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Things We Saw Today: These Cute Death Note Funko Figures Will Make You Forget the Netflix Version’s Terrible

Sure, the upcoming Death Note adaptation from Netflix doesn't look great, but at least Funko is here to save the day! Check out these adorable POP! figures featuring L, Light, and of course, our favorite shinigami, Ryuk.

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Things We Saw Today: Porgs Are Star Wars’ Adorable New Creature and They Are Here to Ruin Your Life

Porgs! Porgs! Porgs!!! Don't @me, I also loved the Ewoks.

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Forget McCain – Thank a Red-State Protester, a Woman Senator, or a Disability Rights Activist Today

John McCain cast a crucial, life-saving vote to prevent the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - but the real work was done by thousands of ordinary, activist Americans and his Senate colleagues, Murkowski and Collins.

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Recovering From Brain Surgery, John McCain Cast the Deciding Vote in Advancing the Obamacare Repeal

Twitter is not feeling the need to be kind.

John McCain took a break from recovering from brain surgery to fly across the country and participate in today's senate vote. The internet is not holding its tongue in telling him why that's terrible.

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John McCain Made No Sense at the Comey Hearing and Everyone Is Worried About Him

It might be time for a vacation, Senator. Have you considered the lovely town of Retirement?

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SNL Honors “TBD,” the Republican Who Will Stand Up to Trump

Saturday Night Live lampooned Republican cowardice last night with a mock trailer for the movie, "Courage, Compassion, Country: The TBD Story."

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John McCain Caught Playing Poker on His Phone During Syria Hearing, Doesn’t Care He Got Caught

At least we don't have to listen to story of the hand he went out on.

A Washington Post photographer spotted Senator John McCain (R-AZ) playing poker on his iPhone during Tuesday's hearings on the situation in Syria, and he seems totally unremorseful about it saying the worst thing is that he lost the game.

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Kevin Spacey Spoofs White House Correspondents’ Dinner With House of Nerds [Video]

Last night was the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner, or "Nerd Prom" as it's jokingly called. Besides a performance by talk show host Conan O'Brien, the dinner also featured a parody of the Netflix series House of Cards with the star of the show Kevin Spacey reprising his role as Frank Underwood. The clip features a number of political figures playing themselves, and also a Big Gulp.

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Iranian President Wants To Be Shot Into Space, John McCain Takes Opening For Monkey Joke

Iran's Mehr News agency is reporting that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has volunteered to be the first Iranian citizen launched into space. Say what you will about Ahmadinejad, who is a world-class jag by pretty much any metric you might care to use, but that's a pretty brave move, considering there are significant questions about whether Iran is even capable of launching a monkey into space and retrieving it safely. Representatives of the U.S. government have already responded to Ahmadinejad's orbital aspirations through the accepted diplomatic channels, which in this case is apparently "monkey joke on Twitter."

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