Courtney Eaton as Lottie and Sophie Nelisse as Shauna prepare for a feast in 'Yellowjackets.'

All Hail the Antler Queen! ‘Yellowjackets’ Funko Pops Are Here!

Now you can bring your favorite Yellowjackets home in the form of a Funko Pop.

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Yellowjackets may be in between seasons, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking about it. Besides its unbelievably perfect 1990s soundtrack, Yellowjackets is a mystery we can’t get enough of. The Showtime series follows a high school soccer team whose plane crashes in the middle of the woods. Survivors of the crash have to deal with the realities of being in the forest without proper clothes, food, or shelter.

Also, this forest seems to be occupied by some kind of malevolent force. Left with no other choice, the teens resort to cannibalism that they turn into a detailed ritual led by their antler queen. Even though we know several Yellowjackets make it home from the woods, there are so many mysteries left to uncover. Somehow, the show leaves us hungry for more.

These Yellowjackets are too cute

Funko has realized the draw of this show and created a special line of Yellowjackets-themed Pops. Honestly, there is not nearly enough merch out there for this show. The Funko line features eight of the Yellowjackets characters. They are Lottie Matthews, Shauna Sadecki, Natalie Scatorccio, Jackie Taylor, Taissa Turner, Misty Quigley, Van Palmer, and Ben Scott.

'Yellowjackets' Lottie Matthews antler queen Funko Pop.

What makes this line even more special is the outfits Funko picked for the characters. All of them are in their fancy clothes from a season 1 episode. To pass the time, they celebrate “Doomcoming” by having a party—only many of them inadvertently ingest hallucinogenic mushrooms and things get wild. It’s the first time we see Lottie put on the antlers. That means you can have a cute little antler queen at home!

The little Shauna comes complete with a knife from when she tried to kill Javi at Lottie’s command. The Yellowjacket Funko Pops are available online and in stores.

(featured image: Showtime)

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