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The Old Reader Will Stay Open Thanks To Unidentified Benefactor

Just like when Agent Coulson saved Sports Night!

RSS users who switched from the deceased Google Reader to The Old Reader had reason to be worried. The Old Reader threatened to shut out newer users or close altogether. However, it's just been announced that the service will remain open and free to the public thanks to unspecified outside help. Sounds like something Bruce Wayne would do.

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The Old Reader Might Go Private and Boot Out All Google Reader Refugees Next Month

Good news, every-- wait, bad news? News. News, everyone!

Since the death of Google Reader on July 1st this year, users have been scrambling to find a replacement. The Old Reader seemed like a great alternative -- I was using it myself -- right up until they announced yesterday that due to the influx of new users, they may have to shut their doors to everyone who signed up after March 13th.

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Google Reader Might Be Dead, But You Can Still Loot its Corpse for Data Using Google Takeout

Unfortunately you don't get any extra experience points.

So Google Reader is dead. It has ceased to be, shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain, joined the choir invisible. Whatever metaphor you use to indicate its passing, you can't use it as an RSS reader anymore. But what if you still had data that you hadn't transferred over to your new reader? Well, calm down, nerds. For the next two weeks only, you can still retrieve an archive of your data from Google Takeout. We'll even hold your hand throughout the whole process. It's gonna be okay. We'll get through this. Together.

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Goodnight, Sweet Google Reader, and Flights of Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest

With apologies to Shakespeare.

The digital world is full of the discarded husks of formerly useful services. The reasons for their closure are many: Too niche, too broad, too expensive...the list goes on and on. For Google, it always comes back to data. The more data they can glean, the better ads they can serve. Google Reader apparently did not serve this purpose, or did not serve it well enough, and as of tomorrow it will be gone. In preparation of this event, I have written a eulogy to be read at Google Reader's virtual funeral.

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Google News Adds New Features — Google Reader Still Dies Tomorrow

You know what feature would be really great in Google News? Google Reader. That would be a great feature.

Google is killing Reader tomorrow, and as a sort of consolation prize they've added some new features to Google News. There's now a box that features a four-day forecast of local weather, editor's picks of stories, and sports scores. This is clearly not going to be replacing Reader for anyone, but it's always pretty nice to get weather updates.

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Digg Reader Goes Live For All While Google Reader Lies on its Deathbed

Digg Reader promises to be a great alternative to Google Reader, but for now it's missing a few key features.

Digg's entry into the Google Reader void is live for all over on their site.  You only have until tomorrow to settle on a new RSS reader because come Monday morning, Google Reader is dead. Digg's current setup is lacking a few notable features, but they promise they're coming soon. The roadmap they've laid out for the future of Digg Reader also seems pretty promising -- if you're willing to pay.

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A New Challenger Enters the Ring! AOL Reader Wants to Be Your Google Reader Rebound

AOL would very much like it if you took them to prom picked them as your new RSS reader solution.

The end of Google Reader is nigh, and everyone appears to be jumping into the fight over its abandoned users. The latest entrant is AOL who just launched the simply named AOL Reader. At first blush it doesn't appear to have much to make it stand out from the pack, and at least for now there's a major bug. Let's see how it sizes up.

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Digg Reader to Release Just in Time for Death of Google Reader

Digg is clambering for the Google Reader diaspora, but they'll have to have a really solid entry into the fray to win anyone over.

July 1st is coming up fast, and those of you out there that still rely on Google Reader are running out of time to find a new RSS reader. A lot of people have already jumped on the Feedly bandwagon, myself included, but it's not the only game in town. Besides the readers that already exist, Digg is coming out with their own RSS reader, and it will be public for everyone by June 26th.

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Google’s Killing Reader Because It Wants You to Use Google+

Silly Internet, don't you know that Google is right about everything?

Google's RSS Reader is finally getting the axe next month on July 1st, and no one in the blogging community is happy about it. Though we've all had time to scrounge together a suitable replacement (my pick is The Old Reader, but Feedly's also pretty solid), we all still have a lot of questions about the decision. Specifically, "Why?" and as a follow up, "How could you?" While it's true that the number of users signing up for Google Reader has been slowly declining of late, Google's offered up another reason for canceling the service: because they really, really want you to start using Google+ instead. God, Google, get over it already.

