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Prosecutors Move to Revoke Martin Shkreli’s Bail After the Literal Goblin Offered Bounty for Hillary Clinton’s Hair

Felon and all around scummy dude Martin Shkreli might be headed to prison earlier than he was expecting.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Still Getting Death Threats Over Her Answer to the Angel/Spike Question

Don't be this person.

Twenty years after the premiere of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," people get really mad at Sarah Michelle Gellar over her answer to the Team Angel or Team Spike question. Don't do this. Don't be this person.

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Trolls Harassed A Woman Because They Didn’t Like Mass Effect: Andromeda

Garbage people across the internet have been harassing a woman as the party "responsible" for Mass Effect: Andromeda's robotic facial animations.

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Uber Employees Tell CEO “We Have a Systemic Problem” Regarding Discrimination and Harassment

During a meeting with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, female employees at the embattled transportation company told Kalanick that there is a very real systemic problem present in their workplace.

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Reddit Held Hostage By the Worst of Its Userbase By Capitulating to Its Worst Community

I'm a proponent of free speech and authentic conversation. I cannot legally stop anyone from saying whatever it is they want to say, nor would I want to. That said, if I invite you into my apartment, and you start hurting my other guests, tearing up my living room, or generally being an asshole, I'm kicking you the fuck out of my house. If only Reddit took disrespecting their home as seriously.

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Frightening Trump Hate Map Tracks Growing Harassment, Hateful Intimidation Across Country

To track occurrences of harassment and their location, an organization called America's Voice has created the "Donald Trump Hate and Violence Map."

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Things We Saw Today: Jeopardy Contestant’s Final Response Makes Her The Real Winner

It's not every day you can trick Alex Trebek into doing a meme, but that's why this Jeopardy contestant is the real winner of the week.

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Thanks, Harassers! Sales of Marvel’s Mockingbird Jump Thanks to Anti-Feminist Trolls

TMS' Keisha Hatchett has already reported on the disappointing fact of Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain leaving Twitter thanks to the hostile comics environment created by anti-feminist trolls simply because she dared ask people to buy her book and show Marvel that they want comics featuring nuanced female heroes. Well, it looks like the trolls will have a lot more to be upset about. Mockingbird, Vol. 1 has now shot up to #1 on Amazon's Marvel Comics bestseller list.

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QuiVR Developers Take Proactive Step In Fighting Virtual Harassment In Their Game

Yesterday, I covered a story in which a woman was groped while playing a virtual reality game called QuiVR. Well, the developers were concerned enough about her story (and the potential untold stories like it) to do something about it.

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VR Groping: Yet Another Way in Which Gaming Spaces Are Made Unsafe for Women

So, we already knew that playing any video game in multiplayer mode is tricky for a woman. After all, the "trash talking" becomes decidedly gendered when male players hear a female voice on their headsets. Well, guess what? Thanks to virtual reality games, we can add groping to the list of harassing behavior women can experience while gaming. But, it's not real, I hear you say. How can someone be groped in VR? Oh, they can.

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Emails Leaked by Apple Employees Reveal Harassment and Jokes About Rape and “Man Periods”

After seeing their complaints about harassment at work get ignored by higher-ups, several current and former Apple employees have chosen to leak 50 pages of emails to provide evidence of harassment they experienced at work--and examples of how their bosses ignored that the harassment occurred.

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How to Use Instagram’s Powerful New Comment Filter Option to Shut Down the Harassment and Negativity

If you've posted something publicly on the Internet, chances are you've had someone say nasty things to you about it, yourself personally, or anything under the Sun, really. (Hint: Comments, even ones containing criticism, don't need to be mean!) Instagram has now released a comment filter to all users, so here's quick primer on keeping nasty comments at bay.

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Twitter Caught Up in “Censorship” Debate Again Over Moderating President Obama’s Live Q&A

During President Obama's live Twitter Q&A in May of 2015, then-CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo ordered employees to deploy an algorithm designed to filter out abusive and harassing replies. But... what about free speech???

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American Bar Association Looking Into Banning Harassment and Discrimination in Courtroom

The American Bar Association is currently looking into banning the discrimination and harassment that exists between men and women lawyers who work within courtrooms, law firms, and beyond.

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Dan Aykroyd Unloads on Haters Who Harassed Leslie Jones Off of Twitter

Dan Aykroyd had more than a few words for some of those terrible people who harassed Leslie Jones on Twitter the other night.

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Nottinghamshire Police Now Classify Street Harassment, Other Acts of Misogyny as Hate Crimes

Nottinghamshire has had it up to here with sexist douchecanoes. According to The BBC, police in the British county have expanded their definition of hate crimes to include acts of misogyny. The change was first championed last year by the Nottingham Women's Centre during the Nottinghamshire Safer for Women Conference.

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#NoWomanEver Continues The Important Discussion on Street Harassment

Basically? No one ever signs up to be harassed.

For all those naysayers who perceive street harassment to be some twisted form of compliment, or a means of flattery--several women took to Twitter over the weekend to share the stories that have actually resulted in success between themselves and their harassers. (In case you were wondering: the answer is zero.)

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Angry Seattle Sports Fans Lash Out at Majority-Female Council After Vote Regarding Sports Arena

Angry Sports Fans Lash Out at Majority-Female Council

The Seattle City Council recently voted down a land use ordinance that all but made the construction of a basketball arena impossible. As it turns out, the voting came down along gender lines, and considering the fact that the City Council is made up of a majority of women, the response to the vote has been incredibly, well, misogynistic.

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Feminist Frequency’s Ordinary Women Campaign Keeps Kicking Ass Despite Harassment

Two weeks ago, Feminist Frequency launched a crowdfunding campaign for Ordinary Women, our new video series about incredible, defiant women throughout history, and we're pleased to say that we’re on our way, having raised over $73,000 from more than 1,200 supporters so far.

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SXSW Makes Progress With Anti-Harassment Summit, but There’s Still Room for Improvement

In the ye olde age of 2015, SXSW got in some hot water for their decision to cancel two panels related to online harassment and gaming culture after they received violent threats from people who were very HOW DARE about... umm... people saying "hey, maybe we should talk about these violent threats happening on the Internet."

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