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So Long, Cassini, and Thanks For All the Science. And the Awesome Photos.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft ended its historic 20-year career this morning by doing science until the very end.

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Cassini’s One-Way Descent Into Saturn to Be Broadcast Live

What do you think will be the last thing it sees?

For us Earth-bound humans, NASA wants to take you to Cassini's final moments via live broadcast, which will show the little probe's "grand finale," so to speak.

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Cassini Returns Ghostly Images of Saturn’s Atmosphere as It Narrowly Avoids Destruction

The Cassini space orbiter recently dipped between Saturn itself and the planet's innermost rings, a region previously never explored by any spacecraft.

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NASA Says Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Is Coughing Up Ingredients for Alien Life

On Earth, where we find water, we find life, so that's where we like to look for life in space, too. That's not just limited to planets, though, and a few moons in our own solar system seem to be hiding sub-surface oceans that could harbor alien life. One of those is Saturn's moon Enceladus, which NASA announced today is giving off a chemical that's a potential sign of habitability deep within the planet's ocean.

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Things We Saw Today: NASA’s Amazing Shot of Saturn’s Rings “Dividing” a Moon

Check out this stunning shot that NASA acquired of Saturn's razor-thin bisecting one of its moons, Dione. It's like something out of Mass Effect, isn't it?

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Wake Up Before Dawn This Month to Check Out the Naked-Eye Planets With Your Morning Coffee

Do you love stargazing? Do you also love sleep? Well, one of those loves is gonna have to go - at least for one morning this month. For the next thirty days, you'll have a chance to see all five planets visible to the naked eye all lined up in a row for the first time in ten years.

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The Universe Liked This Super Saturn So Much It Put Literally Every Ring On It

I'm not even sorry for using that old joke.

planetary-ringsAstronomers at the University of Rochester have discovered a planet that puts our ringed giant to shame.

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Have You Seen the Most Recent Saturn Images From Cassini Yet? Because They Are Splendid

I can't decide between a Beyoncé joke or a Sailor Moon one right now.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has been zooming around taking raw images of Saturn for the past ten years. Though sometimes blurry and usually in black-and-white, these pictures are also some of the closest and most compelling images of the ringed planet that humanity has ever witnessed. Like, geez. Can you even imagine this is a real thing that actually exists in the universe? Because I cannot wrap my brain around it.

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What Would Saturn Look Like If It Passed Into Earth’s Orbit? (Answer: Pretty Dang Awesome)

"S'up, Earth? Uranus and Neptune say hello."

Imagine that gravitational forces were completely irrelevant and Saturn just decided to pop by for a visit en route to the Sun. I don't know; maybe it wanted to go on a playdate with the Moon or something. I heard they're pretty tight. Anyway, this video is pretty mathematically accurate to what that encounter would look like.

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Saturn Is Going To Look Better Than It Has In Seven Years Tonight, See It IRL Or Online

Because why watch the night sky when you can watch it on the internet?

Saturn's looking good and wants everyone to know about it (show off). The planet is going to be at its brightest all year tonight, so you might want to step outside and take a peek. But don't worry if you can't make it to the great outdoors - you can see her ringiness live on the internet, too (saucy).

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Have All of Your Saturn Questions Answered Today on NASA’s Cassini Mission Live Google Hangout [Updated]

Talk to NASA about space. Have all of your dreams fulfilled.

NASA will hold a live Google Hangout today to presumably talk about how great the pictures from Cassini have been (as well as some science stuff, probably) and where it's going in the future. If you like amazing space pictures as much as we do, watch the hour-long live chat with NASA scientists at 3:30PM EST.

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One Million Space Photos Animated in the Movie In Saturn’s Rings, Our Jaws Drop [Video]

We suddenly feel very small.

The film In Saturn's Rings takes over a million photographs from Cassini, Hubble, Voyager and more and turns them into an incredible animated ride through the universe. Sure, you've flown through pretend space plenty of times in movies, but when you watch this and realize that what you're seeing is real, it's spectacular.

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Look, the Cassini Spacecraft Brought Us Another Giant Picture of Saturn!

Wasn't that nice of it?

Remember those pictures of Saturn's eclipse that the Cassini spacecraft took back in July of this year? They've been combining all the different images into several gorgeous mosaics that are so pristine they look computer-animated. This one, which was just released today, shows us the dark side of Saturn as it's never been seen before.

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NASA’s New Picture of Saturn from the Cassini Spacecraft is Incredible

We can't stop looking at it. Space is amazing.

In "you won't believe it's real" news, NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day brings us an image of Saturn that looks like really convincing computer graphics. Amazingly, it's a real image of the planet brought to us by the Cassini spacecraft that is now orbiting Saturn.

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Are You in NASA’s Composite of Earthlings Waving to Saturn?

Please tell me one of these pictures is of Waldo.

On July 19th the Cassini spacecraft pointed itself at the Earth to snap a picture, and NASA encouraged everyone to smile, wave, and snap a photo of their own. Folks submitted more than 1,400 images from around the world. To says thanks, NASA made this lovely composite from the images. Can you find yourself?

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Cassini Spacecraft Snaps Beautiful Image of Saturn’s Pac-Man/Death Star Moon Mimas

That's no moon... It's a space stati-- oh? Oh, it's actually a moon. Okay then.

If you don't have a favorite moon of Saturn, let us make a case for Mimas. Thermal images make it look like Pac-Man, but regular pictures like this new one from NASA's Cassini spacecraft make it look like the Death Star. It shows Mimas passing by its little oblong-shaped buddy Pandora. Space is pretty.

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First Image of Saturn from Cassini Probe Is Available For Viewing, You Can’t Even See Any Of Us In It

That's OK. I'm pretty sure I was sneezing when they took this one anyway.

Remember how we told you to all stand outside your houses and wave at the sky between 5:27 and 5:42 EDT (2:27 to 2:42 PDT) on Friday afternoon, because NASA’s Cassini probe would be snapping a picture of Saturn in which Earth would be visible? Yeah, you probably didn't have to actually do that, because all we can see are little white dots, which is how we look in the photograph above. It's still a pretty cool picture, but we can't help thinking maybe you should have waved harder. Y'know. For science.

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Say Cheese! Cassini Wants to Take Your Picture From Space This Afternoon

This may be the best chance you ever get to photobomb another planet. Y'know, in principle.

If you love photos from space but are always secretly bummed out that you're not in them, today is your lucky day. NASA's Cassini probe is snapping a picture of Saturn today, and hundreds of millions of miles distant in the background of the resulting image, you'll be able to see the Earth. That's right -- today and today only, you have the opportunity to photobomb NASA. Make it count, people.

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Look To The Skies! Watch Saturn Make A Beautifully Close Approach To Earth Tonight

1.3 billion kilometers is a great distance, but tonight consider it relatively close. That's how far away close Saturn will be to the Earth tonight. What does that mean for you? It means that with a telescope -- even a cheap one -- you can get a beautiful view of another planet that's more than 800 million miles away. Oh, you don't have a telescope? Go buy a telescope. There's still time.

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This Thunderstorm On Saturn Wrapped all The Way Around The Planet And Touched Its Own Tail

Every once in a while, a story comes along to which the only appropriate response is "Dang." This morning brings us one such story, as images taken by NASA's Cassini probe in orbit around Saturn show it was host to a thunderstorm so massive that it wrapped around the entire planet. Like a snake attempting to eat its own tail, the atmospheric disturbance raced through Saturn's atmosphere with such speed and power that it eventually ran into its own rear end. That encounter seems to have caused it to sputter out, as if the storm somehow consumed itself, though the reasons for that are unclear to researchers.

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