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We Go Hands On With Feedly’s Redesigned App, See If It Can Replace That Other Reader

We've all been clamoring to find a new RSS reader since Google gave their Google Reader service a death sentence. In the first two days since Google's announcement, more than half a million Reader users defected by signing up with Feedly. The service started listening to their new users about what they can do better, and it looks like they took the suggestions to heart, because Feedly just launched new versions of their apps. I had an early look at the updates for Android and Firefox, and they're pretty great.

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Dump Google Reader for Feedly, All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

The news that Google is shutting down Google Reader on July 1st of this year shook the Internet to its core this week. For many (like us here at Geekosystem) it is the go-to feed aggregator that made looking deep into the heart of the online world possible from one window, and the news of its demise has us wondering what we'll do next. For many, what they'll do next is dump Google Reader and switch over to Feedly, and in fact half a million people already switched in only two days.

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Digg, of All Companies, Looks to Fill Rapidly Expanding Reader Void

As part of its continuing quest to return to a time when the Internet was a simpler place and it was relevant, Digg is throwing its hat in the ring to be your new RSS feed. As Google plans the funeral for its much loved Reader service and alternatives like FeedDemon call it quits, Digg is moving its new feed reader to the top of the priority list, according to a post this afternoon on the site's blog. This of course displaces the company's former top priority -- making it 2008 again.

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Sad About Google Reader? Don’t Switch to FeedDemon Because It’s Dying Too

With news breaking about Google Reader going the way of the dodo and the pharaoh, now comes the wash of panic as we desperately search for a replacement for our daily web feeds. There's already a few alternatives out there, and maybe something great will step up to fill the void, but here's where you shouldn't turn: FeedDemon, the popular free Windows-based RSS Reader, because it's going away, too. In the words of its creator, "it's time for FeedDemon to die."

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Goodnight, Sweet Prince: Google Reader Gone as of July 1st

If Google Reader is a big part of your morning routine, you might want to brace yourself for change. Google announced yesterday that it is pulling the plug on its RSS aggregator as of July 1st. That means you've got just a couple of months to find a new service to hold all your daily news in one place. Thankfully, Google is making it pretty easy to export your existing feeds to a new aggregator, so instead of cursing the darkness, this might be your cue to light a candle and find a new service that's better suited to your headline hunting habits.

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Iranian Bloggers, "sharebros" Angry About Google Reader's Forthcoming Changes

In the past few months there's been something of a realignment happening within Google. We've seen the death of Buzz, the closing of  Google Labs, and other efforts that seem to point toward a more streamlined, integrated Google experience. However, the decision to remove sharing and social features from Google's RSS Reader has apparently been met with some stiff opposition. Last week, Google announced that their popular web-based RSS reader would not only receive an updated look, but that it would become more closely tied to the search giant's social network Google+. While that's all well and good, Google also announced they would remove the follow, friend, and share features from Reader since those functions are essentially duplicated in Google+. Though some have welcomed the changes, according to a blog post at The Atlantic many are unhappy. Among these are Iranian bloggers that fear they'll lose a valuable and unpoliced resource, and a surprising community called "sharebros."

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How To Enable Keyboard Navigation Across the Web

Keyboard shortcuts can be overwhelming at first—especially when they are inconsistent across various websites, but once mastered, are an enormous time saver. Plus, you'll look like a computer wiz in front of your friends and family, who will then allow you to be their go-to computer tech. A win-win situation!

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Multiple-Account Sign-In Comes to Google

For some time now, the ability to sign into multiple Google accounts at once has been a highly desired Google feature among the sorts of people who have multiple accounts; it appears that in the very near future, that ability will be coming to you, if it hasn't already.

The unofficial Google-watching blog Google Operating System reports that the big G is currently rolling out multiple account sign-in for the masses. If you go to your Google accounts page, you may see in your personal settings section below your email address a new option called "multiple sign-in," which is by default off. If you click the "change" link, you'll be given instructions for adding further accounts.

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Don’t Panic! Google Just Wants You To Look At Your Privacy Settings

If you use Gmail and happen to click your way to your Google Buzz tomorrow, it will ask you to review your privacy settings. Don't panic! This is normal. Or at least it will be tomorrow. In response to widespread concerns over the privacy of Buzz, Google is going to ask users to review and confirm their privacy settings, so that everyone can see the changes they've made to the interface.

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