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We’re Getting a New Ghostbusters, But Not With Paul Feig’s Cast

So this is what we're doing now.

In the world of unnecessary, "didn't we just reboot this" reboots, we are getting a new Ghostbusters film.

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Paul Feig Calls BS on Hollywood’s Perceived Lack of Female Directors

Despite the strides that the Time's Up movement has made we are still, in the year of our lord 2018, having to convince the men of Hollywood that women directors do in fact exist.

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Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively May Star in Paul Feig’s Gone Girl-esque Thriller

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are in talks to star in Paul Feig's new thriller A Simple Favor, an adaptation of Darcey Bell's novel that's been described as "in the vein of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. 

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Hell Yeah, Paul Feig Put His Own Ghostbusters On His List of His Favorite Movies This Year

"Yeah, that’s right, it’s my movie and I’m not ashamed to put it on here."

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Paul Feig Shares What He’s Learned About Women Through Ghostbusters Experience, Which Includes Nothing About Race

But Harambe photos, tho!

As director of the "controversial" (controversial if you have trouble believing women can do things) Ghostbusters reboot, Paul Feig has had a very interesting and not entirely pleasant 2016. In a recent short essay, Feig shares what he's learned about "being a woman." Notably missing are any insights he may have gained about the specific challenges of being a black woman, a la Leslie Jones.

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Things We Saw Today: Jessica Chastain Will Be the Hero We Deserve as Indestructible Vigilante Painkiller Jane

The actress will star in and produce Painkiller Jane, an adaptation of the series by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada.

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Paul Feig Still Wants a Ghostbusters Sequel, and There May Yet Be Hope

WAIT. Stop hanging those colorful lights. Step away from the snowflake patterns. We have a last-minute entry into the season of ghosts and ghouls: Paul Feig is still holding out hope for a Ghostbusters sequel, and we'd love to see that happen.

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Paul Feig Responds to Being Called a “Women’s Director”

To which I say: "I'm sorry, what?"

It's entirely ridiculous to, as Feig says, pigeonhole him into the category of being a "women's director" when there aren't other directors out there earning the label of "men's directors" in spite of directing mostly male-driven films. It's almost as if (gasp) there's more inherent value being placed on one type of story over another.

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Paul Feig Looks Back on Ghostbusters Backlash, Proposes Interesting Theory About Why It Happened

You know, besides sexism.

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call is currently available on Digital HD and Blu-ray/DVD, and at the recent New Yorker Festival, director Paul Feig was talking about some of the sexist backlash the film received now that he has some distance from the release and things have gotten a bit quieter. One thing he realized? There's a generational difference between him and the guys for whom this reboot "ruined their childhoods."

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Leslie Jones’ Website Hacked and Personal Info and Nude Photos Revealed, Because Racism and Sexism Still Exist

Because it wasn't enough for people to fling racist and sexist tweets at Leslie Jones via Twitter as Ghostbusters opened. Now, someone has managed to not only hack her website, but they've obtained personal information and private photos, flooding the site with them. What the hell is wrong with you, Internet? Oh, racism and sexism. Right. That's what's wrong with you.

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Things We Saw Today: Ian McKellen Reads Roald Dahl Letters Reminding Us to Be Dinketysnipsy

This video of Ian McKellan reading two letters Roald Dahl wrote to a young girl having trouble with settling into school reminds us all to be imaginative Dinketysnipsy girls (and not sliggylumpfructious Veruca Salts).

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Things We Saw Today: Aparna Nancherla’s Stand-Up Takes Summer Down a Notch

Comedy Central's 7 Minutes in Purgatory is a new show that forces comedians to perform without seeing or hearing their audience by sticking them in a truck.

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Ghostbusters Projected To Earn Up To $50 Million in Opening Weekend

"Safety lights are for dudes."

Ghostbusters opened on Thursday night with $3.4 million, and now Variety is reporting that while the studio estimates it'll bring in up to $40 million opening weekend, "box office trackers" are convinced it will fall somewhere within the $45-50 million dollar range.

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Ghostbusters Review: I Ain’t Afraid of No Women Being Excellent

5/5 stars.

Ghostbusters surpassed my expectations in every way. It was funny throughout, well paced, with no huge downswing. If I have one criticism about the movie's structure, it's that the ending falls slightly flatter than the rest; but as a huge fan of the 1984 Ghostbusters (it holds special childhood movie status with me), I have to say the 2016 movie is just as good as the 1984 movie. Sony has a hit on its hands.

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Ghostbusters’ New Villain Is Straight out of Reddit, and It’s Glorious

G'busters *tips hat.*

Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot hits theatres this Friday, and if you believe the IMDB ratings—LOL sorry, sprained something laughing—it’s an unmitigated clusterflick of a film.

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Paul Feig Makes Cryptic Comment About “Dealing With the Studios” and Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters isn't officially out in the United States, and some fans might see this news as a spoiler (although I'd argue it absolutely is not). Still, you've been warned.

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Come, Overanalyze the First Look at Ghostbusters’ Female Slimer With Me

Apparently there's a female Slimer in the new Ghostbusters, so that's fun and cool! You can see her above, driving in a ghost car with original Slimer, in a still from a new Ghostbusters TV spot.

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Things We Saw Today: Pixar Cutting Down on Sequels

Sorry, RataTWOuille hopefuls.

Pixar president Jim Morris told Entertainment Weekly in an interview last Friday that the studio is recommitting itself to original movies over sequels, despite the recent box office success of Finding Dory. Aside from the already-scheduled Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2, Pixar's films for the foreseeable future will all be totally original titles.

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Studio Behind Ghostbusters Isn’t Afraid of Haters

“It’s the greatest thing that ever happened. Are you kidding me?”

One of the season's most broadly-debated films is on track to do pretty well, box-office wise. Right now, Ghostbusters is being estimated to earn between $40 and $50 million dollars in North America, and as far as prerelease audience appeal is concerned, appears to be doing best with "females over the age of 25".

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Paul Feig and the Ghostbusters Stars Aren’t Interested in Being a Litmus Test

"I hope hate stops being popular. It’s tiring and completely ineffectual."-Melissa McCarthy, Ghostbuster.

The closer we get to Ghostbusters, the wearier and warier I become. The movie comes out July 14th, and I increasingly feel that, if it's bad, critics and fans who have supported the movie during its turbulent internet reception will be expected to concede defeat. Of course, the only people who would see it that way are the people who don't think women-led movies should be given the same leniency as films led by men.

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