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Patty Jenkins Says Her Rogue Squadron Movie Will Honor a Long History in a New Story

The world of Star Wars is expanding, and Patty Jenkins is making her mark on it with Rogue Squadron. Based on the Rebel Alliance pilots and the X-Wings we’ve come to love, Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron is bringing movie audiences something that we’ve only really gotten a glimpse of throughout the franchise.

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Patty Jenkins talked to the Associated Press about her upcoming foray into the world of Star Wars and the journey she’s making to bring the world of the Rebel Alliance fighter pilots to movie audiences.

Rogue Squadron is also a popular book series in the world of Star Wars, and while it is going to be its own thing and a world for movie audiences to enjoy, Jenkins promises that it will honor the history that already exists within the franchise:

I think the Michael Stackpole books, and the video game, and all the Rogue Squadron books, I think they all have…there’s an incredible history that it’s really important to honor. And yet, it must be brought to a new age because we have to tell a new story with it, and so you’re trying to blend the best of everything and make it the great fighter pilot movie which I’ve always wanted to make as well. It’s a big brew of things that you’re trying to put together and still keep a very simple story.

But Jenkins is no stranger to the pressure of bringing a beloved franchise/character to life. While she made her name with the 2003 movie Monster, Jenkins recently became a household name by bringing Diana Prince to the big screen in the 2017 movie Wonder Woman, and more recently with Wonder Woman 1984. That kind of legacy isn’t easy to handle, and bringing that to Star Wars has the additional pressure of appealing to the overall fanbase.

“It’s a huge amount of pressure, and Wonder Woman was a huge amount of pressure as well, so it’s not a totally new feeling to me, but yeah. Definitely nerve-wracking,” Jenkins said, and if anyone understands that stress, it’s her. Bringing Diana Prince to life is no easy feat, but she knocked it out of the park with the character’s first standalone movie. So, I’m excited to see what Jenkins brings to the series.

She released a video when the news broke that she was directing Rogue Squadron that shared her excitement over joining the world of Star Wars.

Patty Jenkins knows action, and seeing her take on Star Wars is incredibly exciting. She’s one of my favorite directors, and I think she’s going to bring a new light to the franchise, and I can’t wait!

(via Syfy, image: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock)

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