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Tom Hanks Will Star in a Mister Rogers Biopic & We Want to Live Inside This Movie

Perfect casting is perfect.

Start stocking up on tissues now.

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American Treasure Tom Hanks Had a Very Bad Answer to the “What Do We Do About Sexual Predators?” Question

Meryl Streep, Too.

In a BuzzFeed Q&A promoting The Post, Hanks and Meryl Streep got into a discussion about separating the art from the artist. Hanks' response falls short of our own favored stance of "F*ck 'em all." Really short.

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The Post Is Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, & Meryl Streep’s Anti-Trumpism Oscar Bait Love Letter to the Free Press

This is a film about an administration feeding lies to the American public and attempting to censor the journalists reporting on those lies. Hmm, sound familiar?

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The Reunion You Didn’t Know You Wanted: That Thing You Do‘s The Wonders Reunite, and It Feels So Good

If you were at the Goddamn Comedy Jam at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles last night, you got a really special treat! The reunion you didn't know you wanted (but realized you desperately did) happened, and it was glorious. The Wonders were back, and you can check out the performance after the jump!

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As We Descend Further Into Being a Surveillance State, Here’s a New Trailer for The Circle

Here's a new trailer for The Circle, a movie based on Dave Eggers' chilling science fiction novel of the same name.

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The Circle’s Trailer Looks Like a Super Charged Episode of Black Mirror

Tom Hanks and Emma Watson are teaming up for a dramatic thriller about privacy and technology, but something looks ... oddly familiar?

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SNL‘s David Pumpkins Makes Every Scary Movie Even Scarier

Any questions?!

While last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live premiered to positive reviews, one sketch that caught on (to the surprise of many) was “Haunted Elevator”, in which Tom Hanks played the bizarre yet impeccably dressed David S. Pumpkins–complete with backup b-boy skeletons. It was a relatively simple bit at its core, but somehow the combination […]

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Things We Saw Today: Little Girl’s Thundercloud Costume Is Perfect Storm of Amazing

The dad who created the "Glowy Zoey" costume has created "Princess Cumulus," a thundercloud costume for his daughter.

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Tom Hanks Gives Us a Pep Talk as “America’s Dad” in SNL Monologue

Because sometimes you just need to know dad's there for you, slugger.

After Emily Blunt's puppy handout last week, I think it's safe to say that SNL is single-handedly trying to cheer up the country in the middle of this stressful election season.

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Channel Inferno’s Robert Langdon With This Interactive Puzzle Series

Have you ever wanted to step into the shoes of Robert Langdon and unwrap mind-blowing (or ridiculous, depending on your perspective) conspiracies? Well, the folks at Sony are here to help you with that. Ahead of the release of Inferno, starring Tom Hanks, sleuths in the making can take part in a “three-week race against time” via a series of interactive puzzles.

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Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres Have an Adorable “Pixar-Off” Conversation

It's the crossover we didn't even comprehend until now.

While Hanks' Pixar connection to Ellen DeGeneres wasn't necessarily at the forefront of everyone's minds when Hanks came on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss his latest film Sully, the two eventually sat down to wax nostalgic about the recording process over at Pixar--and then proceeded to have a conversation, in character, as their respective Pixar roles Woody and Dory.

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Tom Hanks Confirms He’s Recording His Part For Toy Story 4

Why are you still so far away, 2018?!

In an interview on The Graham Norton Show, Tom Hanks confirmed that he's already recording his voiceover as Woody in Toy Story 4 and his next session is on December 2nd--which is right around the corner, people!

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Review: Bridge of Spies Is a Polished but Flat Movie

3 out of 5 stars.

The overwhelming sense the Cold War had of this being a time of the great unknown fills stories with intimate drama, and some of the true stories that came out around these events, when we seemed to be on the verge all-out nuclear war, are truly fascinating. Francis Gary Powers' story is a somewhat known part of history, but Bridge of Spies focuses on “the real hero” of the negotiation to get him out of Russia after his airplane was shot down: attorney James Donovan.

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Tom Hanks and Jimmy Fallon Give Bridge of Spies the Kid Theater Treatment

On The Tonight Show, Tom Hanks joined the ranks of other actors such as Channing Tatum and Michael Douglas when he participated in a little creative retelling of his latest film, Bridge of Spies—as written by elementary school kids, of course.

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Tom Hanks’ App Wants to Turn Your iPad Into a Typewriter, and It’s Dominating the App Store

Yes. That Tom Hanks.

Hanx Writer is an app that turns your iPad into a typewriter, or at least it gives you the feel of using one. The app is free, but offers in-app purchases to unlock different typewriter skins. Are there really that many iPad users with fond memories of old typewriters? Apparently so. Hanx Writer is sitting at the top of the App Store after its first week.

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Thor, Gale, Meryl Streep, and Tom Hanks Star In the Epic, The Groundbreaking… Bitman Begins

the internet is serious business

Jimmy Kimmel, as is his wont, took to his late night show to have some post-Oscar fun. This year he enlisted the help of celebrities to dramatize that most enduring, most highbrow of subjects: The Internet meme. There’s David After Dentist (starring Joseph Gordon Levitt), Ain’t nobody got time for that (with Queen Latifah), and …I don’t want to ruin it, but Gary Oldman is there. But Bitman Begins is our favorite, because superheroes. Hit the jump for a behind-the-scenes video in which Meryl Streep talks working with the Hemsworth brothers. Update: YouTube appears to be giving some people trouble. Sorry if you're affected. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

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Things We Saw Today: Facehugs For Everybody

Things We Saw Today

Joey Spiotto's Alien (and Predator) prints in the style of Little Golden Books are for sale. (See Geeks are Sexy for links to each.)

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The You’ve Got Mail Website From 1998 Is Still Up And Wow The Internet Was Terrible Then

That movie is still flawless though, don't try to argue.

It's easy to forget, in our world of smartphones and YouTube and Twitter, that the internet has not always been so ubiquitous. Just 15 years ago, back in December of 1998 (when Google was only two months old) Warner Brothers released the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan classic You've Got Mail - and a website to go with it. And it's still there.

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Tom Hanks Gives Us His Best Walt Disney In The Saving Mr. Banks Trailer

It's A World of Laughter A World of Tears

Just the other day we saw our first official image of Tom Hanks and the always wonderful Emma Thompson from Saving Mr. Banks. The film will tell the story of P.L. Travers (Thompson), creator of Mary Poppins, and Walt Disney's long road to capturing her works. I have to admit, the trailer tugged at my heartstrings a bit. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Things We Saw Today: First Look at Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson in Mary Poppins Bio Pic

Things We Saw Today

Saving Mr. Banks promises to tell the story of the tumultuous working relationship between Walt Disney and author P.L. Travers, creator of Mary Poppins. (Bleeding Cool)

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