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The Walking Dead recaps

  1. The Walking Dead Recap: “Consumed”


    I was so ready for this episode. After last week’s episode focused solely on Abraham’s DC-bound group--which was a special type of frustrating considering considering the episode from the week before last, “Slabtown,” ended with Carol being wheeled, unconscious, into Beth’s hospital--I was chomping at the bit for this Carol and Daryl-focused episode. Unfortunately, despite what all of the previews made us believe, this episode really didn’t advance the plot at all.

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  2. The Walking Dead Recap: “Self-Help”

    Who called it?

    This season of The Walking Dead has been moving at a pretty frenetic pace, and this week’s episode, “Self Help”, slowed things down a bit with a more character-focused episode. If you’re not caught up on The Walking Dead, this is your official spoiler alert.

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  3. The Walking Dead Recap: “Slabtown”

    Beth brings it.

    If you haven’t had a chance to check out my recap of last week’s episode, “Four Walls and Roof,” be sure to do that. And if you aren’t caught up on The Walking Dead, be warned, there are spoilers ahead.

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  4. The Walking Dead Recap: “Strangers”


    You know when you watch a little kid blow up a balloon, and they keep blowing more and more and more air into it? You know that balloon is about to pop at any moment, so as you watch the kid blow up the balloon you sort of hold your breath and wait for the inevitable pop? That’s kind of how the latest episode of The Walking Dead went for me.

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  5. The Walking Dead Recap: “No Sanctuary”


    This is how you do a season premiere, kids. The Walking Dead is back with a serious bang!

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  6. The Walking Dead Recap, 4×16: “A”

    Nope! You get a D-, episode. Nice try.

    The Walking Dead does a really fantastic job of building to an interesting and compelling place, only to ruin it with their season finales. Like this one, for example, which was a totally mess for me --for a thousand different reasons, too, but if you know me and you saw the episode, I bet you can guess what I'm the most upset about.

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  7. The Walking Dead Recap, 4×15: “Us”


    Hey, remember how last week's episode was the worst and we're still not over it? You can relax, friends. This one is much less emotionally traumatizing, so you've still got plenty of time to work out all those residual feelings.

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  8. The Walking Dead Recap, 4×14: “The Grove”

    Don't let the featured image fool you. Everything is terrible.

    I usually do these recaps the day after, so I went into this particular episode knowing two things: one, that there would be little kids in it, and two, that it would be effed up all to hell. Hooray.

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  9. The Walking Dead Recap, 4×13: “Alone”

    Okay, but who names a sanctuary something as ominous as "Terminus?"

    Listen, I know my allegience lies with Cosmos over Walking Dead, but was anyone else kind of annoyed that "Maggie and Sasha" was trending on Twitter for higher and longer than "Giordano Bruno" did? Because I was. Just a little bit. At least this episode was good, though.

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  10. The Walking Dead Recap, 4×12: “Still”

    Oscars? What Oscars?

    Last night, a whole bunch of actors put an obscene amount of makeup and mindlessly wandered about bumping into things and craving one another's flesh. Oh, and also there was a new episode of The Walking Dead. Hey-yo!

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