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  1. Scientists Recreated What May Have Been the Beginning of Life With a Laser

    No, like all life on Earth. Get your mind out of the gutter.

    "Hey. How do you think we can create life out of chemicals?" "I don't know. Maybe shoot at them with lasers?" "Definitely. Let's shoot at them with lasers." Ah, science.

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  2. Check Out What a Star Wars Laser Bolt Would Look Like in Reality

    We can't withstand firepower of that magnitude!

    Physicists who really know how to market themselves put out this video of a laser pulse they're experimenting with that looks pretty reminiscent of the lasers in Star Wars when filmed with some clever camera tricks. Is there some kind of small exhaust port at the end of that hallway?

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  3. Researchers Are Using Super-Lasers To Create Supernovas (In A Lab, Don’t Worry About It)

    All in the name of solving a space mystery!

    Science has long wondered why the aftermath of supernovas - giant star explosions that release huge bursts of radiation - look the way they do. Naturally, the only way to solve this problem was to actually explode a star - except with lasers, which makes it somehow even cooler.

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  4. Maybe Lasers Could Be Used to Deflect Lightning From Buildings

    If that doesn't work, perhaps some ill-tempered mutated sea bass.

    Buildings getting struck by lightning accounts for more than $1 billion worth of damage in the U.S. every year. While there are ways to mitigate the amount of damage caused by directing the lightning away and into the ground, all those methods are just so... boring. You know what aren't boring? High intensity lasers. Heeeeell yeah!

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  5. The Stock Market: Now With 100% More Lasers, Strictly for Communication, of Course

    Buy! Sell! Pew pew!

    If you needed any more evidence that the pace of the stock exchange is blinding, traders on the cutting edge of technology are now making use of military communications lasers to transmit data, because fiber optics and microwaves are just too darn slow. Just nobody tell them light is faster in a vacuum, OK? I like having air to breathe.

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  6. Lasers Project Nelson Mandela’s Face on a Mountain in Tribute

    Seriously? Lasers?

    Lasers will project the image of the late Nelson Mandela onto the side of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa every night until December 16th as a memorial for the country's former president. The mountain was reportedly an iconic image for Mandela while he was in prison.

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  7. We May Have Found A Way to Turn Off Hunger, And It Involves Lasers

    It's cool, I didn't really want that second burger anyways, you guys.

    If you're interested in losing weight, and aren't afraid of having your brain controlled by a laser beam through your eyeballs, then science has the perfect solution for you! In a recent study (using mice only, at this point), scientists think they've discovered the part of the brain that allows for overeating - and how to turn it off.

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  8. James Bond Predicted the Future: Diamond Lasers Are Totally A Thing Now

    Still waiting on the invisible Aston Martin, though.

    Obviously the first thing that everybody thinks when looking at something priceless and sparkly is, "I bet I could make a laser out of this." And if you're some weirdo who's never seen Diamonds Are Forever and don't think you could actually do it, then there's no need to worry: a team at the University of Strathclyde has done it for you.

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  9. Five-Dimensional Data Crystals Exist, Can Store Information for “Practically” Forever

    Scientists can store terabytes of data on laser-encoded glass

    We see science fiction becoming reality all the time, but of all the sci-fi conceits around, societies that store all their information (and giant holograms of Marlon Brando) in glowing "data crystals" seemed to be especially kitschy and out there. Not anymore, as scientists at the UK's University of Southampton have successfully demonstrated the ability to record and retrieve optical data on glass using five-dimensional laser techniques, calling their project the 'Superman' memory crystal. What's more, this technology stands to provide a way for us to store data in massive quantities for a "practically unlimited lifetime."

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  10. You Had Us At Laser Gatling Gun [Video]

    A machine gun that shoots lasers? It's all I've ever wanted, but now that it's real...I just don't know what to do. It's so beautiful, you guys!

    It's official -- German laser aficionado Patrick Priebe has all the best toys. We've brought you looks at Priebe's work before, including a working replica of the Dead Space plasma cutter, but his newest project really takes the cake, because seriously, all I've ever wanted out of life is a gatling gun that shoots high-energy lasers. Which means all I have to do to make my life complete is go and steal Priebe's.

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