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Our New Favorite Wonder Woman Cosplayer Went as Patty Jenkins

Not only did fan Jessi Chartier rock Jenkins' look at the Con, she got fully into character by directing the Amazons around her.

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It’s Cool That Kristen Wiig Is Cheetah, but Were There No Women of Color Available?

It has been announced that Kristen Wiig is going to be playing the Wonder Woman villain Cheetah in the upcoming sequel to Wonder Woman.

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Tiffany Haddish, The Florida Project & More Unforgivable Snubs in This Year’s Oscar Nominations

There's a lot we're excited about in this year's nominations. There are also some major disappointments.

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“I Will Never Be Silenced”: Watch Gal Gadot’s Amazing Critics’ Choice Awards Acceptance Speech


I'm sure that to some, it will seem strange that a superhero is being held up as an "accurate portrayal" of women. But in her acceptance speech, Gadot says what we already knew. Diana Prince may be an Amazon, but there's a reason why she spoke to so many women, why audiences of all genders connected with her.

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Things We Saw Today: Dear Hollywood, Please Give Tiffany Haddish All the Awards and Also Let Her Host Every Ceremony. Thank You.

Tiffany Haddish won Best Supporting Actress at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards and her acceptance speech is one of the greatest speeches–one of the greatest awards show moments, really–of recent history, if not ever.

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Gal Gadot to Be Honored With the #SeeHer Award at 23rd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards

Without a doubt one the biggest movies to come out this year was Wonder Woman. Patty Jenkins fought against rumors of a chaotic set, delays and the general doubt that a female-led superhero movie, and a DC movie at that, could be good. Yet, Woman Woman went on to become the most successful film the DCU.

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Zero Women Are Nominated for Best Director, And Other Terrible Decisions from the 2018 Golden Globes

The 2018 Golden Globe nominations are out, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has yet again failed to nominated a woman for Best Director.

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TIME’s Person of the Year Shortlist Includes Colin Kaepernick, the #MeToo Movement and, Yes, Trump

Here's who TIME found influential this year, for better or for worse.

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Patty Jenkins Promises New Characters and New Love Story in Wonder Woman 2—Gentlemen You Have a Tough Act to Follow

With Wonder Woman still being the DCEU's biggest financial and critical success in their movie universe, while other upcoming projects are uncertain there is no doubt that Wonder Woman 2 is happening.

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Things We Saw Today: A Cheatsheet For What the Hell the Infinity Stones are in Infinity War

If you're not a big comics reader, it's totally understandable that you might be wondering what all the fuss is about some colorful jewels and Thanos' big gauntlet to collect 'em all. The Marvel movies have included and teased the gems before, but this is when they'll really come into play.

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5 Female Writer/Directors Better Suited to Batgirl Than Joss Whedon

Batgirl is a symbol that belongs to everyone, particularly to women, girls, and anyone on the female side of the spectrum who needs a hero in which they can see her/themselves. Joss Whedon isn't the voice we need to be hearing on this right now. Here are five women who could be.

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Things We Saw Today: Rapper Kreayshawn Got a Collar With Our Rejection Hotline Number on It

Kreayshawn made our day with the coolest shout-out to The Mary Sue's Rejection Hotline we can imagine.

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Gal Gadot Says What We All Knew: Her Batman v Superman Backstory Just Didn’t Fit Her Character

Why would Diana 'walk away from mankind?' She wouldn't.

Gal Gadot clearly has no problem speaking up when she doesn't agree with the way Wonder Woman is depicted. And when it comes to how she was introduced in 'Batman v Superman,' she definitely doesn't agree. After leaving Themyscira and saving humanity in WWI, why would she have then, "walked away from mankind?" Short answer: she wouldn't.

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Women Directors That Actors Should Be Working With Instead of Allen & Polanski

As we work towards creating healthier and safer workplaces for women in their industries, Hollywood has a question it needs to answer: are they going to support more women?

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Patty Jenkins Hopes to Someday “Be Last Wave Feminism” As She Gears Up for Wonder Woman 2

Patty Jenkins is Variety's "Power of Women L.A." issue cover subject, with very good reason. She recently signed on to helm Wonder Woman 2 for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, garnering the highest-paying deal given to any female filmmaker.

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These Wonder Woman Bloopers Are So Good and Pure

Even when world events seem at their bleakest, humanity must've done something right for us to have Gal Gadot.

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James Cameron Doubles Down on His Wonder Woman Hate, Continues to Be the Worst

James Cameron was asked to address his previous comments on Wonder Woman and I wish his response was even a little surprising.

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The Honest Trailer for Wonder Woman Keeps Getting Me in Trouble for Laughing

Visit Xena, Warrior Island.

"From the studio known for confusing length with depth, complexity with intelligence, and self-absorbed downers with heroism, the DCEU pulls off its biggest success by ... not doing those things."

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This Is Not a Drill: Patty Jenkins Will Direct Wonder Woman 2

Patty Jenkins has officially signed on to take the helm of the Wonder Woman sequel. IT'S ALL HAPPENING. IT'S. ALL. HAPPENING!!!

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Wonder Woman Is Now the Fifth Highest Grossing Superhero Movie in America, EVER


Merciful Minerva! Our lady Diana can't be stopped: with a domestic box office now over $409 million, Wonder Woman's haul is has left every other superhero movie biting her dust save four.

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