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Why Do We Expect Anything From the Trump Women?

Meryl Streep made a comment about the two Trump women to the New York Times concerning their silence in the #MeToo movement, in response to claims about her own silence. To which I find myself asking...why do you expect to hear anything from them?

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Things We Saw Today: The Internet’s Convinced There’s A “Fake Melania” Trump Standing in for the First Lady

File this one under Wednesday weird. The #1 trending topic on Twitter is currently "Melania" after a video and comparison photo shots convinced wide swaths of the Internet that Trump had employed a Melania doppelganger. The conspiracy fast became a meme, and the rest is history.

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This School Librarian Turned Down a Book Donation From Melania Trump With a Scathingly Polite Open Letter

Do not f-- with librarians.

For National Read a Book Day, Melania Trump sent Dr. Seuss books to one school from each state. A school librarian from Cambridge, Massachusetts, though, has declined the offer, explaining her reasoning in an open letter.

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Melania Trump’s Plan For the Role of First Lady Was Going to Make Her Millions Upon Millions of Dollars

Unconstitutional or just unethical? It's lose/lose.

If only that pesky Constitution weren't in the way.

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Melania Trump and the Sexist Role of “First Lady”: Why Do We Still Even Have This?

Something that would have been amazing about a President Hillary Clinton is the opportunity to see what a First Husband (First Lord? First Man? First Gentleman?) looks like and what would be expected of him. Would we change the title to First Spouse? I'm sure that everyone reading this site believes that it's high time for a female President, and has no trouble imagining a woman doing that job. Now picture a man engaged in the standard "duties" of a First Lady.

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Looks Like Melania Trump Not Only Plagiarized Michelle Obama But Also Rickrolled the RNC

There are so many reasons why the Republican National Convention has made for uncomfortable viewing, to say the least, but the recent analysis of Melania Trump's speech has given us several more reasons to feel baffled.

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