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Things We Saw Today: Listen to Tom Hanks. Wear a Mask.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

America’s father, Tom Hanks, continues to be the best as he, hopefully, shares messages people will listen to about COVID-19. The A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood star was one of the first celebrities to test positive for coronavirus and has since used his name and social media to talk about taking the necessary precautions and how we can all help.

Now, he’s asking us to do three basic things: wear a mask, wash our hands, and social distance—something scientists have also been telling us to do for a while, so maybe those people continuing to disregard SCIENCE will listen to Mr. Rogers.

The problem is that, time and time again, people think they’re smarter than what science is telling them, so they refuse to follow guidelines. It’s why our cases continue to rise and why we’re probably going to be worse than any other country. (We don’t even have the highest population, and yet we have the most cases and deaths … probably because we have people running out to celebrate ‘Murica instead of listening to health officials.)

So, hopefully, having Tom Hanks (who literally survived coronavirus) tell us all to wear masks and social distance will finally make those who refuse to listen to science start to take it seriously because Coach Jimmy Dugan told us to. (In fact, he’s telling everyone to take it seriously in every interview he’s doing.)

Listen to Tom Hanks, do your part, and stop acting like you’re invincible to A VIRUS.

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Here are some other things we saw out there today:

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Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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