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One Million Space Photos Animated in the Movie In Saturn’s Rings, Our Jaws Drop [Video]

We suddenly feel very small.

The film In Saturn’s Rings takes over a million photographs from Cassini, Hubble, Voyager and more and turns them into an incredible animated ride through the universe. Sure, you’ve flown through pretend space plenty of times in movies, but when you watch this and realize that what you’re seeing is real, it’s spectacular.

Filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren wants you to be able to one day experience the whole movie in IMAX theaters and full-dome planetariums, which would be incredible. All he’s asking in return is that you back the Kickstarter for the film’s music, because the killer score goes a long way towards setting the mood for the serene space imagery.

If he was looking to blow people away, he picked the right planet to focus on. Cassini has been taking some really beautiful shots of Saturn lately, and it’d be nice to finally see the imagery getting the attention it deserves. If this doesn’t make people interested in space, we give up. (Not really. We will never give up, because space is great.)

(via Sploid, image via InSaturnsRingmovie on YouTube)

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