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Direct Player Battles, Trading Still Coming to Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is a full year old today, and it's enjoying a bit of a renaissance right now with the addition of raid battles and adjusted gym mechanics. Those aren't the only things players are clamoring for, though, and Niantic boss John Hanke has confirmed that some features we had started to give up hoping for actually are on the way.

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Pokémon GO Planning Multiplayer & More to Rule Another Summer

The closest thing to teleporting back to last summer.

Just under a month from now, Pokémon GO will officially be one year old, although you may remember that differently if you, like many, struggled to begin playing within the early days under the bonkers server load. Things have died down a bit since then, but the game is still going strong, and Niantic has some summer updates and events planned to maybe bring back a bit of that magic—something we could all use in our lives right now.

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There’s a New Most Frustrating Thing About Pokémon GO, or a Brand New Urban Legend

My uncle, who works at Nintendo ...

If you still play Pokémon GO now and then, you may have noticed that the app is in the middle of yet another promotion, including some brand new additions to the game. Not only are water Pokémon more likely to appear right now, but there's a guaranteed way to snag evolution items at Pokéstops, and two "shiny Pokémon" have been added to the game—sometimes with a frustrating twist.

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This Week, Pokémon GO Finally Adds All Gen 2 Pokémon, New Gameplay Mechanics and Items

Yay! A distraction!

Pokémon GO's initial introduction of a few of the Pokémon from the Gold/Silver game generation was limited to babies that players could hatch from eggs, but a full round of brand new Pokémon is finally on the way, and it looks like they'll arrive holding some other new goodies for us.

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Pokémon GO Got You Some Extra Candy for Valentine’s Day in New Promotion

Remember last year, when seemingly everyone came together on something that wasn't terrible (depending on who you ask)? Well, fun still does exist—so far, anyway—and Pokémon GO has yet another promotion to tie in with Valentine's Day, starting today.

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Looks Like Pokémon GO Has a Holiday Surprise in Store After All

Sorry. We peeked.

Officially, Pokémon GO's holiday promotion was kind of a letdown for some players after the larger in-game bonuses brought by Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations. A Pikachu in a Santa hat is cute, but it's hardly on the same level as extra candy and XP to help players advance—but it looks like that might not be all that's in store.

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Pokémon GO’s New Round of Pokémon Starts Today With Adorable New Baby Pokémon

When is Pokémon GO finally going to introduce second generation (Pokémon Gold/Silver) Pokémon to the game? Today!

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Niantic Finally Makes an Official Announcement About New Pokémon Coming to Pokémon GO

Generation 2, I choose you!

With rumors flying, spurred on by a Starbucks marketing memo about an impending Pokémon GO partnership, Niantic has finally weighed in on when we'll see a full batch of new Pokémon added to the mobile game.

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Big Pokémon GO Update Rumors Seemingly Confirmed by … Starbucks

Yes, that's a real headline, not a Mad Libs.

Data mining the game's code has confirmed that over 100 new Pokémon from the Gold/Silver game generation will join Pokémon GO at some point, but when that would happen was still up for debate. It seems that now we know, although this data comes from an unlikely source—at least, at first glance.

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Pokémon GO Has Finally Added a New Pokémon and an Updated Tracker!

In the midst of their Thanksgiving promotion, which rewards players with double the XP (quadruple with a lucky egg, by the way) and stardust for every in-game action, Niantic has quietly made some other adjustments to Pokémon GO. Not only have they expanded the test group for the new tracking feature to a large portion of players, but there's a new Pokémon hiding out there in plain sight!

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Pokémon GO Is Giving Thanks for Its Players With Bonuses for the Rest of the Month

OK but what's your type advantage against ice?

All that speculation about future events like Pokémon GO's Halloween promotion can be put to rest (or ramp up exponentially); Niantic has announced that the rest of November will have its own bonus period as a way to give thanks for players' support.

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New Pokémon GO Changes Address Some of the Most Frustrating Issues

Obligatory: "No, not the tracker."

Encountering countless Pidgeys and Rattatas on Pokémon GO journeys has become a familiar norm for the game's players, with many using that to their advantage by catching mountains of them in order to evolve them after using the XP-doubling Lucky Egg item. Now, amidst a flurry of changes to enhance the game's longevity, Niantic has tweaked that spawn rate, along with another all-too-common disappointment.

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Pokémon GO‘s New “Daily Bonuses” Are Designed to Keep You Coming Back

♫I will battle every day to ... get my bonus?♫

Pokémon GO recently experienced a surge with the Halloween promotion that is just now coming to a close, and the assumption Niantic would be quick to offer additional incentives to draw players back in seems to have been a safe one. They just announced an upcoming "daily bonuses" feature that rewards players for using the app on a daily basis.

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Pokémon GO Very Undead as Halloween Promotion Causes Huge Revenue Surge

You might say it was super effecti—*SLAP.*

Today is the last day of Niantic's Halloween Pokémon GO promotion, but if its success is any indication, it's far from the last of such events that we're likely to see. The influx of ghost Pokémon, increase in spawn rates of other spoooOOOOky Pokémon, and extra candy multipliers brought the app from its still-impressive 10th place spot on the App Store's revenue rankings back to the top.

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Pokémon GO Halloween Promotion Will Fix Buddy Pokémon for a Week & Add More Ghosts

Treat. Definitely treat.

Still trying to land yourself a Gengar or Hypno in Pokémon GO—or any other Pokémon, for that matter? The holiday of spookiness and candy is bringing an extra dose of both to your gameplay for a week!

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Upcoming Pokémon GO Update Will Improve Gym Training, Help Catch Rare Pokémon

So you can be the very best.

Niantic is adding in a system that incentivizes you to keep capturing common Pokémon. Every time you do, your chances of capturing a rare Pokémon increase. Also, they're changing the way gym training works.

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Pokémon GO Update Restores Lost Feature—Not Tracking—and Promises New Ones

Pokémon GO is fresh of finally receiving the Buddy Pokémon feature in the middle of last week, but with the Pokémon GO Plus now available and fall upon us, the developers at Niantic are hard at work adding new features. A new update brings back one of the game's early, lost features as well as adding even more support for the Plus peripheral, with promises of even more on the way.

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It’s Like Printing Money: Pokémon GO Plus Accessory Way Better Than Previously Expected

Marketing did not understand the power that's inside.

If you're still playing Pokémon GO, then it might behoove you to check out what's going on with the Pokémon GO Plus accessory that launched yesterday—y'know, in case you didn't have it already.

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Pokémon GO Is Still Tentacool Despite Losing 1/3 of Users

It's been reported that Pokémon GO, which recently launched a buddy system and the Plus wristband, has lost over a third of active players since August 12th—about 20 million.

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Pokémon GO’s Buddy System Is Stingy but Adorable

The buddy system never fails.

Here's everything you need to know about Pokémon GO 's new buddy system.

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