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TARSplay: The Best Thing to Come Out of Interstellar

'Cause let's face it - TARS was the most fleshed-out character in that movie, amirite?

Check out this insanely awesome TARS cosplay that Interstellar fan, Iain Heath, created for Emerald City Comic Con this year!

It’s pretty rad. The video shows everything from how Heath put the costume together, to how he operated it and interacted with fans at ECCC. And lemme tell you, it’s pretty adorable watching the TARS attempt, then back away from, an escalator.

And as The Daily Dot mentions:

The interesting part is that Heath’s cosplay is not very different from how the real TARS and CASE robots were made for the movie. Interstellar relied on a surprising amount of practical effects, and behind-the-scenes videos actually show people “walking” the TARS model in a manner reminiscent of this cosplay replica.

I wasn’t Interstellar‘s biggest fan, but this costume is so cool, I’m almost ready to forgive Christopher Nolan.


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