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“CRISIS ON EARTH-X” DC Crossover Trailer: the B-Team of DC Gives Justice League a Run for Its Money


If Warner Bros. feels salty about Justice League getting beat by the "B-team of Marvel," they should recognize it's also being outdone by their own B-team.

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Justice League Underperformed at the Box Office. So What Comes Next?

Despite making 95 million at the box office, this was a disappointing weekend number for Warner Bros. with estimates earlier projecting the film to make in the $110 million range this weekend. The movie's budget is said to be around 300 million. Next stop: Aquaman.

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Zack Snyder Fans Have Started A Petition to See His Cut of Justice League

37,000+ fans have signed a petition for Warner Bros. to release a "Zack Snyder's Director's Cut and Tom Holkenborg's (Junkie XL) Score for Home Release." But does such a cut even exist?

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Jake Gyllenhaal Being Eyed to Replace Ben Affleck as Batman

The Justice League rumor mill is churning once again and this time it has to do with rumors that Jake Gyllenhaal is being eyed to replace Ben Affleck as Batman, but that doesn't mean he has to be Bruce Wayne.

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Review: Justice League Is a Messy Ride Saved Only by an Electric Cast of Characters—Except Batman

2.5 out of 5 Stars.

Justice League was poorly written and had mediocre CGI, but was a lot of fun.

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“Painful,” “Stupid,” “Consistently Embarrassing to Watch”: Yup, It’s a Justice League Review Roundup!

The reviews are in and they're not great. Even when they're positive, they're somehow still not great.

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At Least One of Wonder Woman’s Amazons is Happy About That Justice League Costume Change

After it was noted that the Amazons in Justice League were sporting far skimpier outfits than they'd worn on Themyscira in Wonder Woman, a lot of us let out a long, collective, frustrated sigh. But one of the Amazonian actresses, Brooke Ence, says that she was just fine with the leather bikini look.

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Buy This Badass Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League Merch for a Very Good Cause

Ever wish you could treat yourself (and your family, and your friends) to some sweet superhero swag and make the world a better place at the same time? I hadn't known this was possible, but this idea is genius, and it comes courtesy of "philanthropic retailer" called BoxLunch.

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Ben Affleck Says There Is “Sexual Tension” Between Wonder Woman and Batman in Justice League and I Just Punched a Wall

Apparently, this is all Joss Whedon's fault.

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Things We Saw Today: Justice League Changed the Amazons’ Practical Armor to WHAT?

Analyzing side-by-side comparisons between the Amazon costumes from Wonder Woman and those from Justice League, cosplayer and blogger extraordinaire Kimi, a.k.a GoldenLassoGirl, asks the obvious question: why the hell did the Amazons go from wearing battle-appropriate costumes to generic barbarian bikinis? 

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Things We Saw Today: Kenneth Branagh Reveals the Secrets of Hercule Poirot’s New Mustache

Happy "Murder on the Orient Express" release day, mes amies! Let's take a closer look at how the new production refashioned some of the most famous facial hair in history.

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Ezra Miller Was Told Coming Out Was “Silly” & “A Mistake”

Justice League star and Fenty customer, Ezra Miller is one of Hollywood's most successful openly queer actors in Hollywood today, but that did not come without a lot of people doubting his ability to make it.

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Things We Saw Today: Rose McGowan Releasing a Memoir Called ‘Brave’ & We Can Not F-ing Wait!

Rose McGowan releasing a new book, Krypton casts a major villain, and the Academy is deciding if Casey Affleck will present Best Actress at the Oscars.

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A Bunch of New Justice League Clips Give the Team a Bit More Character

Justice League arrives in theaters just next week, and the final marketing push is in full swing. Over the weekend, a new batch of clips was released that showcases a little bit more personality for some members of the team.

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Henry Cavill Admits What We All Already Knew—The DCEU Has Screwed Up

With the critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman and an upcoming Justice League on track to have a very large opening, this is the time for the DCEU redemption song to play.

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First Extended Look at Wonder Woman in Justice League Is a Beautiful Gift

A glorious minute and a half devoted to showcasing our lady Diana and her role in Justice League. (I've broken it down in case you can't watch video right now.) Plus, a movie new poster!

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Gal Gadot Says What We All Knew: Her Batman v Superman Backstory Just Didn’t Fit Her Character

Why would Diana 'walk away from mankind?' She wouldn't.

Gal Gadot clearly has no problem speaking up when she doesn't agree with the way Wonder Woman is depicted. And when it comes to how she was introduced in 'Batman v Superman,' she definitely doesn't agree. After leaving Themyscira and saving humanity in WWI, why would she have then, "walked away from mankind?" Short answer: she wouldn't.

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What Do You Think of This New Justice League Poster?

A new Justice League poster is born and I have Many Thoughts.

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Things We Saw Today: Trump Gets Subpoenaed Over Sexual Assault Allegations

As part of her defamation suit against Trump, Summer Zervos filed a subpoena asking for "all documents" that pertain to his other alleged victims.

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5 Ladies We Want To See In Justice League 2

Because it's gonna happen.

The newest Justice League trailer is out and despite all my desire to scowl at the whole thing, seeing the team act like a team made me smile. I love DC comics and I love the Justice League, so I'm going to close my eyes and pray to Hera that it'll be good. However, there is something that I hope will be improved upon next time (because there will be a next time): more ladies in the League.

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