Mists of Pandaria Release Date Set for Late Summer

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Remember when the Pandarens were just Blizzard’s running joke? Remember when they weren’t the center of an entire World of Warcraft expansion? Those were good days. We now have the release date for Mists of Pandaria, and the prices for three different editions of the expansion. “This one’s on the house!”

The Pandarens started as an April Fools’ joke in 2002. Funny, right? It would be utterly laughable to have a race of panda people in Warcraft! Sometime between then and now, Blizzard gave us a straight-faced “we weren’t kidding,” and now we have Mists of Pandaria. The MMORPG holding the title of most worldwide subscribers, with a larger number of players than every other active MMORPG combined, is getting an expansion where you play as panda people. Can’t say I get this one, folks. I really can’t.

Besides all that, we got a release date of September 25, 2012 announced today. Upon opening Blizzard’s official website, you’ll be greeted with the header, “Unlock the Mysteries of Pandaria.” Not entirely sure which mysteries you’re talking about, Blizzard. They’re panda people, it seems pretty straight forward. The standard edition goes for $39.99. It doesn’t come with anything special aside from the shame of knowing you payed $39.99 for panda people.

Blizzard also dropped some info about the Collector’s and Digital Deluxe Editions, going for $79.99 and $59.99, respectively. The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with some cool in-game swag like the new mount, the Imperial Quilen and a few StarCraft II portraits. With the Collector’s Edition, you get everything in the Digital Deluxe Edition, a mouse pad, an art book, and a two disc behind-the-scenes DVD. I’m not entirely sure what they could find to fit onto two discs about panda people.

But let’s get serious, folks. Panda people? What’s next, Blizzard? Werewolves? Cow people? Ha ha, get real!

(Blizzard via gamesradar)

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