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This “Beer for Her” Is the Worst Gendered Marketing Since the Last Gendered Marketing

Finally! Women are now able to drink the manliest of man drinks: beer. Never mind the fact that women already drink a whole lot of beer, because now we can stop hiding all that shame we weren't feeling!

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Things We Saw Today: Stranger Things’ Baby Eleven Loves Her Eggos

This adorable photo of a baby dressed up as Eleven holding Eggos just has us dying in the TMS Slack. Dying, I say.

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[VIDEO] TMS Defends Beer at Brooklyn Brewery with This Year’s Defender IPA

Most of our favorite superheroes stand for good American values: integrity, honesty, justice, etc. But have you heard of a superhero that stands for flavorful and delicious beer?

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Brewdog Develops “World’s First Transgender Beer,” Completely Missing the Point of Everything Forever

Brewdog--you know, that company that got blasted for their transmisogynist ad--has made headlines once again. They've recently unveiled their "No Labels" beer, which they're proudly holding up as the "World's First Non-Binary, Transgender Beer."

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Things We Saw Today: A DC Bombshells Harley Quinn Print

Who wouldn't want this spiffy number on their wall?

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Muggle Consolation Prize! Unofficial Quidditch Beer Pong Sets Now Available

♫ Weasley is our king. ♫

If college-level Quidditch isn't for you, there's no need to permanently hang up your broom! Quidditch beer pong guidelines have been flying around the Internet for years, but if you're as un-crafty as I am, setting up your very own pitch just got a lot easier.

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Ommegang’s Latest Game of Thrones Beer Is Much Better Than Paste

The beer is dark and full of... holy shit I drank it all.

An artist's interpretation of me drinking Ommegang's latest Game of Thrones beer, Three-Eyed Raven.

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Monday Cute: Wallace the Beer Rabbit Pushing His Beer Cart

Watership DRUNK.

Sure, it's Monday and every waking hour only brings us closer to the grave, but here is a rabbit that's happy to deliver you beer in a little cart!

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Things We Saw Today: Your Christmas Tree is Big, You Say?

It's a metafir.

A (nearly to-scale) Godzilla-shaped Christmas tree in Japan's Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall.

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Things We Saw Today: Say Goodbye to Your Taste Buds, Sriracha Beer Is Here

Make sure to hydrate. Replenish your tears.

Remember earlier this year, when we were all hoarding our hot sauce in anticipation of the Great Sriracha Famine? Considering there's now enough spicy goodness available to support production of Rogue Ales' new "Sriracha Stout," we may have overreacted.

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Ommegang’s Next Game of Thrones Beer Will Be Three-Eyed Raven

Stay tuned for Jill's eventual opportunity to rub it in our faces review.

The HBO licensed Game of Thrones beer, "Valar Morghulis," is soon on its way to being sold out around the country. But that doesn't mean the brewery can't announce a new themed beer for the spring of 2015, just in time for the fifth season of the show. That's right, Ommegang is prepared! They're kind of like Tyrells that way.

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Things We Saw Today: A KRANG Halloween Costume


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Valar Morghulis, The Newest Game of Thrones Beer Has Arrived and I’m Here to Brag About It

Anyone can be tipsy.

Brewery Ommegang's newest Game of Thrones inspired beer is officially available today and we got an early taste! I love it and I'm not just saying that because the first time I tasted it was just after Pedro Pascal told me he's read The Mary Sue and I was on some kind of ridiculous high. Ha. Ha. Nervous laughter. Is it warm in here?

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The Hobbit-Inspired Beer Exists, Will Make Unexpected Journey To Your Local Supermarket

Somebody call Thranduil, let's get this party started.

Above is the label for Fish Brewing, Ocean Brands, and BevLink's "Smaug Stout" chili pepper-infused beer, inspired by The Hobbit trilogy, which will soon ship to parts of the western United States (haha, In the West, get it?). They've got a bunch of other Middle-Earthian brews coming out, too. You're going to want to see these.

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Boy, Do We Wish The “Comic Book Super Drunk Hangout” Beer Existed Right Now

Because no one ever made superfriends by drinking milk.

It's been a long week already, and it's only Tuesday. Don't you wish you could pop open an antihero-themed beer named after Lobo or Wolverine and drink all your cares away? (That totally worked for them, right?) But in all seriousness, Butcher Billy's latest graphic design experiment is incredibly apropos to the characters he's working with, who aren't exactly role models but still manage to be everyone's favorite comic characters.

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It’s Friday, Here’s 12,400 Gallons of Beer Fermenting Over Six Days in About One Minute [VIDEO]

Beer is a living thing.

Ever wondered what beer looked like while it was fermenting? This video from Sierra Nevada shows exactly that. It's a time-lapse video showing their Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale as it ferments in open containers. If you ever doubted that beer is alive, this should prove it as you watch the wort expand, contract, and swirl before your eyes. Who's thirty?

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Don’t Worry, Fellow Humans: Science Is Hard At Work On Space Beer

Mars needs moms Molson.

We put a Buzz in space, but can we get a buzz on in space? Fear not, Earthlings: scientists and breweries across our planet are already hard at work ensuring that if we ever meet extraterrestrials in the final frontier, we'll have a couple of quality cold ones in the chamber to share.

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Things We Saw Today: Lady Luffy!

She's going to be king of the pirates!

This Rule 63 Luffy cosplay from One Piece by Jessdresses Cosplay is too cute for words. (via Fashionably Geek)

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Happy Canada Day! Here’s a Beer Fridge That Only Opens When You Sing “O Canada”

I would watch an entire movie of Bob and Doug McKenzie trying to get in this fridge.

Today is Canada Day! Molson wanted to celebrate by making Canadian citizens sing for their beer. They built a fridge, but the only way to get at the beer inside is to sing "O Canada" and to get the words right. And just in case they try this in the US any time soon, here are the lyrics to "The Star Spangled Banner" -- all of them.

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Things We Saw Today: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Strong Words on the Hobby Lobby Birth Control Mandate

As do we, incidentally.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote a passionate 35-page dissent on today's Hobby Lobby mandate, condemning a ruling that will revoke thousands of women's contraceptive coverage.

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