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A Wrinkle in Time Does the Mannequin Challenge and Gets a Release Date—Great Things For a Presumably Great Movie

2018 is lit.

If I can borrow a few of Big Freedia's beautiful words at the beginning of Beyonce's "Formation," Ava DuVernay came to slay. Her team just released A Wrinkle in Time's entry in the Mannequin Challenge and if that short video is any indication, this film will be excellent.

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Tatiana Maslany and Rami Malek Bring Inclusive Sci-Fi Stories to the Forefront With Their Emmy Wins

Tatiana Maslany, after having been snubbed by the Academy for her first season on Orphan Black and nominated for the first time last year only to not earn her well-deserved statue, finally took home the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series last night for playing the entirety of Clone Club! Meanwhile Rami Malek, who plays the idiosyncratic Elliot Alderson on Mr. Robot, won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in his first nomination.

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“I Don’t Care About Rules”: The Clone Wars and the Feminist Redemption of Padme Amidala

What if there was more to Padmé Amidala than her brutally mishandled final act? Actually, there is, thanks to The Clone Wars.

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How Star Trek: Discovery Can Blaze a Trail for Diversity in Science Fiction

More to beam up.

Star Trek fans have been eagerly awaiting the new Star Trek: Discovery series due out next year. Recently Bryan Fuller, co-creator and executive producer of the new series, announced that the lead character will be played by a woman, and many news outlets are indicating the actress will likely be a person of color. If true, this revelation would be the first of its kind for a major science fiction series or film.

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On Robots as a Metaphor for Marginalization: The Stories We’re Not Telling

On Robots as a Metaphor for Marginalized Status

Who is your favorite fictional robot? Someone asked me this question recently and I realized that I didn’t have a good answer, other than “all of them.” Does it matter which one I choose, when all robot stories are so similar to one another? Here’s how the story goes: society creates a robot. The robot […]

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Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, and Gina Rodriguez to Star in Female-Led Sci-Fi Film by Ex Machina‘s Alex Garland

Stop me if you've heard this one before: a Jewish actress, a Latina actress, and a black actress star in a mainstream sci-fi film... Wait. It's not a joke? This is real? OMG, THIS IS REAL. *has heart attack* *dies* *resurrects herself using various magic stuff so that she can live to SEE THIS MOVIE.*

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Interview: Aja Naomi King on Sci-Fi Film Reversion and Diversity in TV & Film

You may know her as overachieving law student (and accessory to murder!) Michaela on the Shonda Rhimes hit, How to Get Away With Murder on ABC, but Aja Naomi King should now also be on your geek radar thanks to her new sci-fi film, Reversion, which opens today in select theaters.

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Author Defends Sci-Fi as A “Purely Male Domain” in Cringingly Sexist Review of All-Women Anthology

"I applaud the ladies for giving it a try, but I would suggest they forget going any further."

We were recently contacted by some of the women involved in Dark Beyond the Stars, an all-female sci-fi anthology. The anthology has a 66% 5-star rating on Amazon overall, but received this 2-star review last Friday (under the title "Space Opera It Ain't").

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Anne Hathaway Fights Aliens in The Shower

Not that kind of shower, you pervs!

There isn't nearly enough sci-fi comedy. Well, now, Anne Hathaway is heading up a mostly-female cast in a new sci-fi comedy feature called The Shower, in which a meteor shower turns men into aliens while Hathaway and a group of women are at a baby shower. SO MANY SHOWERS!

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Things We Saw Today: Jeff Goldblum Shares First Independence Day: Resurgence Teaser

The inimitable Jeff Goldblum has shared the first teaser for Independence Day: Resurgence with the world via his Facebook page! Now, if only he'd explain those weird-ass ads.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Director Amber Benson Gets Her Shevenge and Talks About Why She’s a Feminist

"I'd love to live in a world where we can be Humanists ... But we're not there yet."

