."

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NASA Just Opened the Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility

Yesterday, NASA opened the Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility (CRF) at Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. Johnson, whose life was one of the inspirations for Hidden Figures, worked as a "human computer" at Langley in the 1960s, calculating the trajectories for the first US space flights.

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So Long, Cassini, and Thanks For All the Science. And the Awesome Photos.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft ended its historic 20-year career this morning by doing science until the very end.

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Cassini’s One-Way Descent Into Saturn to Be Broadcast Live

What do you think will be the last thing it sees?

For us Earth-bound humans, NASA wants to take you to Cassini's final moments via live broadcast, which will show the little probe's "grand finale," so to speak.

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Things We Saw Today: Record-Breaking Astronaut Peggy Whitson Returns to Earth Tonight

As she heads back from her 288-day stint at the International Space Station (ISS), astronaut Peggy Whitson can celebrate her NASA/American records for most time spent in space (665 days) and oldest female astronaut.

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Things We Saw Today: These Dancing Robots Just Set a World Record

1,069 robots all danced together in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China to break the Guinness World Record for "most robots dancing simultaneously."

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Here’s How to Watch the Solar Eclipse From the Safety of the Internet

Greetings, fellow eclipse-slackers! If you're like me and kept forgetting to seek out protective eyewear, are (count your blessings) not in America, or extremely comfortable at your computer, thankyouverymuch, here's how to watch the eclipse without having to go outside.

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