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Shelly Bond Will Run Her Own Imprint At IDW

DC's loss is the industry's gain

At Emerald City Comicon (ECCC), IDW announced that Shelly Bond will oversee her own creator-owned imprint, Black Crown. Bond's dismissal from DC in YEAR caused an uproar about the comics industry's treatment of women.

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Exclusive: Get to Know Dark Horse Comics’ Henchgirl, And Check Out Her ECCC Exclusive Cover

Lots of people aren't thrilled with their current employment, but compared to working for a supervillain? Well, let's just say you probably have it easier than you think. This month, Dark Horse Comics will be releasing the trade paperback of Henchgirl, which will be introduced and available to fans in advance of its release at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend, and they've given us an exclusive first look at the cover of the trade after the jump!

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Emerald City Comicon Roundup 2016

So many people. OMG so many.

I’m slightly dazed. This is in part because I have early onset con-crud, the unspecified cold or virus you pick up from being around sixty thousand people in a confined space. It's also in part because this year’s Emerald City Comic Con was fantastic for me. I’ve come away in high spirits having met many of the people I’ve been dealing for a long while through just email and Twitter, and I also met many new talented people I didn’t previously know about.

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News From ECCC: Gerard Way’s New DC Comics Imprint and the New Powerpuff Girls Comic From IDW

There's a lot of awesome comics news already coming out of Emerald City Comicon this week, and it's just getting started. What am I most excited about? Well for starters, how about a new "mature" comics imprint over at DC Comics curated by Gerard Way and featuring some amazing female comics creators? Or, a new comic based on a classic, girl-friendly animated series that just made a triumphant return? Check out the news after the jump!

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ECCC Issues Statement After Image on Sunday Convention Badge Raises Concerns

Folks have tweeted their unhappiness with the art on ECCC 2016's Sunday badge, asking why "an image of a woman being sexually assaulted" was being presented on a comic convention badge.

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Things We Saw Today: Game of Thrones‘ Lena Headey Represents For NoH8

Cersei does not abide hate. Unless it's against Tyrion. Then, by all means, go ahead.

Want to express your support of equality and your Game of Thrones fandom at the same time? Check out this official Lena Headey NoH8 merch! T-shirt, tank, and baseball t-shirt are available. 100% of the proceeds go to the HoH8 Campaign.

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Things We Saw Today: Batgirl Encourages You To Read!

Reading is cool, kids!

This poster and bookmarks for the American Library Association feature Babs encouraging young readers to pick up a book and get busy. It's even drawn by Batgirl artist Babs Tarr!

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Buzzfeed Looks at 21 #NonCompliant Members of the Comics Community

What we talk about when we talk about NC.

This year's ECCC featured a Being Non-Compliant panel with Kelly Sue DeConnick, Noelle Stevenson, Kate Leth, Erika Moen and Spike Trotman, but the bad-assery didn't end there--Buzzfeed's Kirk Damato took to the floor to talk to creators, professionals, and fans about what being non-compliant means to them.

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TARSplay: The Best Thing to Come Out of Interstellar

'Cause let's face it - TARS was the most fleshed-out character in that movie, amirite?

Check out this insanely awesome TARS cosplay that Interstellar fan, Iain Heath, created for Emerald City Comic Con this year!

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ECCC’s “Being Non-Compliant” Panel Brought The Bad-Ass Women Of The Comics Internet Together, And It Was Beautiful

Don't tell me to smile.

It's safe to say I've never felt more at home during a con than I did at Emerald City Comicon's "Being Non-Compliant" panel. I alternated between laughing so hard my sides hurt, to crying real, actual tears, and I did it all while listening to a line-up of bad-ass women in comics who are making the world a better place for all of us. Rock on.

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Gail Simone Wants to Know if People Think There’s a Difference Between Comics Fans and “Tumblr Fans”

Is that even actually a thing?

On her Tumblr yesterday, Gail Simone brought up the interesting notion of "Tumblr fans" or people whose only interaction with and appreciation for comics characters comes through stuff they've seen reblogged on Tumblr, rather than actually having read a comic book.

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Incredible Girl Presents: Geeks and Kink at Emerald City Comicon

Because the same people that go to Comic Con go to Dom Con.

"What's this weird connection between fans of Star Trek, S&M, and the Renaissance Faire?" - Margaret Cho, Notorious C.H.O. This is the question I wanted to explore when I brought my panel, "Incredible Girl Presents: Geeks and Kink" to Emerald City Comiccon this past weekend.

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Anthony Mackie Talks Marvel’s Diversity: “I Think it’s Very Important That Little Girls Have Representation”


Anthony Mackie broken our hearts earlier this year when he said on the Wendy show that women should "make daddy a sandwich" (cue incoherent rage yelling), but during an ECCC panel over the weekend, the actor's remarks were way more positive.

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What It’s Like Attending Emerald City Comicon As A Family

Because bringing the fam to a con is a whole different thing.

I learned a number of things when our little family of geeks travelled across to Emerald City this year - and some of these things might even be relevant to you. Come hold hands and enter the realm of the large green Comicon. I’ve been to events like this before so this wasn’t my first con, but it was my first Emerald City. It was a positive experience, and I’ll be going again for sure, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have pitfalls - and some of those are literal.

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Emerald City Comicon: Proposals Are Magic

A proposal that would melt the heart of every pony.

If you go to enough conventions, they all start to blur together. But sometimes, something special happens that makes one particular convention stand out. For me, that moment was a guy using My Little Pony-inspired art to express his feelings to his lady love at Emerald City Comicon.

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The Very Best Things The Mary Sue Saw At Emerald City Comicon 2015

So. Much. Goodness.

Emerald City Comicon was such a blast! Both myself and Teresa were on-site for TMS, and there were so many great things to do and see that it was hard to narrow them all down to just this one gallery. But that's what we've done, so share in our excitement!

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Hayley Atwell Talks Agent Carter Future, Definitely “100%” Interested In Peggy Carter Movie

First we need that renewal, ABC.

Agent Carter may never get a second season, but damn if we're giving up hope yet. We will sit here pining until the day our hopes are dashed and will pout on for a long time after if that dashing comes to fruition. And regardless, we're always going to want to hear what Hayley Atwell has to say about Peggy Carter and her life.

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WeLoveFine Reveals Lumberjanes Holy Kitten Talking Plush!

Do you love Boom! Studios' Lumberjanes? Do you love Holy Kitten? DO YOU WANT TO PET HOLY KITTEN? Now's your chance!

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The Percentage of Female NYCC Attendees Has Risen Over 60% In Three Years

Its packed to the GILLS with --wait, no. Sorry.

New York Comic Con has only been around since 2006, but each year it gets exponentially bigger. Last year's convention saw 133,000 fans in attendance, as well as 2,500 press members and 9,200 trade professionals. This year, 3-day passes sold out only an hour after they were made available on the ReedPOP site. And if the numbers are any indication, a lot of those passes were probably bought by women.

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San Diego Comic-Con Responds To Fan Petition Asking For A Formal Harassment Policy

Consider the Following

Last year, we were compelled to look into Comic-Con International in San Diego's harassment policy after a gallery was posted online by a member of the press who took photos of attendees' posteriors without their knowledge. It was something we assumed, as the largest convention in North America, would be front and center on their website. Turned out, it wasn't on their website at all but a small paragraph in their 200+ program guide handed out at the event. While harassment at conventions was an important topic to a lot of fans before this incident, it has gotten even more attention throughout the year. That brings us to a petition put together by Geeks for CONsent asking for a "formal anti- harassment policy" and more, but a representative from the convention says they already have what the petition is asking for. We took a closer look. 

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