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DIY Laser Clock Makes a Salad Bowl a Cool Wall Fixture

Analog clocks are boring. For that matter, so are digital clocks. So what’s a person who likes to occasionally know what time it is to do? Build an unconventional clock out of some lasers and a salad bowl, that’s what. After all, lasers are just cool. It makes for a neat mix of analog and digital. Like digital, the hours and the minutes are completely separated. Like analog, you’ve got “hands” that slowly cover ground. Also, it has lasers. Did I mention that part?

The set up is pretty much as simple as it looks. The minute laser and the hour laser are mounted on a circular backing and rigged up to servos the rotate them, driving the laser hand slowly down the minute column and the hour column, presumably snapping them back up quickly after they’ve reached the bottom. Then you’ve just got the issue of covering up all those guts, and a salad bowl, in this case, works just fine. You could use just about anything else if you wanted too. Maybe another clock, if you’re into that whole “Yo dawg” thing.

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