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Apple Will Soon Let iPhone Owners Turn Off Performance Throttling

As long as you consider unexpected shutdowns to be better performance.

Recent confirmation that Apple actually uses its iOS operating system to slow down older iPhone models was met with a lot of uproar, even though the feature is specifically tuned to spread out battery usage over time to prevent phones with aging batteries from unexpectedly shutting off. Apple already launched an improvement to their battery replacement program to try to smooth things over, but now they're planning to let users opt out of the feature altogether.

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Things We Saw Today: Jude Law as Young Dumbledore, and Johnny Depp I Guess

There's no such thing as too many visuals of Jude Law dressed to the nines and rocking that '20s wizarding vibe as Albus Dumbledore in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Crimes of Grindelwald." Also Johnny Depp is here too, as this movie insists on reminding us.

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People Are Mad That Apple’s Been Slowing Down Old Phones to Help Battery Issues

Technology changes so rapidly that the fancy phones that debut on a yearly basis become obsolete pretty much just as quickly, with companies like Apple touting new hardware that is sometimes multiple times more powerful than even recent iterations. That, on top of choices like new, backwards-incompatible charging ports and the removal of headphone jacks, makes people wary of planned obsolescence and being pushed to continually upgrade, and Apple's battery management measures aren't helping.

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Pokémon GO’s Augmented Reality Will Actually Work Soon, Letting You Sneak up on Pokémon

On iPhones, anyway.

While hardly the craze it once was—which is probably a good thing—augmented reality mobile game Pokémon GO is still going strong and adding new features, and one of them is about to make good on the game's initial promise, if characteristically late. Apple's ARKit augmented reality software is making it easier for developers to take advantage of the iPhone's AR potential, and that's going to mean getting up close and personal with Pokémon like never before.

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iPhones Are More Than Just a Luxury. For Many, They’re a Healthcare Investment

iPhones continue to be the most accessible phone option for individuals with disabilities, and they help people maintain their independence every single day.

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Pokémon GO, iPhones, and Stranger Things Top 2016’s Google Searches

We're nearing the end of 2016 (good riddance), and that means that everyone who collects extensive, more-than-a-little-creepy data about our habits is putting together their year-end lists. While social media may be huge, Google is still a force to be reckoned with in terms of how users experience the Internet, and a few things dominated the site's search results this year.

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Samsung’s Quest to Beat the iPhone Led the Galaxy Note 7 to Blow Up (Literally)

Who's to blame for the fact that millions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones have gotten recalled from customers, due to the fact that some of them have exploded? ... Apple! Okay, not really. It's Samsung's fault for rushing their launch ahead of the iPhone 7 release.

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Apple’s Headphone Jack Removal Isn’t Such a Big Deal, but Does It Make Any Sense?

Back when Apple removing the iPhone's headphone jack was just a rumor, I wrote about how all the commotion over the change was likely unnecessary. Now that it has happened, and we know the specifics, it's even clearer that it's really not a big deal, but what's not really clear is exactly what prospective iPhone 7 owners stand to gain from it.

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iPhone 7 Announced With Upgrades and No Headphone Jack; “Airpod” Headphones Debut

Apple has finally announced the iPhone 7, and they focused a lot on the device's design and new, sleek finish. There were also new features, of course, so let's take a look at what was announced.

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Everything You Need to Know About Today’s iPhone 7 Announcement

Today, Apple is holding an event to announce the iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus), which has been the object of speculation—and leaked details—for some time. While some changes with the new model are all but known, plenty of it is still a mystery, so here's a helpful guide to prep yourself for the announcement.

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These Super-Spy Sunglasses Will Make Your iPhone Screen Invisible to Onlookers

Celal Göger, a smartphone repair specialist in Turkey, has invented a very impressive gadget in his free time. It's a pair of sunglasses that allows the wearer to see what's on their iPhone screen, while simultaneously masking that screen from anyone else's eyes.

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Apple’s Next iPhone Might Finally Be Ditching the 16GB Storage Option

Just in time for 32GB not to seem like enough!

As someone who owns a 16GB iPhone 6, it definitely feels like a storage size from a bygone era. Though it's enough for me, it's far from plenty, even though my app, music, and video habits are hardly demanding in terms of storage space. For many people 16GB isn't enough at all, which forces them to pay significantly more to stick with iPhones—but that may all change with Apple's next model.

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Apple Patent Could Prevent Phones From Recording Video at Concerts and More

Or we could just all agree not to be jerks. ... Pfffffft.

It was already hard enough to see over a sea of other people's heads at concerts (if you're standing in general admission, anyway), and then smartphones became a thing, and we've all had to adjust to moving our heads into juuuust the right position to see around everyone's screens and arms as they hold their phones up to record video and make their friends jealous on the Internet. Now, Apple's been awarded a patent to put a stop to the amateur documentarians.

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Software Trick Gives Any Smartphone Apple’s New 3D Touch Feature

Use the Force Phone.

New iPhones have less and less going for them now that smartphones are a pretty ubiquitous product with a relatively standard set of features, but one of their latest new bells and/or whistles was "3D Touch," a feature that senses how much force is applied when touching the screen. It requires special hardware to pull off, so it couldn't be enabled on all phones with a simple software update—or so we thought.

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iTunes Could Delete Your Music Library, But Apple Doesn’t Know What’s Causing The Problem

Apple users are complaining that a bug in the iTunes software is causing their entire music libraries to get erased--but while the company has said it is going to be releasing an update to the app in order to try and combat the problem, it doesn't appear as though Apple has any idea what's really causing the issue.

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Privacy Rights for the Deceased: Do You Want Your Family To Unlock Your Phone When You Die?

If you want your family to be able to unlock your iPhone when you die, you should probably tell someone the password now, because Apple probably won't.

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Apple’s Working on a Fix for the iOS 9.3 Link Bug You Might Be Dealing With

Someone call Ganon. Gotta fix a Link problem. ... What?

It's always best to wait and let over-eager users and technophiles check out a new software upgrade first and see if they run into any issues before going through with it yourself. iOS 9.3 recently demonstrated the value of this principle when a simple feature allowing links to open in apps instead of Safari caused app crashes and an inability to click links. For those affected, Apple is working on a fix.

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The FBI Has a New “Possible Method” to Unlock iPhones, Postpones Apple Trial

Less than 24 hours before today's hearing between the FBI and Apple, the FBI asked to postpone until April 5th, explaining that "an outside party demonstrated to the FBI a possible method" for unlocking the iPhone. In other words, the FBI may no longer need Apple's help in developing this hypothetical backdoor.

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Apple Announces New 4-Inch iPhone With 6s Power, 9.7 Inch iPad Pro, Cheaper Apple Watch

Apple is holding one of its big announcement events today, and that's brought with it the reveal of the rumored smaller edition of the newer iPhones with the iPhone SE.

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