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Giveaway: IMAX and Funko Pop! Want to Give You the Best Star Wars: The Last Jedi Experience Ever

Some of you might already have your tickets for Star Wars: The Last Jedi next week, but whether you do or don't, I'm sure you wouldn't mind getting your hands on this super-sweet prize pack, courtesy of IMAX and Funko Pop, who want to provide you with the best Last Jedi experience possible!

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Monday Cute: Funko Has Created an Adorable Stranger Things Plush

It is November, which means that everyone who really cares about Stranger Things 2 has already watched it. They've gone through the think pieces, and now the question is ... when are the new toys coming out? Well, Funko is here to let you know.

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Things We Saw Today: Lin-Manuel Miranda has a Funko Pop!, All Other Funkos Can Go Home

'Hamilton' maestro Lin-Manuel Miranda seems to have been gifted his very own bobble-headed plastic doll, and it is perfect.

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Things We Saw Today: Stephanie Beatriz Dressed As America Chavez for Halloween

Stephanie Beatriz, of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame, dressed as American Chavez for Halloween, and I AM SCREAMING.

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Things We Saw Today: Yesssss, There Will Be An Antiope Funko Pop!

Funko have shared images from their latest line of Wonder Woman Pop!s and Dorbz - and this time, Antiope is included!

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Things We Saw Today: Kevin Conroy Does Christian Bale’s Dark Knight Speech, Blows All Our Minds

Kevin Conroy's voice coming out of Christian Bale's face is the hero we need AND deserve.

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Things We Saw Today: Girls Trip Blows up the Box Office and Shows the Power of Diverse Female-Led Media

How many times will movies with strong female characters and diverse casts need to absolutely destroy on opening weekend before Hollywood gets the message? This should be the norm for filmmaking going forward, not the exception.

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Things We Saw Today: Paint Some Happy Little Trees With a Bob Ross Funko

A new Bob Ross Funko is coming this August.

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Things We Saw Today: Make Yourself Into A Funko

With Pop! Yourself, you can create a relatively custom digital avatar of yourself as a Funko Pop! figure. It's only in Beta mode, so it could definitely use some expanding for inclusivity, but it's a good bit of fun.

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Things We Saw Today: Bill Nye Blooper Reel Will Brighten Up Your Evening

If you watched the Super Bowl yesterday, then you may have seen a commercial for Persil ProClean detergent starring Bill Nye. The fine folks behind the commercial released a behind-the-scenes blooper reel that's just all kinds of adorable.

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Things We Saw Today: Who Gave This Rogue One Commercial the Right?

This ad from centers around a young student who wears a Stormtrooper mask all the time.

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Things We Saw Today: Stranger Things Finally Gets the Funko Treatment

The Stranger Things Funko set includes all the main characters, with a few different versions of Eleven, the Demogorgon, and Will. They're available for pre-order now and will hit shelves early next year.

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Things We Saw Today: Bryan Cranston Features in Fan-Made Poster for Stan Lee Biopic


This poster created by Tumblr user EntertainMeWeakly for a fake Bryan Cranston-starring Stan Lee biopic is pretty convincing.

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Things We Saw Today: Drake Says He’s More Than a Meme

Drake is more than just meme fodder, everyone, and he wants you to remember that in this monologue from last night's Saturday Night Live.

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Things We Saw Today: The Modem Choir

Get your nostalgia on with the dial-up modem noise, as performed by a choir.

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Things We Saw Today: New Ghostbusters Funko Pop Toys are On The Way

Funko is coming out with a new Ghostbusters line, which will feature the four new additions to the ghostbusting team as well as hot receptionist Kevin and two new characters called Rowan's Ghost and Gertrude Eldridge. Yay!

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Funko Volunteers These Hunger Games Figurines as Tributes

Prepare to give your three-fingered salute to the sky, Funko fans. Hunger Games Funkos are here and girl, they are on fire.

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Funko Gets on the Gotham Train With New Pop Figures in Time for Season Two

Awww. Cat and Fish!

Well, it's about time! Funko finally boarded the Gotham train with new Pop! Heroes figures that will arrive in September - just in time for the show's second season. Check them all out after the jump.

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Things We Saw Today: Star Wars Kimonos That Will Up Your Jedi Robe Game

Love these you will.

Because Jedi robes weren't awesome enough, Etsy seller Sky Creation upped the robe game by creating these beautiful Star Wars kimonos!

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Sherlock Will, Apparently, Be More “Refined” in Sherlock Christmas Special

Also, new Funkos to appease our elementary school desires.

Today's Sherlock panelat the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour didn't prove too fruitful when it comes to revealing new details. Aside from the fact that, apparently, our titular detective will be more refined, behaviour-wise, in the upcoming Christmas special.

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