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A Roundup of Geektastic Easter Eggs, You Beautiful Creative Nerds, You

In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

We’ll keep this short, because we have some egg-cellent pictures for you to look at, and I will promptly apologize for the terrible pun I just made. Excellent geeky Easter egg designs, right after the jump!

Zombie Easter eggs:

BattleStar Galactica Easter eggs:

Doctor Who Easter eggs (Dalek and TARDIS):

Here is a more fearsome Dalek egg:

Star Wars Easter eggs:

Super Mario Bros. Easter Eggs:

Bender Easter egg:

Adventure Time Easter egg:

Master Shake Easter egg:

Portal Easter egg:

It would be such a shame to turn these into egg salad, amirite?

(via Forever Geek, Geek Sugar, Technabob, Neatorama)

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