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Everything You Need to Know About Today’s iPhone 7 Announcement

[Update: Take a look at our full rundown of what Apple announced today for the new iPhone!]

Today, Apple is holding an event to announce the iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus), which has been the object of speculation—and leaked details—for some time. While some changes with the new model are all but known, plenty of it is still a mystery, so here’s a helpful guide to prep yourself for the announcement.

First, and most importantly, Apple’s events aren’t embeddable, so you’ll have to head over to the Apple website to watch. Today’s stream kicks off at 10AM PT/1PM ET, so we’ve still got a few hours of rampant speculation left, though Apple may have already spoiled things a bit on their very own site, according to a now-deleted image on reddit (via Eurogamer). Not much was confirmed other than the lack of a headphone jack and the fact that there’d be a 7 and a 7 Plus, which no one was doubting.

However, the apparent slip up did contradict a report by a fairly reliable analyst who said Apple may get rid of Bluetooth along with the headphone jack, in favor of their own proprietary wireless connections. Apple does love proprietary standards, but I’d still be surprised if they removed Bluetooth compatibility entirely. The iPhone 7 isn’t expected to be a big change from the 6 in other areas, even sharing a similar shape and look, so other changes will be minimal. The camera will probably improve (perhaps with a dual-lens setup on the Plus), Apple may catch up a bit on waterproofing, and processor specs could increase a bit, but that’s probably about it until next year.

Otherwise, a standard headphone jack to lightning port connector is expected for users who can’t do without their own pair of headphones, iOS 10 is probably on the way, and an upgraded Apple Watch could be in store. There’s also a rumor flying around that the new iPhone will support the iPad Pro’s Apple Pencil stylus, which isn’t outlandish but also doesn’t have a lot to back it up. We’ll also have to wait for the iPhone 7 release date, but preorders should start by the end of the week. Happy new iPhone day!

(featured image via Apple)

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