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Things We Saw Today: Indie Quill’s Quest to Be the Best Small-Press Books Marketplace

If you've ever wanted to or thought about supporting small press books and self-publishers, then you should definitely check out this campaign for a brand new indie marketplace!

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Dragon’s Lair Movie Launches Indiegogo Campaign (After Canceling Its Kickstarter)

Remember the Kickstarter for the Dragon's Lair movie? Well, it got canceled ... after it became clear that the project wouldn't meet its goals. Good news for Dragon's Lair fans, though: Don Bluth has taken the project to Indiegogo, where it's already received a lot more supporters and looks well on its way to succeeding.

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“Unseen Art” Recreates Classical Art With 3D Printing for the Blind and Visually Impaired

DO touch the art.

"Imagine not knowing what Mona Lisa's smile looks like" says the promotional video for Unseen Art, an open source project that is making classical art more accessible.

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Things We Saw Today: Dad Builds Giant Death Star on Top of House Because Why Not

This dad in Lafayette, CA wanted to show his Star Wars fan spirit, so what does he do? He builds a 400 pound Death Star model on the roof of his house.

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Things We Saw Today: Michigan State Marching Band Honors the MCU

During a performance on Saturday, Michigan State University’s Spartan Marching Band honored Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, and ye olde Spider-Man cartoons. Yay, sports!

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Ultimate Fantasy: British Architects Want to Build an Actual Minas Tirith

How much would it cost to build Mordor?

We all know this probably isn't going to happen, but it would be every Tolkien nerd's fantasy come true.

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Things We Saw Today: The Muppets Covering “Jungle Boogie” Gives Us Life

The Muppets once again show off their musical talent as they have Sam the Eagle (of all muppets) help cover a 70s hit: Jungle Boogie.

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[UPDATED] $100K Donor Asks Girl Scouts Not to Use Their Gift on Transgender Girls, Scouts Return the Money

Girl Scouts is for every girl.

Last May the Girl Scouts took a historic stance for inclusivity and made their long-term policy on accepting transgender girls into their troops official, much to the chagrin of bigots everywhere. Unfortunately, some of those bigots have bank. Fortunately there are good people in the world too.

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Spoopy Documentary Will Examine Lasting Impact of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Novel gazing.

A CBS Film adaptation of Alvin Schwartz’s notoriously terrifying "children's book" Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark may already be in the works (with a little help from Tim Burton!), but the creepy classic is about to get the documentary treatment, too.

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Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion’s Con Man Releases Teaser!

As if there were any doubt this would get made.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, we reported that Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion were crowdfunding a new series called Con Man. Well, the campaign started on March 10th and has already blown past its $425,000 goal, and as of today they have a whopping $1.56 Million (and counting!). And they've just released a teaser for the series to celebrate!

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[Updated] Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk Raising Funds for New Series: “It’s the Quickest Way to See Us Back on a Spaceship”

Shut up and take my money!

Firefly's Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk are collaborating on a web series about convention life and sci-fi stars, but that's not relevant to your interests, right? No. Certainly not.

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Crowdfunded Open-Source Vibrating Dildo Seems Like Ambitious Project

And not just for the user. *rimshot*

How does one crowd-source a dildo, I wondered, until I realized that the makers of The Mod are actually crowdfunding their toy, and open-sourcing the design. And the design is pretty fancy.

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“No More Woof” Wants to Read Your Dog’s Mind and Translate Its Thoughts into Language

Sorry, guys. The Internet already beat you to it. It's called doge.

Over on Indiegogo, you can see one of the most bizarre and oddly enticing gadgets to ever compete for your investment. No More Woof is an EEG headset that aims to translate dog thought patterns into human language. Finally, your dog will be able to tell you, "I need to pee," and, "You won't believe what that other dog's butt smells like."

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The 501st Legion Is Crowdfunding Imperial Code Cylinder USB Drives, Someone Crowdfund a Rebel Base!

Crowdfunding Imperial Code Cylinders? What's next? Someone's going to Kickstart a Death Star?

When someone tried to fund a Death Star on Kickstarter we may have had some unkind words about it, but this Indiegogo campaign to fund Imperial Code Cylinder USB drives? This we kind of love-- Unless it's the first step in a plan by the 501st Legion to build a Death Star and rule the galaxy.

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Canonical Tests Limits of Crowdfunding With $32M Idiegogo Campaign for Ubuntu Edge Smartphone

They're trying to cram every cutting-edge bit of tech into one phone, and we're fine with that.

Canonical is stepping up its efforts on the Ubuntu for Phones front. They've launched one of the most ambitious crowdfunding campaigns in history to offer enthusiastic early adopters the Ubuntu Edge smartphone. The campaign not only pushes the limits of what crowdfunding can do, but it also wants to push what phones can do.

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RAINN Indiegogo Campaign Works to Raise Money for Victims of Sexual Violence

And All Was Right With the World

Last week we reported on the offensive dating guide Kickstarter Above the Game: A Guide to Getting Awesome with Women, and how it encouraged sexual violence in it's advice on how to interact with women.  Since then, Kickstarter has apologized, banned relationship guide campaigns from using their service, taken the Above the Game campaign off their website, and donated $25,000 to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN).  While Kickstarter initially took some time to come to the decision to remedy the problem, and ultimately missed the window to cancel the project, their apology, which you can see here, was quite fitting and, most importantly, drew attention to a way to combat the actions the guide promotes.  Now RAINN, the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the United States, has started an Indiegogo campaign, Turn Outrage into Action by Fighting Sexual Violence , to directly combat the Above the Game campaign.

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Northlake Library’s Getting a Giant Hulk Statue With or Without Crowdfunding

Hulk like literacy.

In May, I wrote about the Northlake Library's Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a nine-foot-tall Incredible Hulk statue. There are still four days left in the campaign, but they're woefully short of their $30,000 goal. At the moment, they're sitting still at $3,710, but don't let that get you down, because the library is getting a Hulk statue. It's not the one they wanted, but they're not going to look a gift Hulk in the mouth.

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You Can Help This Library Buy a 9-Foot-Tall Hulk Statue

If there's a better use of crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo than getting the Northlake Public Library a nine-foot-tall statue of The Hulk, we don't know what that use is. The librarians of Northlake have big plans, and those plans involve a giant Hulk statue, and helping people read and create more comic books. They also have one of the most awkward campaign videos we've ever seen.

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Make This Happen: Indiegogo Campaign to Create a Nikola Tesla Animated Series

Two animation and science enthusiasts are trying to make every geek's dreams come true. The guys behind Wood Goblin Studios have an Indiegogo campaign to fund the pilot of a cartoon about Nikola Tesla. To make it even nerdier and more perfect, his sidekick is Mark Twain, and they travel through time battling Thomas Edison, because of course they do. My only question about this cartoon is why doesn't it already exist?

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NoPhoto License Plate Frame Protects You From Traffic Cams

Hidden traffic cameras take all the fun out of driving. Even if it seems like there's nobody around for miles, you never know when there's going to be a camera on a traffic light or telephone pole that's going to snap a shot of you driving just a little too fast. There's nothing worse than getting a ticket in the mail that you didn't realize you got nicked for at the time. Jonathan Dandrow knows your pain, and he wants to help: He created the NoPhoto, a license plate frame that detects traffic cameras, and blocks your plate number when big brother tries to catch you red-handed.

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