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An Exhaustive List of All The BTS Funko Pops For ARMYs Everywhere

The ultimate decorations of every collection shelf.

The seven members of BTS in the music video for their single "Butter"

Out of all the merchandise and miscellaneous objects bearing the face of one or all of the seven members of BTS—RM, Jin, SUGA, j hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, also collectively known as “the greatest loves of my life”—participated in, Funko Pops have to my favorite.

With their immediately recognizable design, Funko Pops have become such an iconic staple of fan culture everywhere that it only makes sense that the biggest group in the world has its own Funko version. Or versions, more accurately—a grand total of three collections have been released so far, all falling within the “Rocks” category of Pops.

So here’s a complete list of all the different series and sets for all ARMYs looking to add to their collection—including where to buy them, in case you decide to go for it. Not to be an enabler or anything, but let me tell you that they do look great sitting on The Album Shelf™ chilling somewhere between The Most Beautiful Moment in Life and Proof.

The Love Yourself: Answer series

The first BTS Funko Pops to be released were the 2019 ones inspired by the Love Yourself: Answer album and concept photos. While I do have to admit that I’m somewhat mad they chose this particular concept—the one from the F version of the album—when they had so many other options (namely the iconic suits from the IDOL music video), the set is still adorably cute. All the members have pastel hair— and I can honestly overlook a lot of things when I’m reminded of cherry red Jungkook.

The release included the seven individual members as well as a Barnes & Noble exclusive pack containing all of them, making it an actual eight-piece collection. It’s listed as Vaulted on the official Funko app— some of the Pops can be purchased on Amazon, while you can hunt for others on online marketplaces such as eBay.

The “Dynamite” series

“Dynamite” was such a smash hit that it’s not surprising it got its own Funko Pop series. Just like the Love Yourself: Answer one, it’s an eight-piece collection— featuring the members by themselves and the seven-pack, this time a Walmart exclusive. The figurines are decked out in the iconic disco outfits from the “Dynamite” music video, the ones in which the members do the choreography’s signature kick.

This series came out in 2021 and it’s still listed as Available on the official Funko app—meaning you can get your hands on these Pops pretty much everywhere from Amazon to Walmart to Barnes&Noble to Target. It was also made into Pop! Keychains—which are also listed as Available—in case you’re looking for something smaller that you can carry with you every day.

The “Butter” series

The latest BTS Funko Pop collection, released in 2022, is inspired by the group’s second English single, “Butter”—and it’s arguably my favorite because they all look just so cool. The outfits chosen for the figurines are the ones from the “Butter” MV scenes in which the members appear in a line-up, all carrying placards typically used in mug shots with their names and dates of birth on them.

The collection is made up of the usual seven individual members and the seven-pack, which is a Walmart exclusive. The official Funko app still has them listed as Coming Soon but they can all actually be purchased easily in the same physical and online stores as the “Dynamite” series.

The latest seven figurines in Funko Pop's BTS collection
The power Butter era Namjoon has over me even in Funko Pop version should be studied in a lab I think (Funko)

Bonus: BT21

I know I said that there have been three BTS Funko Pop series so far—and it’s technically true. But there has also been a BT21 series that just can’t go unmentioned in this list, considering how BTS created their BT21 characters from scratch and that they have been seen time and time again with their adorable cartoon counterparts. 

The BT21 series was released in 2019, the same year as the first BTS series, and it’s also listed as Vaulted—which means it can be found around online marketplaces and collectors’ forums rather than major stores like Amazon or Target. It consists of the seven individual BT21 characters as well as a seven-pack including all of them, which was a Barnes & Noble exclusive.

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