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Apple’s Next iPhone Might Finally Be Ditching the 16GB Storage Option

Just in time for 32GB not to seem like enough!


As someone who owns a 16GB iPhone 6, it definitely feels like a storage size from a bygone era that Apple only offers because they know they can get away with it. Though it’s enough for me, it’s far from plenty, even though my app, music, and video habits are hardly demanding in terms of storage space. For many people 16GB isn’t enough at all, which forces them to pay significantly more to stick with iPhones—but that may all change with Apple’s next model.

That’s according to the Wall Street Journal, who learned from “a person familiar with Apple’s iPhone plans” that the base model of the expectedly upcoming iPhone will come with 32GB of storage instead of just 16. That’s good news for anyone who wants an iPhone but doesn’t want to pay typically $100 extra just to get more than 16GB of storage.

It’s unknown whether that’ll change the size of second storage tier as well—which is currently 64GB and a pretty tempting choice at 4 times the storage of the cheaper model—since paying that extra money won’t be such a draw if the base phone is no longer laughably small. At the same time, Apple does already have a budget-conscious option with larger storage space in the $499, 64GB iPhone SE, which is comparable to the 6s in most areas of performance, but that phone features a smaller screen that may deter some of the same people who want more storage space.

The “iPhone 7″—which may or may not end up being the device’s name—is expected to be announced as we move into the fall, with the launch in the same fall window as previous years. There are other rumored upgrades, as well, like improved water resistance, possibly a better camera, and of course, a faster processor. It’s also long been rumored that Apple will remove the phone’s headphone jack in favor of earbuds that plug into the lightning port or wireless Bluetooth headphones for those who want to buy them. Whether that particular change is an upgrade or not is kind of up to personal opinion, but it probably won’t make much difference to most users.

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