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10 Cutest Pokémon Funko Pops and How to Catch Them All

Pokemon Dragonite looks to the sky with spread wings.

No matter what I do I cannot escape the lure of Pokémon Funko Pops. It’s almost like collecting Pokémon in real life! Sure, these ones are plastic, don’t say their names over and over, and aren’t cuddly unless you really try, but the spirit is there, right? Here’s how to get hold of them without traveling across the land, journeying far and wide.

Piplup Funko Pop

Piplup Funko Pop displayed in box and out of box

Piplup’s design is so perfectly suited to a Funko Pop, don’t you think? And good news, this Sinnoh starter is easy to purchase! Most toy and collectible stores should have at least one on the shelves somewhere. Unfortunately though, you’re out of luck if you want the other two Sinnoh starters, Turtwig and Chimchar. They’re not available yet! Boo.

Mr Mime Funko Pop

Mr Mime Funko Pop, displayed in box and out of box

I’m not the only one who finds Mr Mime just a little bit unsettling, right? It’s the humanoid form and the whole clown aesthetic he’s got going on. It’s weird. Luckily, this Funko tones down the creepiness and leaves only cuteness behind. Mr Mime should be easily found at your local retailer!

Eevee Evolutions 4-Pack

Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon Funko Pops, displayed in box and sitting on top of the box

Eevee and their original three Eeveelutions! The Water-type Vaporeon, the Electric-type Jolteon, and the Fire-type Flareon. Alas, this pack was a Costco exclusive and thus a bit tricky to get hold of inexpensively, especially if you’re outside the US. But if you love the Eevee family it’s too good to pass up. Hit up eBay for the best deals.

Pidgeotto Funko Pop

Pidgeotto Funko Pop displayed in box

Funko is a long, long way away from Pop-izing every single Pokémon (come on guys, you know you can do it) but they’re working their way slowly but surely through Gen 1. And that means there’s a Pop of Pidgeotto in flight! You shouldn’t have any trouble finding one of these at your local store: the Pidgey evolution line is infamous for being very common and that extends to Pops!

Dragonite Funko Pop

Dragonite Funko Pop, displayed in box and out of box

Oh man just look at this little guy! He’s waving at you! Most serious Funko collectors keep their Pops inside the box and there’s plenty of merit in that (it keeps them pristine and everything) but I couldn’t bear it with this one. Places like eBay usually have both in-the-box and out-of-box options if you’re like me and want the option of being able to pick him up and hug him. OOB figures are usually cheaper too which is handy!

Jumbo-Sized Charizard Funko Pop

Dragonite Funko Pop, displayed in box

What’s better than a Charizard Funko Pop? A really big Charizard Funko Pop. Alas, this isn’t life-size, but until that joyous day comes when life-size Pokémon figurines are available this is an excellent option! The Jumbo-Sized Charizard was a Target exclusive but there are plenty of them available on eBay, just be prepared to pay more than you would usually pay for a Pop.

Pikachu in Attack Stance Funko Pop

Pikachu Attack Stance Funko Pop, displayed in box and out of box

As you can imagine, Pikachu Funko Pops aren’t exactly in short supply. He’s the mascot of the entire franchise, after all. But perhaps you want a slightly different Pikachu to the norm? This one is adorably angry and should be available at most Funko Pop retailers. Sadly, he won’t Volt Tackle your enemies for you.

Flocked Mewtwo Funko Pop

Mewtwo Funko Pop, displayed in box and out of box

This Mewtwo is fuzzy and displeased like all good cats are. A perfect addition to either your Pokémon figure collection or your cat figure collection, if you can find one for a non-bank-breaking price. Flocked Mewtwo was a convention exclusive so they go for quite a lot on eBay, unfortunately.

Psyduck Funko Pop

Psyduck Funko Pop, displayed in box

The most beloved psychic duck of all time. Psyduck in Funko Pop form stares up at you with those big blank eyes and oh my gosh he’s just too cute. You should be able to purchase your very own Psyduck on eBay or Amazon. But perhaps you want the blue “shiny” version as seen in some of the games? Well, good news! There are often customized versions of this Pop available on Etsy and you can snap them up if you’re quick.

Metallic Charmander Funko Pop

Metallic Charmander Funko Pop, displayed in box and out of box

It’s very hard to choose between the metallic Pokémon Funko Pops but, in the end, I couldn’t resist Charmander’s happy little face. If you also want that adorable smile in your life you should probably try eBay as a first port of call, because Metallic Charmander was another convention exclusive. Or, if the metallic sheen isn’t a dealbreaker, you could always go for a regular Charmander instead! Equally cute!

(featured image: The Pokemon Company)

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