One of the other wonderful filmmakers I got to chat with when I attended Etheria Film Night at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles is Amber Benson. You might know her as Tara from Buffy, or as the author of several novels, but she is also an accomplished director. Currently, she's traveling to various film festivals in support of her latest short, Shevenge. I had the chance to chat with Amber about Shevenge, and why she considers herself a feminist.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Jane Espenson Talks Being An Inspiration, What Inspires Her, and Future Plans

Well, sort of. She can't really talk about it.

Jane Espenson is one of the biggest names in genre television, which means that chances are - pick a favorite show, any favorite show - she's probably written for something you love. This year, she was honored with the 2015 Etheria Inspiration Award at Etheria Film Night in Los Angeles for her body of work, and for the way she's inspired so many women who aspire to what she's achieved in genre.

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Jessica Chastain Shares Her Thoughts on The Martian, Ridley Scott, and Women in Sci-Fi

The line between Interstellar and The Martian just became a whole lot blurrier.

On the set of The Martian, Chastain fielded questions from a group of visiting reporters. She talked about The Martian and strong, heroic women in Ridley Scott films.

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2015 Etheria Film Night Spotlights Women in Genre Film and Honors Genre Powerhouse, Jane Espenson

An all-female slate of quality genre film? Don't mind if I do!

Los Angeles was the place to be this weekend if you enjoy quality genre content from amazing female creators. Saturday marked the 8th Annual Etheria Film Night, which celebrates female filmmakers who create genre films. Held at Hollywood's Egyptian Theater, the evening included the North American premiere of an Australian horror film, a screening of six awesome short films, and Tricia Helfer and Amber Benson presenting the 2015 Etheria Inspiration Award to the inimitable Jane Espenson!

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The Mary Sue Interview: Syfy’s Dark Matter Brings The Badass Ladies In Force

Serialized sci-fi with humor, great characters, and awesome women? Yes please.

The second I stepped into showrunner and co-creator Joseph Mallozzi's office and saw the big Cowboy Bebop poster tacked to his wall, I knew that everything was going to be okay. "I love the fact that it has a beginning, a middle, and an end," he said of the classic anime, "which is basically what I wanted for [Dark Matter]."

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Female Sci-Fi Writers Nearly Sweep the 2015 Nebula Awards

Making Sad Puppies even more sad.... :(

We've been hearing a lot lately about the presence of women, or lack thereof, on various ballots in various sci-fi literary competitions, not the least of which are the Hugos. Well, so far - in spite of everything, women are well-represented among award winners this season!

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Iconic Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror Author Tanith Lee Passes Away at 67

“Whatever the hell I am, I am Me."

Prolific and influential author Tanith Lee, who in 1980 became the first-ever woman to win the British Fantasy Award, passed away on Sunday at 67.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Liana Brooks on Her New Sci-Fi Thriller: The Day Before

Calling all #CloneClub members.

Liana Brooks' The Day Before follows ambitious detective Samantha Rose as she investigates a homicide in rural Alabama in the near future. But in an Orphan Black-esque turn of events, the murder victim turns out to be a clone—complicating the homicide and in fact reducing it to nothing more than littering. But Sam is not to be deterred. We spoke with Brooks about her sci-fi/thriller crossover, lady protagonists, and cloning.

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Space Happens: Sci-Fi Comedy From a Smart, Female, Millennial Point of View

Ladies need space.

It started when Nicole Keating - creator, writer, and one of the stars of Space Happens - was playing Dungeons and Dragons. It was shortly before The Guild and just after the release of Serenity when the wheels started turning for Keating, leading her and a talented team of Chicago-based women to create what has turned out to be a smart, funny, unapologetically feminine sci-fi comedy from a millennial perspective.

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Awesome Mini-Documentary Celebrating Female Sci-Fi And Fantasy Authors

More like dealing with emotions, Patricia C. Wrede.

Open Road Media has created this great video featuring sci-fi and fantasy heavyweights like Patricia C. Wrede, Ellen Datlow, Elizabeth Hand and N.K. Jemison.

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