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  1. There’s A Contest To Name A Crater On Mercury After Someone; We Believe Only One Name Will Do

    NASA is asking you, dear readers, to help them name five craters on the surface of Mercury - and they want you to name them after awesome people, too.

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  2. MESSENGER Snaps Highest-Resolution Images of Mercury’s Surface Ever

    Some planets look better at a distance.

    The MESSENGER spacecraft took an upclose look at the surface of Mercury yesterday and captured the highest-resolution images of the planet to date.

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  3. Two-Legged T-Rex Kitten Proves The Only Thing That’s Extinct Is Despair

    Don't move. It can't see you if you don't move.

    Mercury is an adorable tabby kitten whose front legs were tragically removed in a weed whacker accident, because humans are horrible monsters. Thankfully, a loving family in Oklahoma redeemed the rest of us by fostering the four day old kitty, who gets around fine with just his hind legs. But he something. You're all thinking it.

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  4. Holy Cow, Stop Everything: Han Solo’s Carbonite-Frozen Body Has Been Found On Mercury

    We'd know that laser brain anywhere!

    NASA's Mercury probe took a heckuva lot of pictures back in 2011, and scientists have been sifting through them ever since. Last week they released a new image of the planet's surface and... yeah, you nerf herders need to see this. It definitely looks familiar.

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  5. Tonight At Sunset Pause Arrested Development And Look At Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury Together

    You can see Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter together tonight, that is if you can pull yourself away from Netflix for five minutes.

    I get it. It's Memorial Day weekend. You have 15 episodes of Arrested Development to get through before returning to work, but tonight take a minute to look to the Western sky and see Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus huddled together. It's not something you get to see every day, and in fact it's pretty rare.

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  6. Coming Soon to a Southern Hemisphere Near You: Best View of Mercury in 2013

    Mercury was that speedy, virile, caduceus-wielding Roman god who ran about doing all the foot work for the bigger gods. It's fitting, then, that the littlest planet in our Solar System -- that zips around the Sun closer than any other -- is named after him, too. Its orbit is only 88 days, and this week, Mercury will streak through our dusk and dawn skies in its greatest elongation of 2013. Us folks in the Northern Hemisphere can see it at dawn if we know where to look, but folks in the Southern Hemisphere will have an even better show.

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  7. Mercury May Have Once Had An Awesome Ocean Of Magma, Says New Study

    A new analysis of the surface of Mercury has revealed that the planet closest to the Sun was once totally badass. The results of a study by researchers at MIT suggest that at one point, some billions of years ago, the planet hosted a rolling ocean of flowing magma.

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  8. Hey, Everyone! NASA Found Water On M…ercury

    I Want to Believe

    Look, last week NASA got everyone excited when they said they might have found something "earthshaking" on Mars. Then they gave a press conference and told us they found ice...on Mercury. I hereby direct NASA to the above comic strip for all future announcements. (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal via The Hight Definite) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  9. NASA to Hold Press Conference on Mercury Today at 2PM, Disappointing Everyone [Updated]

    Since NASA's tease last week about "historic" new findings on Mars, the world's been anxiously awaiting details about what the Curiosity's been up to on the red planet. That's why the news that NASA will be holding a 2PM press conference today has everyone in a tizzy. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be as today's press conference is not about Mars, but will reveal new findings from the MESSENGER spacecraft orbiting Mercury. Don't take it personally, Mercury. You're interesting too; we just really want to hear what they found on Mars.

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  10. Tycho Brahe Was Not Poisoned, Had A Brass Nose, Say Researchers Who Dug Up His Corpse

    Researchers at Aarhus University in Denmark have put to bed once and for all the rumors of Tycho Brahe's murder by mercury poisoning that have swirled for more than four hundred years, and all it took was exhuming the long interred corpse of the Danish astronomer from it's rightful resting place. Researchers have also found that Brahe's prosthetic nose, rumored to be cast from gold or silver, was actually made of brass, presumably solving this last mystery because, hey, if you've already got the guy dug up and all, why not, right?

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