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This Replica of the Dead Space Plasma Cutter Will Burn Its Way Into Your Heart, Or Nightmares


Replicas of video game weapons are fun, but you can only get so much enjoyment out of waving a toy laser around and shouting, “Pew! Pew!” Sometimes you want to step your game up, and that’s exactly what Patrick Priebe has done. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that show Dead Space Plasma Cutter replicas, but Priebe’s actually fires lasers — and it burns stuff.

Priebe’s replica might not be powerful enough to take out space monsters, but it’ll sure do a number on a garbage bag. It’s built around three 30mW green lasers that do the aiming, and two 1.5W blue lasers that are powerful enough to burn scorch marks into wood. The replica is powered by three 14500 lithium ion cells with one additional 18650 cell. In the video we see Priebe change these cells. That’s either just to show the action of doing it, or because we’d imagine this thing drains cells pretty quickly.

You’d think an object that sort of looks like a video game weapon and shoots lasers would be enough, but Priebe’s actually gotten his replica to mimic the actions of the Dead Space Plasma Cutter. It can rotate to a horizontal alignment, and the plates on the sides of the weapon expand outward when firing. He didn’t skimp on any details.

If you’re interested in making your own, though, don’t ask Priebe. He points out a number of times in the video and description that he’s not giving up the plans. We thought at first that was because this is obviously not something you’d want in the wrong hands, but Priebe’s reasons are financial. He’s selling the replica. He doesn’t list the price, but considering that this is made entirely from scratch, and is pretty amazing work, we doubt it comes cheap.

(YouTube via The Verge)

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