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Think High Heels Are Hard To Walk In? Watch These Guys Bust Out A Beyoncé Dance Routine In Stilettos.

Got me lookin' SO crazy right now.

Prepare to be amazed.

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Female Avatars in Second Life Wear More Revealing Clothes Than Male Counterparts

In keeping with trends set by pretty much every video game and adolescent male fantasy in the history of forever, female avatars in the digital realm are more likely to be scantily clad than their male counterparts. That's according to a study of digital fashion in online play space Second Life by researchers at Laval University, who we'd like to thank for reminding us that Second Life is still, apparently, a thing.

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Gamers’ Lawsuit Goes After Blizzard Over Battle.Net Authenticator System

In the wake of a series of invasive hacks earlier this year, Battle.Net users are taking their anger and frustration out on Blizzard with a new class action lawsuit. While lawsuits are par for the course when it comes to potentially leaking users' credit card information, it seems that WoW and Diablo III fans are enraged over a different aspect of the scandal. Rather than focusing on the allegedly lackluster security of Battle.Net, users are suing over the fact that Blizzard tried to take advantage of the event by strongly recommending that insecure users buy the Battle.Net authenticator, a little keychain dongle that generates random passwords for players' accounts.

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Death Knight’s Plague Rips The World of Warcraft to Shreds

A bug in World of Warcraft allowed Death Knight players to cast plagues on friendly characters, triggering untold levels of destruction in Azeroth on Friday night. Players looking to enjoy a regular raiding, looting, questing session of WoW may have been met with a rude awakening when they logged on to find that whole towns of players and NPCs had been turned into piles of bones.

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Say Cheese: Blizzard Covertly Watermarking World of Warcraft Screenshots

Getting a quick self portrait of your World of Warcraft toon in some newly minted gear. We've all been there, posing for posterity. Through some diligent digital detective work, though, a group of players has uncovered something a touch unseemly -- every WoW screenshot is tagged with a digital screenshot, leaving a record of the player taking the shot, a timestamp indicating when the picture was captured, and information about the realm the player is in at the time, including its IP address -- which could be bad news for players who are running on private servers to escape the monthly subscription fee built into adventuring in Azeroth.

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Mists of Pandaria Release Date Set for Late Summer

Remember when the Pandarens were just Blizzard's running joke? Remember when they weren't the center of an entire World of Warcraft expansion? Those were good days. We now have the release date for Mists of Pandaria, and the prices for three different editions of the expansion. "This one's on the house!"

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Get Directions to Grom’gal Base Camp with World of Mapcraft

"Just look it up on Google Maps!" is not just a phrase for frustrated girlfriends anymore. It will soon be a phrase for the frustrated guild leaders who try in vain to describe where the meet-up spot for tonight's 10 o'clock raid (in-game time, of course). One of the developers behind Flickr and Glitch, Cal Henderson announced his project,"World of MapCraft," a complete map of World of Warcraft, rendered in Google Maps. From the Barrens to Shadowfang Keep to the Outlands, every inch of Azeroth is covered.

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This is World of Warcraft’s Deathwing, in Cake Form

What better way to honor the birth of a new year than the falling of a dreaded enemy? That was the thinking from the writer at the Domestic Scientist, who wanted to celebrate the victory of the Molten Core Swim Club guildmates over World of Warcraft's dreaded Deathwing. The resulting celebratory cake is a thing of beauty, even if some of the horns didn't survive the baking process. See more pictures, after the break.

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Player Hits World of Warcraft Level Cap Without Kills

World of Warcraft is fairly well-known for it's "kill X [thing]" mechanic and slog of a grind at the later levels, but Night Elf Druid Everbloom on the Feathermoon server surpassed that slog and hit the level cap of 85 without making one kill. Though WoW is known for its kill mechanics (kill X thing, endgame raiding, PvP, etc.), Everbloom was able to achieve level 85 without making a kill due to only participating in gathering professions and exploration, accruing experience from archaeology, herbalism and mining.

Everbloom died only 25 times during her (or his?) quest of pacifism, but took 3 million damage throughout. Everbloom claims she chose the Night Elf Druid race and class combination for the healing, flight and rooting (freezing enemies in one place) abilities. Even though she has been playing since 2004, she claims that taking the pacifist route showed her landmarks and parts of the world she has never seen before--maybe something of which Blizzard will take note.

(Everbloom's profile via The Escapist)

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“Part of Your Guild” World of Warcraft + Little Mermaid Parody

Here's a World of Warcraft parody of the Little Mermaid song "Part of Your World," released over at World of Filkcraft. The singer of the video, Aquilae, pretty much sums up the MMO experience when she sings the line, "Lookin' for group, you don't get too far." Amen, sister.

(World of FilkCraft via BuzzFeed)

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The Shattering: Major World of Warcraft Update Coming Today

If you don't play World of Warcraft, the phrase "Patch 4.03a" probably doesn't do much for you, but if you do, it most likely makes you gooey with delight and anticipation. For Patch 4.03a marks The Shattering, the most portentous in-game change until Cataclysm drops on December 7th. This is a huge update to the world of WoW, and will affect players whether or not they buy Cataclysm. Blizzard's servers are currently down in anticipation of the change, but here's some of what players can expect, once a dragon messes some stuff up in Azeroth. Update, 3:56pm EST: While the servers were initially scheduled to go back up around 4pm EST (1pm PST), a tipster tells us that upon trying to log in, he received a message that Blizzard has delayed this by an hour; at present, The Shattering is set to officially go into effect at 5pm EST / 2pm PST, although there's no guarantee that that too won't be pushed back. (Thanks, Luis!) Update, 5:53pm EST: The Warcraft folks just tweeted out that "Patch 4.0.3a: The Shattering of Azeroth is now live on North American realms. Welcome to a world forever changed." [Blizzard's comprehensive rundown of the changes]

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“Red Shirt Guy” Schools World of Warcraft Designers with Continuity Question

At this past weekend's BlizzCon, one red-shirted fan managed to stump Blizzard world designer Alex Afrasiabi and loremaster Chris Metzen with a rather obscure question about the game's plot and continuity. Both Blizzard employees were pretty cool with the correction, and they promised the man now known on the Internet as "Red Shirt Guy" that they would "get that fixed."

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Geekolinks 7/9: Interview Edition

Double Rainbow Guy (Videogum)

Paul the Octopus (Time)

Isiah Mustafa (G4)

Sam Raimi on WoW (Metacafe)

Michael Caine on Batman 3 (Digital Spy)

Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal (Joblo)

Drunk Hulk (Cover Stories)

(title image via NY Mag)

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“Avatar Days”: Real Life and World of Warcraft Blur in Haunting Short Film

In a surprisingly affecting short film called "Avatar Days," digital artist Gavin Kelly examines the relationship between World of Warcraft players and their online personas. According to Kelly, the WoW players who venture through a grey and haunted Dublin in the guise of their in-game avatars aren't actors: "they were actual WoW players asked to take part from a message board," which adds to the emotional impact beneath what could have just been a gimmicky CGI horrorshow.

Check out the full four-minute film below.

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BlizzCon 2010 set for October 22-23

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed via their website that their 5th BlizzCon convention will be held on October 22-23 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Feel free to wet yourself. According to Blizzard's announcement release, "BlizzCon is a celebration of the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo franchises and the communities that surround them." The two day event has been held each year since 2007, with the first being in 2005, attracting fans for social events, meet-and-greets with the developers, hands-on gameplay with unreleased titles and expansions, and live concerts. According to, Jay Mohr will be hosting the festivities.

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