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Two-Legged T-Rex Kitten Proves The Only Thing That’s Extinct Is Despair

Don't move. It can't see you if you don't move.



Mercury is an adorable tabby kitten whose front legs were tragically removed in a weed whacker accident, because humans are horrible monsters.  Thankfully, a loving family in Oklahoma redeemed the rest of us by fostering the four day old kitty, who gets around fine with just his hind legs. But  he looks…like something. You’re all thinking it.

I don’t want to be the one to say it first, guys.

He looks like an adorable tabbysaurus rex.

Thankfully, we’re not the only monsters who see this handicapped kitten and think “Jurassic Park.” Even Mercury’s owners can see the resemblance, and posted this picture on their Facebook page Raising Mercury, saying “Mercury certainly has the personality of [a T-Rex], and he is working on his roar.”


Mercury’s owners say their little king of the dinosaurs doesn’t need our pity.

For people that think that Mercury is sad, needs to be put down, or that keeping him alive is cruel, please simply leave, as this page is about celebrating a kitty overcoming adversity. Mercury absolutely loves life, and has the most inquisitive personality. If he sees something outside he runs to the window to watch, if a new toy or scratching post is brought in he is the first to run over and check it out, he has the biggest purr when he is being petted, and if he doesn’t like something or you aren’t doing what he wants he will yell at you until he gets his way.

Yes, Mercury’s success is about a kitty overcoming adversity, and also how much we love adorable miniature things. Even miniature dinosaurs.

The internet is full of praise for the bipedal tabby, who uses his tail for balance just like the dinosaurs of old. Mercury’s owners promise that his spine is developing healthily in spite of his unique way of moving.

The more he grew, the better he got at each one, and he can now run on most surfaces, climb stairs, jump on to and off the couch, and balance better than almost any other cat. Mercury does everything other cats do- he plays with toys, he jumps, plays with other cats and dogs, sleeps on the bed, uses a litter box, and believes he is the king of the world and should be worshiped.

Yes, the king of the world and should be worshiped — exactly what a T-Rex would think.

Mercury’s owners will continue to raise their adorable dinosaur “to move his body in his way” (i.e., like a ferocious man eater) although they may consider looking into prosthetic wheels once their rescued pet is full grown. Although from the various heartwarming videos of Mercury, it seems he gets along just as well as a cat that isn’t part dinosaur.

Hopefully before he makes the full transition to bionic cat, Mercury will bless the internet with the Purrassic Park video it deserves.

There’s another video of Mercury feeding, but out of respect for the dead velociraptors, I went with this one instead.

(via Jezebel and Laughing Squid, images via Raising Mercury)


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