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Scientists Design Pee-Filled Socks That Create Electricity


A team of researchers from the University of the West of England have created piss-filled socks that harness the potential of pee to create electricity. Will wonders never cease!

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Space Station Coffee Is About to Get Better, Will Still Be Made With Pee-Water

Thanks, but I'll just have tea... oh that's pee-water too?

Being an astronaut on the International Space Station is full of challenges -- chief among them according to Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano is the lack of decent coffee, and that guy nearly drowned in his own helmet on a space walk, so if he thinks coffee is the biggest problem then it's clearly a huge issue. Italy wants to fix that, so they're sending an espresso machine to space.

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India, Stop Peeing in Public or Vigilantes Will Spray You With a Hose

Weirdest superheroes ever.

Public urination (and defecation for that matter) is a real public health issue in India, and yet it persists. One group is trying to combat the problem rather literally by patrolling the streets with The Pissing Tanker, a mobile water tanker equipped with spray hoses to blast pee pee offenders.

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Mars Colony May Be Built From Bacteria And Astronaut Pee

Hopefully astronauts don't like asparagus, otherwise "urine" for a surprise

Obviously we're all hoping that at some point in the future there will be a colony on Mars we can visit in the interests of crazy spring break parties scientific advancement. But would you still want to visit if the Mars Colony was made of bacteria and astronaut pee?

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Everybody Pees, and Most Mammals Pee in the Same Amount of Time

Science: Answering the questions you never thought to ask.

Mammals range in size, and so do their bladders. A great dane can hold about 0.4 gallons of urine, while an elephant can store 42 gallons. You might think that means it takes an elephant longer to pee and empty its bladder, but you'd be wrong. Regardless of size, mammals take nearly the same amount of time to pee. That's a thing we know now.

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Urine Stem Cells Used to Grow Human Teeth Inside of Mouse Kidneys

Because sometimes, science is basically a Mad Lib.

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences are reporting that using a mix of stem cells and mouse connective tissue, they have successfully grown human teeth inside the kidney of a mouse. If it pans out, the research could have huge implications for dental and implantation technology. If not, it's just another weird thing we can do to mice.

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FDA Upset It Wasn’t Consulted On Urine-Testing iPhone App

Biosense had their urine-testing app uChek approved by Apple, but they forgot to check with the FDA. Oops.

We first heard about the uChek urine-testing iPhone app back in February. At the time the question was whether it would make it through Apple's rigorous and arbitrary app approval process, but it turns out nobody thought to ask the Food and Drug Administration to approve the app. The FDA sent the company behind uCheck a letter to say they feel left out.

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Chris Hadfield Explains How They Get Water From Urine on the ISS [Video]

Look, this isn't high art or anything, but Chris Hadfield breaking down the water recycling on the International Space Station is mildly fascinating. Also, yes, by "water recycling" I do mean "turning urine into drinking water." This also finally proves that Hadfield can pretty much talk about anything he wants and put it on the Internet, which is something we've suspected for a long time.

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New iPhone App Will Test Your Pee, Justifies Using Your Phone In The Bathroom

Everyone knows you're using your phone in the bathroom, because everyone does it. It wasn't going to be long before someone decided to make an app that really integrates your phone into the pee experience... peexperience? The new app Uchek tests the users pee and keeps track of the results, giving people an inexpensive way to analyze their pee over time. Since that's something we've all been desperately wanting.

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Saudi Researchers Want Clinical Trials for Camel Urine Cancer Cure

A research team from Saudi Arabia's King Abdulaziz University is clamoring for more government support for their work -- which isn't exactly surprising, as most research teams are pretty much perpetually clamoring for support for their work. When that work revolves around the careful study and examination of camel urine, though... well, it's exactly as hard a sell as it sounds. Yes, even if that camel urine may show promise as a cancer treatment, because euuuugh.

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Fact: The Soft-Shelled Turtle Pees Through Its Mouth

While soft-shelled turtles breathe air, they spend the vast majority of their lives in the water. Even when the pools and lakes they call home dry up, they will stick their heads beneath the surface of a puddle, sometimes for hours on end, a habit that has baffled scientists for years. Thanks to a report released today in the Journal of Experimental Biology, researchers are no longer stumped. They are, however, kind of grossed out, as the study shows that when they dunk their heads, it's because they're urinating into the water through their mouths. So how about a little privacy, guys? Jeez!

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Science Uses Urine-and-Olive Cocktail to Combat Global Warming

Next up in science's fight against global warming isn't proving to a very specific group of people that global warming actually exists, but instead is a special potion made of urine that can absorb carbon dioxide.

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Virgin Boy Eggs, Eggs Soaked in the Urine of Boys Below the Age of 10, are a Delicacy in a Chinese Town

When visiting different parts of the world, one generally notices the local popular food item. New York is full of street hot dogs, South Florida is full of latin food, England is full of tea and meat pies, and the Chinese city of Dongyang is full of eggs soaked in the urine of boys under the age of ten. They're called "virgin boy eggs," the urine is collected from primary schools, and they're a local delicacy.

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Blood and Urine Iron Man Wins Art Student a Prize

A Taiwanese graduate art student won an art contest for creating the work of art seen above, a bloody, urine Iron Man. The name, unfortunately, is indicative of what the work represents, and what it was created with. One day when the student was taking care of business in the bathroom, he saw blood in his pee, the colors of which inspired him to created the bloody, urine for art purposes.

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E-Urinal Concept Analyzes Your Pee, Judges You

To the men in our audience: Fellows, how many times have you stood in front of a urinal in the midst of reliving yourself and thought, "I sure wish this thing I am peeing into could tell me if I am healthy or not." Well, friends, that day may be sooner than you think. Designer Royce Zhang has created this interesting urinal concept which combines a sensor suite, touch screen, and space age design into what he calls the e-Urinal. Does it get weirder? Oh, of course it does.

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Urine Microbial Fuel Cell Tests Successful, Pure Pee-Power Probably Possible

A recently published research paper documents what is thought to be a world first, pure, unadulterated urine being used as a fuel for microbial fuel cells. In other words: Pure pee-power. The breakthrough here isn't the use of mircobial fuel cells (MFCs), but rather the use of undistilled urine as a power sources. MFCs have been used to create electricity in the past, but from fuels like bacteria, sugars, dirt, and various chemical compontents. Pure urine is a bit more, um, easy to come by.

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Urine Recycling Experiment Will be Conducted on Last Shuttle Mission

NASA is prepping for the very last flight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, which will mark the end of the entire Space Shuttle program this week. The crew of Atlantis will conduct a range of scientific experiments, among them (and most notable for the ew-factor) is a baggie-based urine recycling system that may make pee drinkable. Yes, that refreshing beverage, pee. But before you become completely repulsed, rest assured the astronauts themselves will not be drinking urine. At least not these astronauts, not yet. The test will be conducted with an experimental fluid, to test the ability of established pee recycling systems to work in space. The military already uses a similar technology to filter parasites, bacteria, and viruses out of dirty fluids (including urine) for sanitary reasons.

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