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We’re Finally Getting ‘A Simple Favor 2’ in One of the Most Romantic Places!

Blake Lively standing in a tux with Anna Kendrick taking her picture

A Simple Favor is a thriller that features Blake Lively in suits. No really, at the time of release, most of us could not stop talking about the suits! Now with the promise of a sequel looming over us, we have to try and figure out what Paul Feig has in store for us.

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Spoilers for A Simple Favor ahead

A Simple Favor was adapted from Darcey Bell’s novel of the same name. With the content of the book already covered and the first movie wrapping up with Emily (Blake Lively) in jail and Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) finding independence outside of Emily’s orbit, the first question we have is how can we return to these characters? Then again, Emily did fake her own death and take on multiple personas so anything is possible, even if she was playing basketball in jail in the end.

With the cast seemingly returning to the next Feig movie, we do have questions about what to expect. With a new setting, there is going to be a lot of tension, romance, and more that we need to unpack. Here is everything we know so far about the new movie!

They’re heading to Italy!

According to FilmUpdates, the movie is set to start filming this April in Italy. This news is not surprising given the reveal from PEOPLE back in 2023 that the film would be set in Capri but they were supposedly set to start filming in the fall. With the WGA and the SAG-AFTRA strikes, we can assume production was delayed.

Now, Stephanie and Emily are reportedly finally heading to Italy.

We do not yet know when we can then expect the movie or what the plot of it will be outside of a similar comedic-thriller element. All we do know is that Kendrick has read the script and loves it. “I’ve actually read the script now,” Kendrick told Courtney Lopez on an episode of E! News last year, adding, “and it’s so good.”

Who is coming back?

We know that both Lively and Kendrick are going to be back in their roles as Stephanie and Emily. Whether or not Henry Golding will return in the role of Emily’s husband/Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend Sean is unknown. The supporting cast, including Andrew Rannells, Linda Cardellini, Dustin Milligan, Jean Smart, and Rupert Friend, are reportedly set to return to the film as well.

So what we know may be limited but it is exciting to be back in the vibes of A Simple Favor once more!

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